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Candice from 'Big Brother'

Mom Furious at Aaryn

She's a Racist Devil

7/13/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0712_candice_aaryn_article_cbs The mother of the female African-American houseguest on "Big Brother" says she's seen ENOUGH racism on the show ... and her church is so fed up with the bigotry, they're calling for a BOYCOTT.

TMZ spoke with Candice Stewart's mother Hazel ... who tells us it "hurts" to watch a disgusting racist like Aaryn direct her bigoted hatred speak at her daughter.

"She's a devil," Hazel says. "She's mean and a racist."

As we previously reported, Aaryn's been on a racist tear in the house -- most recently mocking Candice by speaking in a super-racist "black voice" that would probably make the KKK blush.

Hazel says her family church has also become concerned ... saying, "They will no longer watch 'Big Brother' anymore because of the racism. The community thinks Candice is being bullied."

"If I would have known this is the way the show would turn out, I would have convinced Candice not to go."


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I can't believe Big Brother hasn't kicked Aaryn out yet. She does NOT deserve her stipend. In Big Brother UK, they get one formal warning and then they're out. (And people have gotten a formal warning for MUCH less.) Why isn't it like that here?

476 days ago


Big brother should remove any racist person from their show immediately.

476 days ago


Candice's family should watch the show to understand what she will need to talk about when the show is over. I can't see boycotting the show when you have legitimate concerns about your daughter right now. I don't know if that makes sense.

476 days ago


Mrs. Stewart: America loves and supports your daughter. She is a strong and beautiful woman inside and out.

476 days ago


Aaryan is the reason why so many hate this country.. She is doing nothing to help our image and I hope Big Brother wisens up from this backlash from the public ~the repercussion might end up with people boycotting CBS all together.

476 days ago


Candice and her family have millions of people supporting her. Your daughter is beautiful and an amazing woman. Aaryn will get reality when she leaves the house, she is a spoiled and ignorant child because no woman would act like her. CBS is as much to blame for allowing it to continue, this is no longer a game this is ignorance and CBS is instigating the situation. Candice will continue to be the amazing woman she is and with millions more supporters.

476 days ago


I have the feeds. It's not just Aaryn but she is by far the worst. GinaMarie a close second. Jeremy and Kaitlin have also made comments. Spencer started off sounding like a hitler loving homophob. But his attitude seems to have changed and he has become somewhat protective of Andy.

It was bad enough when the comments were being madewith in ear shot but now it has gone to the point of Candice being racially mocked by Aaryn then when she stands up for herself GM jumps in her can you allow this to go on CBS? - although I must say I commend the decision for CBS to put it out exactly how it is with out trying to cover it up. Well done CBC well done.

476 days ago

BB not bb    

Oh so she got her local cult to gang up on a little white girl. Goody for her. I think i will boycott church crazies who use God as an excuse for their own racism and hatred. Blacks used to go to church to practice their voodoo anyway and hide it from the whites. They are probably trying to cast their spells on her. Talk about devils.

Blacks fight very dirty. This is just another dirty tactic. Dragging the church and Christ's name into their personal vendettas is plain depraved.

How is referring to someone as a white devil not racist? I know that connotation in that remark from Malcolm X that started the black vengeance movement. That guy was a radical Muslim until they wanted to kill him too for getting too popular.

Maybe this lady should try reading a Bible instead of using it to beat down whites.

476 days ago


Please pardon my typing. My phone is being bad bad bad today.

476 days ago


WOW! Black people mock whites 10 times more than this girl has ever done. This country is in a serious state of denial, pretending racism is a one way street. Black people can say "n*gger", "cracker", "honkee", etc., and you never hear a peep. They make fun of white people left and right, no questions asked.

476 days ago


I think that Candice is a devil. Is that racist? But it is not racist when Candice's mother calls Aaryn a devil?

476 days ago


Wow, all this because she pretended to sound like a black person? And when a black person mimics a white, then we get outraged too? that's what I thought. It's just one giant unfair hypocritical mess. White people are suckers and idiots for letting themselves be crucified while everyone else gets a free pass. Pure idiots.

476 days ago


I just find it even more ridiculous that she's still in the house considering who the president and CEO of CBS is...Julie Chen's (who has come out publicly as offended at Aryan's derrogatory Asian comments) husband! BB has their lowest ratings ever this season so they can't say Klan Barbie is on there for that purpose. It's actually the opposite.

476 days ago

BB not bb    

Blacks are convinced that they were treated so unfairly that they think it is only fair to treat whites unfairly. In other words, they are loco. You can't trust people with this mindset. They will never be honest or try to get along. It is all about them, them, them. Even if there is no direct benefit to themselves, they still feel like they scored a point if they caused harm to a white person.

They don't care who they target either. I saw the clip of this show and Aaryn was talking about something bad that Candace had said in the other room. Then Candace got threatening and Aaryn mocked it. So what? How in the world is that racist?

Then Ginamarie came over and sort of tried to back up her friend I guess. Candace was not about to stop her threatening, so Howard carried her out of the room and told her to sleep in another room. He could see she was about to lose that fight.

So if whites can stand their ground and beat a black person, they are called racist? That is racist. That is what is causing George Zimmerman to be framed. Trayvon is the one who had hatred and ill will in his heart, not George

This is like a barrage of anti-white news stories all at the same time. I guess they are hoping to brainwash people into accepting this as the new paradigm. Blacks jump on the band wagon for the free ride and whites for the false sense of moral superiority.

You can say bye bye USA if this happens.

476 days ago


Don't kick anybody out for showing who they truly are. Let them continue to do what they're doing. They'll pay the piper when they get out and find that they are now unemployed and unemployable.

476 days ago
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