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'Glee' Star Cory Monteith

Found Dead

in Vancouver

7/14/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Cory Monteith -- who famously played Finn Hudson on the TV show "Glee" -- died early Saturday morning in Vancouver ... he was 31 years old.

According to police in Vancouver the actor was found dead in his hotel room on the 21st floor of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel around noon ... when staffers went to check on him after the actor missed his check-out time.

In a press conference, officials said the actor was "clearly deceased" -- and had been so for several hours -- when police arrived on the scene.


Cops say Cory checked-in to the Fairmont on July 6th and was scheduled to leave July 13th. It is unclear why he was in Vancouver, but cops did mention he's from Canada and visits often.

The night before his death, Cory was seen in his room hanging with friends, before hitting the town ... but came back early Saturday morning ... alone.

Cops say "it was not immediately apparent" what caused his death, but no foul play is suspected. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

A rep for the actor says they are "in shock and mourning this tragic loss."

As TMZ previously reported, Monteith voluntarily checked himself into a treatment center back in April, admitting he had substance abuse issues.  It was his second time in treatment.

Prior to that, Cory had been open about his problems with drugs. Back in 2011 he told Parade Magazine, his family and friends were so afraid he "could die" they staged an intervention. He was 19 at the time.

He explained that his drug use consisted of "Anything and everything, as much as possible." Adding, "I had a serious problem."



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Lohan, don't say ONE WORD. Not a single one......

463 days ago


Where was the 12-Step religious AA/NA CULT'S "HIGHER POWER" the 12-Step religious AA/NA CULT Treatment Industry charged him $50,000 for?

463 days ago



463 days ago


nooooo rip poor lea!

463 days ago


OMG....He was such a good actor and Singer, I enjoyed him so much on Glee. See what happens when all the young Actors get into Drugs. This reminds me of River Phoenix :( To young to die.
RIP Cory.....My Heart goes out to his Family and his Girl Friend Michelle , they were such a cute couple together....

463 days ago


I can't believe it. I am stunned. Very, very sad that he's gone.

463 days ago


unbelieveable shock and disbelief. what an incredible talent. have been trying to help my own best friend through his struggles with addiction i can only imagine how lea michelle feels during to traumatic time. there are no words for this. tragic extreme tragedy. i keep reading how she was his strength and i am positive she was but addiction according to those that truly have it no matter what amount of help is given you cannot stop someone from their own free will no matter what the addiction. and its heart wrenching. too many young great people are departing life too soon because of addiction. our family fans of glee even our fish was names finn for finn is just at a complete loss of words for this. its and i can not say this enough such extreme tragedy. lea may god be with you and try and mend your heart as only he can truly allow you to find the peace in your heart and through your soul. again corey is an amazing talent and we will forever be reminded of that while we see him throughout the videos of the amazing work he did. pur deepest sympathies to everyone that loved him family friends fans. god bless each of you.

463 days ago


I feel so bad for his girlfriend, whose world as she knows it, just ended. As someone who has also dated and married someone who was addicted to pain pills (unaware for years that he had a prior problem before marrying) and ended up overdosing THREE times and still is fighting to end this addiction once and for all. It is absolutely heartbreaking to know that Cory tried to get help and he probably ended up overdosing and this happens VERY OFTEN after getting out of treatment, as they end up going back to the same amount of pills or other drug they used to take; when now, their body can no longer handle the amount that they were previously using at. Cory, just finished treatment, went thru detox, and now would have been only been able to handle just a little bit of his drug of choice. It's just heartbreaking, no matter if he's a celebrity or not, to see our generation (and any other) addicted to pain pills and everything else and dying over it-it's no longer the stereotypical drug users on the streets, its now college educated, world travelers, people in high places and good careers...

463 days ago

Chloe Herval    

I still can’t believe Cory’s gone, you will be truly and utterly miss, thanks for the great memories, found his mom Ann here and dad Joe here, my prayers are with them

463 days ago


Addiction is a terrible disease. I know it's not for certain, but sounds like an overdose. So sad...Condolences to Lea and friends/family. Too young and talented to be taken from us. RIP

463 days ago



463 days ago


The damage done...

463 days ago

Desere Zamora

463 days ago

Nice and rude    

I never heard or seen his shows but he was soooo cute his family and friends they need heartfelt they need warm so I pray for them and this difficult time so sad:((( rest In Pease whoever you are I cry almost every time someone dies its just sad and I can just feel the pain in there heart sad sad sad:(( This has also been a VERY long week for myself my grandma is in the hospital from having surgery she had poop floating in her stomach and that was making her VERY sick I went to Saint Johns here in Missouri yesterday she was very tired she kept waking then she would go right back to sleep so today they gave her a bath (not like full tub just where she can stay warm) whats funny is my mother works at Saint Johns so they gave my grandma a private room that's so cool:)) But she cant eat or drink for awhile which THAT SUCKS lol while I was there they took this toob that was from this poop bucket out of her nose I saw it it was DISGUSTING I myself isn't a needle or things go in my mouth or in my nose kinda fan not my kind of thing DISGUSTING I am already getting chills on my arms from just thinking about needles lol at this point I don't really know hows she doing or feeling cause I didn't go to the hospital today but mabe today but I know she is feeling much better than the last couple days she got at the hospital I think on Thursday early morning like at 4:00 am and had surgery around 6:00 am so really scary so she was supposed to stay at the hospital for about 5-7 days so should be gone on Tuesday or Wednesday depends on how she is feeling worse or good? I don't know anyways keep thought's and prayers for my grandma that had surgery the other day I hope Cory Monteith is in Heaven and prayers for family and friends.... As for my grandma I hope she gets to feeling well she will:))) Just keep praying:)) I love you grandma.

463 days ago

Tammy LM    

These celebrities and their damn drugs. They think it's so freakin cool to wreck themselves. You'd think they would have learned with people like John Belushi and Brad Renfro even Amy Winehouse but no. These idiots think it's so much damn fun to literally destroy themselves. They've got everything anyone could want. People praising them all the time, more money than God would know what to do with, and the ability to live their dream doing something they love that few people get to have come true and they just PISS it all away on getting high and trashing themselves. I have no sympathy for dead drug addicts anymore. Not even the ones going in and out of rehabs, which is probably the only reason this guy was checking himself into one. Because his pr people made him or he wouldn't get more gigs. He wasn't serious about it for his health. These idiots just don't care about anything but their drugs. Let them all die of drug od's. I don't care anymore. I'd rather see them six feet under than continue to watch them piss away their lives while worrying about them. Screw a drug addict.

463 days ago
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