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Kanye West on Paparazzi

Why I Hate Them ...

Why I Attack Them

7/13/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

071213_kanye_pap_attack_launchThere's a reason Kanye West hates the paparazzi so much -- it's a terrible reason -- but a reason nonetheless ... and it stems from a few rotten eggs, TMZ has learned.

It's no secret Kanye's been running on a short fuse since at least 2008, when he smashed a TMZ camera at LAX. After that, he vowed to have a more peaceful relationship with the media ... but that all changed in 2012.

Sources close to Kanye tell TMZ ... after he started getting serious with Kim Kardashian, he felt a couple of paps would cross the line and ask him inappropriate questions about their relationship in public. We're told he started to feel like certain paps were "heckling" him.

Things escalated in October 2012 during a trip to Miami ... when a local photog -- not a TMZ guy -- asked Kanye and Kim if they would be inviting Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush to their wedding.

Kanye was pissed ... and, rightfully so, felt the photog was just trying to antagonize him.

Things got worse a few months later, after Kim announced she was pregnant -- when another pap started hammering K&K about whether they would invite Ray J to the baby shower.

That, we're told, was the breaking point -- and from that moment on, Kanye decided to impose his "DON'T EVER TALK" policy on anyone with a camera.

Here's the problem ... if Kanye doesn't want to talk to a pap, that's fine -- he has that right. But when he starts attacking people and smashing camera equipment ... dude, you crossed the line.

Take this example, Kanye -- if a white person walked up to you and said the N-word, would you hate all white people??? Would you try to ATTACK every white person you encountered???

Bottom line -- we get why he's upset ... but seriously, GET OVER IT.


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Kadar Harris    

What Kanye did here may have been a bit extensive. However the reality is he told the guy to back off. These camera guys be so thirsty to get footage so they can run and sell it to TMZ or Splash they don't know when to quit. Kanye gave him what he was asking for. Oh and to the idiot made the comparison between this incident and a white person calling Kanye a ni**** That comparison makes no sense paparazzi have the same interest getting footage where as all white people aren't the same. I don't even know how one draws that correlation. Anyway your comment was flagged, so DON'T EVER TALK

367 days ago


REALLY? What exactly was the reasoning behind comparing his issues with paps to being called a n*gger by a white person? Are we doing this TMZ?

367 days ago


No bottom line is stop bloody going after him! If he wants to be left alone leave him alone. No one cares about him or his stupid girlfriend anyway! Maybe if you left him alone your cameras wont be smashed. Duh!

366 days ago


Can anyone say anger management

366 days ago


"wait a minute, ummo let you see my baby, but Beyonce got one of the best babies of all times!"

366 days ago


When your freak baby mama is a ho for every black man this side of Mars, it's had to expect respect from the Paps or anybody.

366 days ago


He really believes that people are scared of him I can't till one day a guy stands to himself and fight back K doesn't look like he can take a punch anyways he's as big as mu thumb.

366 days ago


Hilarious! I despise the whole papa thing but when Mr Kim is the target it's hilarious. He is such a weak target to play with his fragile and sick mind. I am so looking forward to his antics when Momma Kris cuts loose on him. Just a matter of time.

Sweet Brown has more character and talent than black skinhead Creepus!

366 days ago


I think Kanye does hate all whites. He's a biggot. Everyone should return the hate. Go away Kanye. Can we all chip in and buy him a ticket to Mars?

366 days ago

Keyser Söze    

I was expecting West's reasons to be weak as hell... and, unsurprisingly, they are.

366 days ago


When did TMZ start feeling the need to give a personal commentary on its stories? This website is starting to feel more like Perez Hilton every day.

366 days ago


TMZ...if you don't like it, then stop approaching him. would think. As far as Kanye, when he decided to get with a wh*re, what did he expect. I get his frustration, but it's like he's acting like he didn't get with a total hoe. Wise up dude. And TMZ...eff off.

366 days ago


Who wrote this TMZ post? You think Kanye is going to read what you're trying to say to him through this post, DUDE?

366 days ago


He knows the paps are heckling to get a reaction. He is also dating the biggest famehungry woman that ever existed so he just have to deal.

366 days ago


There's a reason Kanye West hates the paparazzi so much... because PimpMomager told him to say so.
...anything for PR
hope she gets "Depends & Urinary incontinence" sponsers for the new "TANK" show

366 days ago
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