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Kanye West on Paparazzi

Why I Hate Them ...

Why I Attack Them

7/13/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

071213_kanye_pap_attack_launchThere's a reason Kanye West hates the paparazzi so much -- it's a terrible reason -- but a reason nonetheless ... and it stems from a few rotten eggs, TMZ has learned.

It's no secret Kanye's been running on a short fuse since at least 2008, when he smashed a TMZ camera at LAX. After that, he vowed to have a more peaceful relationship with the media ... but that all changed in 2012.

Sources close to Kanye tell TMZ ... after he started getting serious with Kim Kardashian, he felt a couple of paps would cross the line and ask him inappropriate questions about their relationship in public. We're told he started to feel like certain paps were "heckling" him.

Things escalated in October 2012 during a trip to Miami ... when a local photog -- not a TMZ guy -- asked Kanye and Kim if they would be inviting Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush to their wedding.

Kanye was pissed ... and, rightfully so, felt the photog was just trying to antagonize him.

Things got worse a few months later, after Kim announced she was pregnant -- when another pap started hammering K&K about whether they would invite Ray J to the baby shower.

That, we're told, was the breaking point -- and from that moment on, Kanye decided to impose his "DON'T EVER TALK" policy on anyone with a camera.

Here's the problem ... if Kanye doesn't want to talk to a pap, that's fine -- he has that right. But when he starts attacking people and smashing camera equipment ... dude, you crossed the line.

Take this example, Kanye -- if a white person walked up to you and said the N-word, would you hate all white people??? Would you try to ATTACK every white person you encountered???

Bottom line -- we get why he's upset ... but seriously, GET OVER IT.


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I will be surprised if they ever get married.
Kim's divorce has been hanging fire for months. Even the birth of her little girl bastard has not encouraged her to finalize the divorce.
Kanye seems in no hurry to marry her as he has something else in Paris.
All of this makes me think a marriage is a poor bet.

475 days ago


Best line was whether they were going to invite Ray J to the baby (golden) shower lol

475 days ago


Such an idiot! Can't figure out how to simply say "no comment" and keep going on his way. His rants just make the situation worse for him.

475 days ago


Kayne is the s*** of the earth and a dfn

475 days ago

Desiree Powell    

What a douche.

475 days ago


F Kanye

475 days ago


So does he like her sex tape, since he wrote a song about it, or, obviously he must hate mention of it because he goes ballistic every time they ask about RayJ. So keep hammering him about RayJ and the sex tape guys, it truly is his triggerpoint.

475 days ago


OMGosh, TMZ, your story is all analytical and deep laced with analogies....I am embarrassed for you. Wow, its not that deep at all. He IS THUG, no manners, no class, with a short fuse, All the k's know it too, its just a matter of time before the whole kimyaye thing implodes. He doesn't have staying power.

475 days ago


Piss poor "reason". Yeah, they were out of line asking those questions. Thing is, the last TMZ guy you attacked was (god only knows WHY), telling you he was a fan. Get over yourself dude.TMZ, you crossed a line with your "example". Does he really think that his little policy is a good idea for his "brands" and "music"? IT ISN'T

475 days ago

my 2 cents    

Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. If you wish to be an entertainer, you are basically your own salesperson and of course the product too. Entertaining and publicity go hand in hand. So therefore you got to take the good with the bad. Is Kanye and his talent so good that he feels he does not feel he has to go on publicity tours and interviews ?

475 days ago


Almost forgot, thanks Pimp Mama and human urinal for clearing that up. You can now expect the break-up any time cause its REALLY going to upset the pissed off chipmunk

475 days ago


Shut up! You should be thankful that people still remember your name. Because for all that I know you are now just another Kardashian....Kayne Kardashian,that is.

475 days ago


I think Kanye's a complete tool, but whatever reason he has to not want to talk to paps doesn't matter. If he doesn't want to talk, he doesn't want to talk. Hey TMZ - "Get over it".

475 days ago


He knows the paps are a bunch of greedy jk***es trying to make some fast money at HIS expense. Yes, it IS a violation of his privacy in public. If I were him, I would hire a posse of my own photographers and have them follow the TMZ execs around and see
how they like the harassment. Flash! Flash!

475 days ago


Kanye is, in my opinion, and always has been, a low life, dirt bag azzhole.......If he can's stand being in the public eye then he needs to climb in a hole somewhere and disappear.......And if he takes Kim with him, the world would be a better place......

475 days ago
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