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Kanye West on Paparazzi

Why I Hate Them ...

Why I Attack Them

7/13/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

071213_kanye_pap_attack_launchThere's a reason Kanye West hates the paparazzi so much -- it's a terrible reason -- but a reason nonetheless ... and it stems from a few rotten eggs, TMZ has learned.

It's no secret Kanye's been running on a short fuse since at least 2008, when he smashed a TMZ camera at LAX. After that, he vowed to have a more peaceful relationship with the media ... but that all changed in 2012.

Sources close to Kanye tell TMZ ... after he started getting serious with Kim Kardashian, he felt a couple of paps would cross the line and ask him inappropriate questions about their relationship in public. We're told he started to feel like certain paps were "heckling" him.

Things escalated in October 2012 during a trip to Miami ... when a local photog -- not a TMZ guy -- asked Kanye and Kim if they would be inviting Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush to their wedding.

Kanye was pissed ... and, rightfully so, felt the photog was just trying to antagonize him.

Things got worse a few months later, after Kim announced she was pregnant -- when another pap started hammering K&K about whether they would invite Ray J to the baby shower.

That, we're told, was the breaking point -- and from that moment on, Kanye decided to impose his "DON'T EVER TALK" policy on anyone with a camera.

Here's the problem ... if Kanye doesn't want to talk to a pap, that's fine -- he has that right. But when he starts attacking people and smashing camera equipment ... dude, you crossed the line.

Take this example, Kanye -- if a white person walked up to you and said the N-word, would you hate all white people??? Would you try to ATTACK every white person you encountered???

Bottom line -- we get why he's upset ... but seriously, GET OVER IT.


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Terrible analogy, people are born with their ski color, it is not a choice.

Carrying around a camera and shoving it in someones face, THAT is a choice.

Judge people by the choices they make in life, not the cir***stances of their birth.

432 days ago


tmz you just posted a two year recap about all the men kim slept with and married.
why do you have to give so much publicity to kims men she slept with or married?

are you doing this to show us you cracked the case why kanye lil boy got all uspet and had a no talk to me tantrum

was it worth recaping two years of kims sex partners and her 72 day marriage just to explain why kanye got mad yesterday.

we dont need to be reminded of how many men kim sleeps with and marries just becuase kanye had a hissy no talk fit.

you just keep posting these long kim stories of all these men in last two years she had. we know

we all sloso know kanye is alwasy angry like 2008 airport pap and taylor swift rude rant

why would you write and attach all these viseos of all these things we already know

why dont you just stop following them and let them go away.\\they are a nusance and menace to society behaving and speaking the way the do at 32 and 36

432 days ago


Bottom line STOP harassing him and FOLLOWING him....Post up wherever you post up, ask whatever you want but CHASING him is NOT your job....Chase me with a camera and I'll claim self defense.....the minute I see a paparazzi I would start running and if you took one step in a running manner after me I'd attack you. I would clearly say I'm leaving now and if you run after me I will see it as a threat on my life and have my own person follow with a camera, and if you ran after me all bets are off. I bet the paps would learn to back the hell off then.

432 days ago


The paparrazi are crazy, money-hungry freaks who hound people. I honestly don't care if a hundred of them get punched in the face and have their camera equipment smashed. Maybe they shouldn't bug celebrities and try to get meaningful pics of things and people that really matter. Nobody cares about a lot of these celebs except the paparrazi.

432 days ago


like aside from reggie bush and ray jay.... kanye impregnated a woman who was full blown preganat when she was in divorce court with another man she was involved in.

tha right there is enough to laugh and heckle kanye for.

he knew she would be in divorce court all big and pregnaant when kanye stuck it in her.

thats is enough to heckle kanye to his grave..impregnating married talentless hos

432 days ago


Just another loser

432 days ago


My father in law is a retired PHOTO JOURNALIST, the kind studio's called to come snap shots of celebs. If you asked him what he thinks of today's paps, I can guarantee he would give a litany of reason's why they really aren't news people. In his day, he wouldn't think of following any of these idiots around. Maybe that's why he has a dark room full of pics and thank you notes from REAL celebs/presidents/sports figures. Still, its no reason for these so-called celebs to become violent. Then again, we wouldn't have video of a sign attacking KW, my most favorite video EVER. LOL

432 days ago


I have an idea; you people in the media ignore him. Some of these stars make me sick. They make all of this noise trying to get publicity and when they get it they get mad. ignore him, don't take him and his whores picture. We have all seen Kim's film we know who she is.

432 days ago

Norma Desomd    

Oh please, he signed up for this so he is the one who should SHUT UP! Don't talk to us!

432 days ago


She's known for her porn with Ray_J and 10 minute marriage to who knows how many men? She's known for her porn-star ass, breast and lip implants and her vaj-ay-jay with o'l ray-jay.......Kanye has not yet figured out that she is a professional hoochie-slut.

432 days ago

Pom de tere    

He is such a ****. I bought his first album( prob not his first the one with Golddigger) I only brought if for that song, I like my hip hop, love Mob Deep and Jay z etc bt I honestly can't think of another song he's released, Who is buying his records????? I reckon it's him so he can listen to himself again and again and again.... he's not even that good looking, Hamster comes to mind....or maybe I'm just being a biatch.

432 days ago


TMZ, what a horrible example. How are you going to compare being called an offensive racial slur to invasive paparazzi? There literally is no comparison. I too agree that Kanye West is a d-bag just like the next individual. But, that comparison we definitely in poor taste TMZ.

432 days ago


I have to say that usually I am a fan of TMZ and for its tact in dealing with people. However this post which is my first and last incites me.

How dare you compare being antagonized to racism and ask what if. Let me say this... Celebrities are no different than anyone else. They have the right to privacy, peace and quiet just as we all do. When you knowingly and deliberately follow someone around and take unsolicited photos and videos of them. And then air those photo's and videos with their permission and for your own financial gain. Then you invite a negative reaction. No less so that Halle Berry or Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt or many other celebrities have given in recent years.

Its the equivalent of being stalked. A young member of the paps died trying to follow Justin Bieber, was that worth that mans life? Princess Diana died being chased by the paps.

At some point TMZ while entertaining has to acknowledge that its responsible for elevating the pap frenzy to its current levels.

I believe Kanye West while perhaps a jerk in many ways still has a RIGHT to privacy, respect and safety. Kim K regardless of my personal view of her as a person has the same rights as do all of us. Perhaps shining the light on yourselves first and reevaluating how you report information would yield better relationships with the people you seek to cover.

Simple Logic

432 days ago


It's true the paparazzi can go over the top and need to be put in there place but other than those times these celebs have chosen this life and need to learn how to deal with it. I bet West wasn't so tough years ago when he was begging people to take his photo. It's the life they've chosen and they need to love it or leave it.

432 days ago

Pom de tere    

Awww can you feel the ****ye love:):):):) I love it!!!! You all see him as the opposite of how he sees himself. Awesomeness personified!!!!

432 days ago
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