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Al Sharpton on Zimmerman

We Won't Stop

Until Justice Is Served

7/14/2013 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A battle was lost, but the war's not over ... Al Sharpton says he WILL NOT REST until justice is served for Trayvon Martin's death -- after yesterday's not guilty verdict for the man who pulled the trigger.

Our photog spotted Rev. Sharpton at LaGuardia Airport Sunday -- and asked if he was disappointed that 6 jurors acquitted Zimmerman of all charges. His answer ... a resounding YES.

However, Al says this is not the end ... "We always had a plan B. We now go to the Justice Department seeking civil rights charges." He adds, "We're not gonna stop until we get justice."

FYI -- a similar thing happened in the O.J. Simpson trial regarding the death of Nicole Brown Simpson. O.J. was acquitted of criminal charges, but then sued in civil court for wrongful death -- and ordered to pay $33.5 million to the families of NBS and Ronald Goldman.

Zimmerman could face a similar civil suit OR possibly be tried in federal court if the Justice Department decides to go through with criminal civil rights charges.


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So now it is officaly legal to kill black kids!!? I am white but I still know for sure - if it was the other way around a black guy had got the needle for killing a white kid! I feel so horrible for the parents!!

444 days ago


Al Sharpton needs to stop adding fuel to the fire. He is making this all about race. Some one needs to tell theses activists their help is not needed.

444 days ago


There was a trial and there was justice, even though it should never have been brought to trial in the first place! Rioting last night and probably tonight, saying your racist bs and hating everyone who is not black will not help you. Why didn't you care about all the young black men killed in Chicago? Just go away.

444 days ago

Big Daddy    

I thought this racist pig died a long time!!

444 days ago


That was the dumbest jury since the first OJ trial.

444 days ago


Hey Al, you dumb a--. The trial was fair and you need to forget about it and get a life, stop trying to stir things up. You are a big racist troublemaker and have outlived any perceived usefulness in you own mind!

444 days ago


Justice WAS served. He was found not guilty. Al Sharpton is an a$$hole and he just uses issues to blackmail the white community as a whole. The media and TMZ should NEVER give him a pulpit. He would have no voice if they would just STOP publishing his brand of bigoty and hatred, He is the most racist bigot in the US. All African-Americans should be ashamed that he's of their race. Hell, I'm ashamed he's a human!

Thgere was a lot that the jury never got to hear about, like Tryvon's criminal pass and violent history.

Even without the Stand Your Ground law, this is still a clear case of self-defense. Tryvon had no cause or justification for physically attacking Zimmerman.

If the Federal government does pursue a second trial, then, as far as I am concerned, that's just an illegal end-run around the double jeapardy law. It should NOT be allowed.

Zimmerman may not have been smart in his handling of the situation, but he DID call 911 and he WAS a watch captain doing his job! If you are going to arm watch captains, it should be with non-lethal means like pepper spray or a tazer. They lack the extensive police training as to when and how to use lethal force. Firearms INSIDE the home, tazers outside.


444 days ago


Al Sharpton is the biggest racist. He believes blacks are never guilty of anything just targets of racism. Now, it seems that a non-blacks cannot legally defend themselves against blacks. This is not like the OJ case a family civil suit is not the same as the DOJ filing criminal charges on a person deemed not guilty in court.

444 days ago


Justice was served you are looking for revenge. I remember Bradley, Al. You never really apologized for that. You just keep pushing the race button, when really YOU are the racist!.

444 days ago


Florida resident here. Zimmerman was given back his gun today. Maybe Al will visit his neighborhood and he can take care of him. That would be justice for millions

444 days ago


"WE"??? "We"... um... so there is another "faction" at work in this case? (as stated by Zimmerman's attorneys in the press conference last evening?) And AL SHARPTON is part of it??? "WE"... hmmmmmmm... did AS even KNOW the family of TRAYVON MARTIN???

Give me a break... I'm SURE everyone would be singing a different tune if Zimmerman had been found GUILTY...

So Justice is ONLY SERVED if the verdict goes in your favor?

And... IF MY CHILD HAD BEEN KILLED... and the "alleged" killer was tried... YOU BET I WOULDVE BEEN THERE WHEN THE JURYS VERDICT WAS READ... REGARDLESS of what any lawyer recommended...

444 days ago

Well duh    

Anyone with a brain knew a civil suit was inevitable. And no matter your opinion on the issue, I'm pretty sure most know Zimmerman will DEFINITELY lose that.

444 days ago


Al Sharpton is the biggest joke and a used car salesman and a thug. The African American community needs a more reputable representative which does not include Jesse Jackson who is also a joke. Wake Al black people are not the only race discriminated against. WAKE UP

444 days ago


Is Al Sharpton the new Emperor of Black People?

444 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Looks like TMZ will let any post go by that insults every Race Creed Culture in this country--EXCEPT JEWS-- Is that the TRUTH HARVEY???? Why is that Harvey?? I dare you to POST THIS Harvey!!!

444 days ago
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