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Al Sharpton on Zimmerman

We Won't Stop

Until Justice Is Served

7/14/2013 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A battle was lost, but the war's not over ... Al Sharpton says he WILL NOT REST until justice is served for Trayvon Martin's death -- after yesterday's not guilty verdict for the man who pulled the trigger.

Our photog spotted Rev. Sharpton at LaGuardia Airport Sunday -- and asked if he was disappointed that 6 jurors acquitted Zimmerman of all charges. His answer ... a resounding YES.

However, Al says this is not the end ... "We always had a plan B. We now go to the Justice Department seeking civil rights charges." He adds, "We're not gonna stop until we get justice."

FYI -- a similar thing happened in the O.J. Simpson trial regarding the death of Nicole Brown Simpson. O.J. was acquitted of criminal charges, but then sued in civil court for wrongful death -- and ordered to pay $33.5 million to the families of NBS and Ronald Goldman.

Zimmerman could face a similar civil suit OR possibly be tried in federal court if the Justice Department decides to go through with criminal civil rights charges.


No Avatar


justice was served..the jury has stfu.

433 days ago

Jowata's Revenge    

I wonder how much Al and Jessie have made off Trayvon's death?

433 days ago


Al, you started this based on 'Race Baiting' instead of 'Facts'.
YOU are the Racist Al Ugly Sharpton!
Get off the Stage!
You have NO credibility.
If you REALLY cared, what about all those Blacks killing each other in Chicago? D.C.?
You don't care for blacks... you care for YOU.

433 days ago


1. Who is WE
2. Won't Stop What?
3. Trial is OVER ... better luck next time

433 days ago

Ted Frunk    

Oh shut up, Al Sharpton. You look even stupider than you did when you were fat. Stop trying to start riots. Your stupid, racebating ass lost.

433 days ago


George got hit, they had to acquit!

433 days ago


Justice was served .he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers

433 days ago


I'll take American justice over Sharpton justice any day of the week !

433 days ago


Anyone that uses a lying race hustling piece of crap like Al Sharpton for a reference just looks like a fool. So, there you go TMZ.

433 days ago

Jericho Morton    

It is a tragedy for Trayvon that the pathology report will forever report and his legacy will forever be "unremarkable penis".

433 days ago

buzz kill    

Al Sharleton thrives on racial division, he won't be satisfied until he starts a full on race war.

433 days ago


LMFAO The Justice Department has been involved with this all along. They even helped organize protests. So yeah, let's explore this further. Obama and Holder are the ones that are going to get investigated.

433 days ago


This guy is pure trash. He is a racist, hates white people, never once defended tried to find justice for the death of a white person and he calls himself a Reverand. He's garbage. Troublemaking garbage and someday he will have to answer to higher power.

433 days ago


For this grand-standing moron, liar, publicity hound, i have two words:

Tawana Brawley.

433 days ago

buzz kill    

Sharpton is just a shill for those who seek to destroy this country from within. When was the last time you saw this POS do anything to promote harmony among the races?

433 days ago
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