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Al Sharpton on Zimmerman

We Won't Stop

Until Justice Is Served

7/14/2013 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A battle was lost, but the war's not over ... Al Sharpton says he WILL NOT REST until justice is served for Trayvon Martin's death -- after yesterday's not guilty verdict for the man who pulled the trigger.

Our photog spotted Rev. Sharpton at LaGuardia Airport Sunday -- and asked if he was disappointed that 6 jurors acquitted Zimmerman of all charges. His answer ... a resounding YES.

However, Al says this is not the end ... "We always had a plan B. We now go to the Justice Department seeking civil rights charges." He adds, "We're not gonna stop until we get justice."

FYI -- a similar thing happened in the O.J. Simpson trial regarding the death of Nicole Brown Simpson. O.J. was acquitted of criminal charges, but then sued in civil court for wrongful death -- and ordered to pay $33.5 million to the families of NBS and Ronald Goldman.

Zimmerman could face a similar civil suit OR possibly be tried in federal court if the Justice Department decides to go through with criminal civil rights charges.


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Well, the morons at TMZ are at it again. To be charged with violating ones "civil rights" in Federal Court is NOT the same as being sued in "civil" court where monetary damages are awarded. So, unless the Martin family sues Zimmerman in "civil court" and wins, he will NOT wind up like OJ. You guys should be ashamed to take a paycheck.

464 days ago


Justice was served you racist f**k.

464 days ago


Justice WAS served. The jury reached a verdict. That is Justice.

Can someone tell me how Sharpton got to be a Reverend? He dropped out of college and never returned. So did he get ordained on line or what? He's dumber than a rock and someone needs to cancel his race card. I'm a bit tired of the race baiting.

464 days ago


just like with OJ...right?

464 days ago


I'm sorry, but the author needs a lesson in the difference between a civil trial and a civil rights trial. Al Sharpton is trying to have the Federal government try Zimmerman for Civil Rights violations. The family can't sue civilly successfully in Florida because self defense grants immunity from civil trials. I mean, I know you guys aren't looking for a Pulitzer Prize, but could you step it up a bit?

464 days ago


SHARPTON is the worst kind of "fame"whore. He excites the masses to cause trouble...and does it for fame and money. He is snake oil salesman but worst, he is a ugly troll, with no importance at all, yet manages to get his face everywhere he can get pictures taken....justice has been done. Give it up.
But of course he wont as there is no money in doing the right thing and being quiet.Go to hell
Sharpie. We only can hope the ignorant people he leads to riot will not kill anyone. The villagers one day should go after Sharpie with pitchforks and
shovels, as he surely resembles the Frankenstein
monster and is just as dangerous.

464 days ago


It is OVER. Done. Case Closed. I remember when people were trying to get Casey Anthony tried in Federal court too. It will NOT happen. He had a fair trial and he was acquitted. There is nothing you can do but move forward.


This man is NOT helping Trayvon's family. Stirring things up and inciting a volatile situation claiming there is a real shot at getting him charged by the feds --- serves no purpose, because it will NOT happen.


The people who are getting publicity and profiting off the Martin's are NOT helping them. Let them try to heal and move on in peace.

464 days ago


Justice was served you racist bastard! You wanted him arrested...done. You wanted him on trial....done. He was you are acting like a little bitch, that didn't get his way. Wait, we all owe you something....I forget.

464 days ago


First let me say that Zimmerman is guilty as sin, if he had stayed in his truck and not followed as instructed this whole thing would not have happened and therefore is guilty. Did Zimmerman act because of race most likely. That being said, being a racist , as vile as that may be is not illegal. there must be a balance, a balance between changing in people what we find objectionable, vile and having a police state were are jailed for being a jerk. Who decides what actions are objectionable, does one group get to decide for everyone or do we live by the constitution that this country was founded on. In the law at a criminal trail a jury must find someone guilty if they believe they believe it beyond a reason doubt and in this case the jury had a doubt that compelled them to find him not guilty( that doesn't mean innocent). In a civil case the standard is that it is more likely then not that they are guilty and it is in this travon will find justice.

464 days ago


On twitter, I have seen multiple people tweet about getting an appeal for the verdict. Go on twitter and search "Zimmerman" "Appeal" -- you will be astonished to realize that some people have never heard of double jeopardy..and don't know that once you've been acquitted -- there is nothing the government can do..


You can only appeal a guilty verdict, but there are a lot of people who apparently do NOT know that..


But instigators like Sharpton with his fairytale --- thinking the Feds will charge Zimmerman -- are adding fuel to that fire.


While we're talking about twitter-- people are also posting threats against jurors and trying to find out the juror's names and addresses..


I hope everyone who is posting threats and inciting violence - get arrested.. All it does is instigate others and incite them.. and someone is going to get hurt.


The prosecution did NOT have the evidence for a conviction and people need to respect the juries verdict and move on. Let Trayvon's find some way to peace their lives back together and move forward.

464 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Sharpton was licensed and ordained a Pentecostal minister by Bishop F.D. Washington at the age of nine (Transcript. Morning Edition. National Public Radio. June 13, 2003.) or ten (Greater Talent Network Speakers Bureau.)

464 days ago


Can't believe the racist comments on this story, so much hate & lack of understanding. Ppl should read up on American history especially around the time of the Civil War, white Americans in the South treated blacks despicably and as subhuman, you can't own a human being fgs!!
The insensitivity and ignorance over Trayvon's murder is astonishing and frightening. Florida is mired in white Republican racists who want the South to return to slavery & 'the good old days' for greedy white slave-owners. And that's who was on the jury, white Republican racists; they'd never convict a white man for murdering a black teen. Never. This verdict was horribly wrong and Zimmerman will murder again, plus anyone can now say they were skeered of a black kid and legally kill them.
Zimmerman’s a loser that can't hold a job because he can't get along with ppl, he's been at community college for 8 yrs but still no degree, how's he gonna live? On NRA and FoxNooz donations? Or maybe as a bumbling hit man? He clearly pursued & murdered this black teenager, his car was parked almost a football field away from Trayvon’s body where 200lb MMA-trained Zimmerman admitted he had the kid in a wrist-lock & shot him in the heart.
One of the most startling things here is the shallowness of ppl criticizing the messenger Sharpton; the disgraceful state of this nation should be the focus but racists won’t talk about that, it’s easier to attack a black man who is getting ‘uppity’. Republicans are the racist party and continue to spew hate 24/7; proves how sick and sad our country is.

464 days ago


STFU Al. Tawana Brawley called and needs her race baiter back.

464 days ago


You picked the right fight Al. The Media and NAACP does not care about all the negro babies that the 'Abortion Doctor' killed.

464 days ago


There is young black males being slaughtered on the streets of Chicago (which would look just like Pres. Obama) if he had a son. Where is the outrage? Where is Jesse Jackcon, Al Sharpton, President Obama, New Black Panthers, protesters and marchers,where's the media reporting this? Why ? because it's black on black and they can't inject race into it but yet young black males are still being slaughtered by each other on the streets and it doesn't even so much as elicit any help from any of these groups including our President who I might add came to gain his political power in Chicago. Where is the outrage that nothing is being done about this? George Zimmerman is not a racists as much as they say or want him to be. He mentored young black children,took african american girl to prom among other things he has done.,there's nothing racists about him. How many of you people out there protesting and marching can say you ever mentored young black children or have protested or marched against the slaughtering of young black males on the streets of Chicago? You are the racists ones!

464 days ago
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