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George Zimmerman

Not Off the Hook (Maybe) ...

FEDS Could Prosecute

7/14/2013 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The U.S. Department of Justice is now investigating the shooting death of Trayvon Martin ... meaning, if slapped with federal charges, George Zimmerman could face jail time -- even after his not guilty verdict.

The DOJ issued a statement Sunday ... revealing they are looking into the case, evaluating the evidence (including testimony from the State trial) -- and will determine whether or not federal prosecutors should file criminal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

Here's why it's important ... Zimmerman was found not guilty on Saturday of both second-degree murder and manslaughter when tried by the State of Florida -- and is technically a free man.

But since the news broke ... civil-rights activists have been up in arms​, like Al Sharpton and the NAACP who are clamoring for the DOJ to bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

If the Feds decide to go through with new criminal charges ... then a jail sentence is back on the table.

Although, according to legal experts, it will be an uphill battle to prove in court that Zimmerman was motivated solely by race.


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Hey good luck with that. Z is gonna be rich from the NBC tape doctoring lawsuit, the malicious prosecution lawsuit, and now maybe a Federal lawsuit, bring it on dip S s.

433 days ago


"Federal" and "DoJ" is codeword for the black racist garbage we have as POTUS and AG.

"Get that creepy ass cracka", right, Obama and Holder??

433 days ago


I'll take racism in America for $2000, Alex. It's a daily double jeopardy!

433 days ago


Why didn't the Feds go after OJ?
The Black Bas..rd in the White House is the only reason the Feds would go after Zimmerman.

433 days ago


"U.S. Justice of Department"
FFS, TMZ, you even abbreviated it to DOJ.

I don't think the federal case will result in a guilty verdict, it's too hard to prove that he was solely motivated by race.

433 days ago


I am sure Obama had something to do with this given his history with this case....Obama is the one that needs to be investigated if this case is re-tried. Prosecuters knew that they had not proven mr. Zimmerman guilty and that is why they tried to throw in manslauter at the last min. smdh.

433 days ago


The DOJ already cleared Zimmerman last year, publicly stating that the case did not qualify for federal prosecution, and specifically eliminating race as a motivating factor in the incident. Maybe TMZ should do a little less wishful thinking and a little more research before it pounces on a man and scoffs at the constitutional protection against double jeopardy. The trend towards seeking relief from the Federal Gov't for cases that upset some interest group is dangerous and feckless. It increases centralized power in Washington, and it chips away at our already fast eroding freedom to govern ourselves in our own localities. A government big enough to give you everything you need is big enough to take away everything you have. What big government can take from Zimmerman today, it can take from you tomorrow.

433 days ago


We sure have a lot of idiots in Washigton. Ask them if any of them know about a certain idea called double jeopardy.

433 days ago


I think they tried this with Casey Anthony and nothing happened, so everyone is going to have to get on with there lives after nothing happens with Zimmerman

433 days ago


**** RACE... a HUMAN was killed by another human. zimmerman should be in a hospital/prison getting treatment and being tested on the fact that he kills to live and doesn't accept death with a clear conscious to prevent things like this happening in the future.
(we all die eventually anyway)

433 days ago


I thought this was an entertainment site, isn't there a non celebrity child of a celebrity doing something stupid today?

433 days ago


How could a big armed adult be cleared of killing unarmed boy when in fact he killed him?. The problem in our justice system is that criminals are represented by the best attorneys while victims are stuck with unqualified state prosecutors.

433 days ago


DOJ has become a political puppet. Eric Holder is a joke as AG. Fact of the matter is Zimmerman wasnt guilty of the charges against him. The flaw in the judicial system is that there werent proper charges that couldve been filed against him. Florida needs to repeal their stupid stand your ground laws.
Zimmerman should be paying price for being a want to be cop and killing Martin. Had he not been out there playing cop the kid would be alive today.

433 days ago


Al Sharpton is going to be Secretary of Homeland Security

433 days ago



433 days ago
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