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George Zimmerman

Not Off the Hook (Maybe) ...

FEDS Could Prosecute

7/14/2013 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The U.S. Department of Justice is now investigating the shooting death of Trayvon Martin ... meaning, if slapped with federal charges, George Zimmerman could face jail time -- even after his not guilty verdict.

The DOJ issued a statement Sunday ... revealing they are looking into the case, evaluating the evidence (including testimony from the State trial) -- and will determine whether or not federal prosecutors should file criminal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

Here's why it's important ... Zimmerman was found not guilty on Saturday of both second-degree murder and manslaughter when tried by the State of Florida -- and is technically a free man.

But since the news broke ... civil-rights activists have been up in arms​, like Al Sharpton and the NAACP who are clamoring for the DOJ to bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

If the Feds decide to go through with new criminal charges ... then a jail sentence is back on the table.

Although, according to legal experts, it will be an uphill battle to prove in court that Zimmerman was motivated solely by race.


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Zimmerman is not guilty. Get over it black racists.

430 days ago


Sharptons and his crew are race baiting pieces of pure sleaze! If there was anything at all racist about this I would be the 1st to see it.....NBC should also be boycotted like Fox was,,and all of their sponsors outed!! Enough of this crap.

430 days ago


where was the DOJ when oj got off with murder?? o wait the naacp cheered that.

430 days ago


The black community should be ashamed. If he was not a black kid they would be doing ****. Al sharpton is an idot and i would love to have a debate with him.

430 days ago


al jessie and trayvons parents harped about how all they wanted was for him to be charged and have a day in court.they got that.the out come wasnt what they wanted so now they want more.this is why race relations are ****.black people always wanting a mile if you give them an inch.

430 days ago


the blacks are not going to stop until an innocent man pays for defending himself against a black

430 days ago


This case IS about racism! A clearly innocent man was put on trial simply because he was "white". If Zimmerman had been black, this would have never gone to trial. It is like we have gone back in time to the 1800s only in reverse. we have come so far and yet not far at all.

430 days ago


The initial investigation concluded there was not enough evidence to prosecute and get a conviction.

Is it possible this trial was initiated to appease the African/American citizenry ?

430 days ago


This is a very sad situation. After watching the case and devoting much though to it I decided the verdict was right.

Here is why: Ignore all of the personal background about both people. Most of the info was about Trayvon - school records, marijuana use, friend's testimony etc. For GZ -- ethnicity, history, girlfriends etc. Disregard all of it.

Why? Because bad or good, warm fuzzy or not -- it doesn't matter. For me it all came down to those final minutes. Trayvon has hit GZ, broke his nose and is pounding GZ's head on the concrete.

In the scuffle Trayvon sees the gun. GZ is now in dire trouble, he is out of options.

The police said GZ was stunned to find out Trayvon was dead. He did not intend that.

There are two important messages here -- If you decide you are going to jump on someone or attack them, no matter their race, age or ethnicity and for whatever reason -- think more than twice -- they may have a gun and know how to use it.

Also think very long and hard about getting involved as an unpaid, volunteer watchman in your community. You will be the one hung out to dry if anything goes wrong.

Do I think GZ is a racist - No.
Do I think Trayvin is an evil thug etc. No.

Like I sad in the beginning, a very sad situation all around. A 17-year-old is dead and GZ's life is in ruins.

And further I would not want to have that idiot of a coroner, Dr. Bao, involved in any autopsy. He had no idea what he was talking about. How could he be so stupid? This is such a high profile case and he proceeds to not "remember" anything? Unbelievable. He did a great injustice to both GZ and the memory of Trayvon.

430 days ago


This is ridiculous. Why didn't the DOJ step in during the Casey Anthony case? Oh that's right, because it wasn't considered "big" news because race wasn't supposedly involved.

430 days ago


Insane! He was found innocent. How many times are we going to crap on the Justice System? If this was the case, we could have retry O.J. and Civil Rights for killing Nicole and Ron Goldman (because they were white, who's not to say it wasn't racially motivated) Just leave it alone already he was found Not Guilty leave it at that! Want to blame someone? Blame the State of Florida and Prosecutors for filing a weak case when they should've had a better case.

430 days ago


The douchebag voted for Obama. He thought that the Kumbyya, hippy dippy, stoner group would just love each other and bring CHANGE... lol... stupid liberals, all they do is hate and they will toss you under the bus to get their socialist agenda.

Stupid Paula Deen and Zimmerman won't learn... morons are morons.

430 days ago


When Justin Beiber dies because of his friends "Lil whatever" are the black folks going to say? It will be just like M Jackson and his Dr causing his death.

430 days ago


Apparently is cousin is going to have him charged with sexual abuse according to the London Daily Mail.

430 days ago


I think Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are biggots and need to stay out of this case all they do it for is publicity. This was not a hate crime or a violation of a kids Civil Right. This is just another way of starting a race riot. Leave the man alone! If this was a black man killing a white person would this be a Civil Rights Case I, don't think so. So this shouldn't be one either.

430 days ago
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