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Joel Osteen

So White, It's Ungodly!

7/15/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone needs to tan Joel Osteen's hide ... or at least his chest, because the guy who provides holy inspiration to millions is downright pasty.

Joel was vacationing in Hawaii with his fam ... taking in a little paddle boarding.

The 50-year-old pastor -- who prayed with Nik Wallenda before and after he traversed the Grand Canyon on a highwire last month -- looked pretty fit. 

He just needs a little sun to distinguish himself from the Holy Ghost.

Some kayaking lessons wouldn't hurt either, Rev. Just sayin' ...



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Dead account Delete at will    

Question? Is calling a white guy pasty and saying he needs a tan racist? If I said a black guy was to black and needed to lighten his skin would you find that racist? Pretty sure ripping on a guy for being too white is pretty similar to ripping on a black guy for being to dark. Stop throwing hate!

465 days ago


i'm a false prophet god is a superstition

465 days ago


umm, it looks like the other person in the kayak got smacked in the face with an are they?? Geez and people are more concerned about his skin tone...say a prayer people, it wouldn't hurt to have a little faith in your life!

465 days ago


To us folks with Irish blood, he's a dream date. He looks really good. Only in the land of the superficial orange spray-tanned would people find fault with him.

465 days ago


His wife Victoria is nothing more than a snob who loves to shop. I have seen her at the Galleria before and she is not very nice to the salespeople.

465 days ago


wtf Is a sin now to be white?

465 days ago


No bikini pictures of the HOT Mrs. Osteen?! Sheesh...
"Lord, I apologize for that right there. Be there with the starving pygmies in New Guinea, amen."

465 days ago


The double standard is disgusting....If thats his natural skin tone why be RACIST?!!! We are so sick of you idiots playing the 1 sided race card

465 days ago


This is strange how TMZ made a story about this. Hes a fair skinned dude but he isnt Pale. Did he bang one of the TMZ's workers wives?

465 days ago


i wonder how tmz would handle it if some really dark black guy was told he needs to bleach his skin?
would that be a racist comment in their eyes?
there is nothing wrong with anyone's natural skin tone whatever it may be.

465 days ago


How about "So Black, It's Ungodly" the next time you put up a picture of a black person at the beach?

465 days ago


He looks normal to me. Not everyone is black.

465 days ago


craig, karmak. I attended Lakewood for years, but do to the rise in gasoline, I cannot afford to drive into Houston on a weekly basis. We still go on occasion.

What people see on TV is only the tip on the

Joel's television show is geared for television and its purpose is not to teach the bible as much as it is to get the message out there that God loves you. Bottom line: GOD loves you.

He throws a net out in hope to bring in the hopeless and give them this message.

When I was in an abusive marriage, the woman's shelters were of no help to me. But Lakewood ministries help me escape. They also were also the first in the area to bring direct relief after hurricane Ike. Not days like FEMA. In hours, people were receiving relief. There's also ministries that help those in the every imaginable way.

There small bible classes that you can attend before and after services. It is more like going to traditional church. Very bible based.

My gay hair stylist and his partner attend Lakewood. They feel welcomed and loved. So, don't knock it until you go and experience it for yourself.

465 days ago


Is he pregnant or just living the good life taking money from his flock of sheep? :D

465 days ago


- Victoria O'Steen: "Ya know, when we talk about sin..."

-Lakewood Congregation: " Sin? What's that???"

-Me: "Wait, what? They talk about sin there?"

465 days ago
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