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Joel Osteen

So White, It's Ungodly!

7/15/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone needs to tan Joel Osteen's hide ... or at least his chest, because the guy who provides holy inspiration to millions is downright pasty.

Joel was vacationing in Hawaii with his fam ... taking in a little paddle boarding.

The 50-year-old pastor -- who prayed with Nik Wallenda before and after he traversed the Grand Canyon on a highwire last month -- looked pretty fit. 

He just needs a little sun to distinguish himself from the Holy Ghost.

Some kayaking lessons wouldn't hurt either, Rev. Just sayin' ...



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472 days ago


He has nasty, pasty skin. I see why whites tan.

472 days ago



Apparently my previous comment struck a nerve, because it has been removed. I think I should post it again.

Would it be appropriate to write that a person is "ungodly black?" Would it be appropriate to write that a person is "ungodly gay?"

The double-standard, when it comes to black/white issue, employed on your show is disappointing. Please, start using the same standards for ALL races.

If it is inappropriate to write a headline about a black person, it should also be inappropriate to write it about a white person.

If you doubt that most of your viewers feel the same, why not put up an appropriately worded poll and find out?

472 days ago


Is there now something wrong being WHITE. If he was BLACK would you say he looks BLACK. Very racist TMZ.

472 days ago


Who is writing this junk. And we wonder why this country is so divided. I will preface my comment by saying I"m African American and this is the most ABSURD article! In addition, the headline is misleading as I expected to see ghostly, and this guy is not unusually pale. On top of that he looks to be in great shape probably better than the fat retard that wrote the article. He's a nice looking dude with great head of hair and nice family (hot wife) and seems to have morals. I've watched his show, and I like it b/c he speaks alot about positive energy and universal as well as spiritual principles. See thats our problem b/c we can't respect diversity. Just b/c he's not super tanned doesn't make him any less appealing JUST LIKE just b/c a dark skinned African American is not light or white doesn't make them any less appealing. We don't have to all want to look like eachother-how boring that would be. A rose is different than a lily and a lily different than a tulip and a tulip different than a daisy and so on and yet they all are beautiful in their own respective right. Why can't we as humans understand and respect diversity of nature. Sure, you can have a preference and that's okay. So just b/c someone likes roses doesn't mean roses are better than tulips or that tulips are not pretty. IT JUST MEANS YOU FREAKIN LIKE ROSES! I can like Eva Longoria and still think Kerry Washington is freakin hot and still like Jennifer Lawrence as being beautiful also. Come on you guys start to elevate your level of mental vibration and stop letting the dumb media masturbate your minds! The social structure (govt) just wants to divide us so that they can control us. We should all unite and not divide. There are good people in EVERY race. There are beautiful people in EVERY race. There are also bad people in EVERY race. Please WAKE UP!

472 days ago


Now the word 'WHITE' is so in why shouldn't skin tone as well, thanks to a cable station's "WHITE HISPANIC" term. Does that make our President a "WHITE AFRICAN AMERICAN" ?

472 days ago


I have vitiligo and am very fair, you gonna make fun of me TMZ?

472 days ago


He's not that white... He looks freakin hot to me. Great shape for being 50 years old!

472 days ago


He does preach a watered down gospel, but at least it's better than nothing.

472 days ago


I'm way whiter than this guy. No, I'm not going to prove it. lol

472 days ago


I am happy to see Mr. Osteen treats his body as a temple.

472 days ago


Someone actually got paid to write this diarrhea of an "article"!? He's white because guess what, he's Caucasian!

472 days ago


He looks like Flavor Flav...

472 days ago


There is absolutely nothing wrong with his skin tone. And he's in great shape.

471 days ago


TMZ has nothing against pale skin. They always make fun of Harvey's unnatural looking tan.

471 days ago
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