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Michael Jackson

Billion Dollar Man

7/15/2013 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Jackson could have raked in as much as $1.5 billion had he lived ... at least that's what an entertainment money man told jurors today in MJ's wrongful death case.

Accounting guru Arthur Erk testified ... Jackson could have earned minimum $1.1 billion if he performed a worldwide concert and showcased his music in Las Vegas.  And Erk felt if ticket prices were high enough, the figure would soar to $1.5 bil by the time Michael turned 65.

There are a couple of problems.  First, MJ never planned a worldwide tour.  The "This Is It" tour was limited to London.  Second, the family is seeking more than $40 billion.

Another interesting thing ... Erk said he deducted what he felt Jackson would have spent between age 50 and age 65, when he hypothetically would have retired -- $134 million.

Oh the struggles of living on a budget.



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Hannah H.    

SO HE IS ALIVE ! he heeeeeeeeee....

467 days ago


MJ is gone... I hope his kids will enjoy the money:-))) I miss you Micheal

467 days ago


testing please ignore

467 days ago

el polacko    

complete nonsense. his career had been in a downward spiral for years. he was hoping to make a 'comeback' when he overdosed.

467 days ago


Michael Jackson had 'died twice before of drug overdoses'
28 Apr 2013 00:00
The King of Pop was discovered slumped with no signs of life after visits by his personal “medical staff” on two separate occasions in the 1990s, a maid claims

King of Pop: Michael Jackson
King of Pop: Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson was twice found “dead” by frantic staff after popping dozens of pills given to him by dodgy doctors, his former maid claims today.

The King of Pop was discovered slumped with no signs of life after visits by his personal “medical staff” on two separate occasions in the 1990s.

The startling revelations come just a day before Jacko’s family are set to go head-to-head with concert promoters in a $40billion court case into his death.

Adrian McManus, the Billie Jean singer’s personal maid during the 1990s, said she and other staff members ­frequently stumbled across Jackson “dead” or passed out on a ­****tail of prescription drugs. She said: “One day I knocked on his door, but got no answer so I went in to clean. He was lying on the bed, ­motionless, looking very pale.

“I called several times, but he didn’t answer. As I got closer his eyes were open and he appeared not to be breathing.

“My heart sank as I thought he was dead. I called his name for several ­minutes. I feared that he was gone for ever, but then he came to suddenly. He didn’t say a word, but burst into tears.”

Adrian said she thought about calling for help, but had been warned before by the singer to not involve “outsiders”.

She also reveals that another incident occurred just a few weeks later, in 1993, when Michael’s security guard found him lifeless at the edge of a swimming pool.

Adrian said: “The guard thought he was dead. He feared the worst, trying to wake him by shaking and ­shouting at him. He couldn’t find a pulse and he didn’t appear to be breathing.”

Terrified his boss was dead, the ­worker radioed another guard, who performed life-saving treatment. Adrian added: “Michael made his guards train in CPR so they knew what to do.”

Adrian also revealed the singer had dozens of bottles of drugs in his rooms in bags, wardrobes and among c­lothes. ­Unknown doctors and medical “professionals” would file into his ­Neverland ranch in California and lock themselves away with Jackson for hours at a time.

She added: “It is a shock that people didn’t realise he had such issues, as it was common knowledge in the 1990s. Michael was not a pop hero, but a messed- up, depraved junkie, who was manipulative, twisted and demonic. I still have nightmares thinking about Neverland.”

Jackson, 50, died in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009 from a lethal dose of the surgical anaesthetic Propofol that his doctor Conrad Murray administered for sleep problems. Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011.

His mother Katherine, 82, is ­suing AEG Live — promoters of his ill-fated 2009 “This Is It” tour — in America for the wrongful death of her son, but news of Jackson’s drug taking could adversely affect the family’s claim that AEG Live was negligent in hiring Dr Murray to care Jackson as he rehearsed for the shows. AEG deny any negligence.

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Thank God, we really appreciate the hardwork that Dr. Murray put out. Good riddance.


He would have become so sick and could not follow through his contract and went bankrupt just like Toni Braxton when AEG sues his golden pants off, if he was lucky enough to be able to walk the hall of shame as a child molester.

467 days ago


So there won't be any new songs then :(

467 days ago

tmz addict    

Normal people wake up in the morning and go to work. Normal people.

467 days ago


This isn't true at all. When he died he was struggling to make money. Dying actually saved his estate.

467 days ago


That's a lot of grooming money. Children not being molested - priceless.

467 days ago

Don't ask me     

BS !

467 days ago


The problem with that 1.5 billion figure is that's not what Michael would have pocketed, that is the total amount that would have been brought in with atleast 75% of that going to the record label and another 5-10% going to assistants/managers/etc. So Michael himself would have never made anywhere near a billion dollars over the next 20 years and anyone that claims he would have is a moron that has no idea how the industry works.

466 days ago


All the visits to the plastic surgeons with painkiller Demerol & sedatives. No wonder he was exhausted.
He fooled AEG by staying drug-free, then he got the criminal Murray to buy Propofol. He made his kids pay Murray in front of him. Any kid would be scared to say no when they're brainwashed to never question the
"worshipped king".

466 days ago


That pic of Michael Jackson performing used in this report is so damn hot. xD That aside, am sure he would have donated a significant amount to charity. That is what his aim was as he said in This Is It. "We need to get it right in 4 years". This man had many plans sadly not fulfilled. As for the people who think in the payoffs, they are feeding in a lot of tabloid ****.

466 days ago


He still looked good/normal in 1983/84 but after that he started the surgeries on his face and from there it was all downhill until he looked horrid!..and no I don't believe he would have made that much money if he had lived!..he lost fans after the scandals!..

466 days ago


What an artist. He lied to his kids to make them obey his commands & trust for Murray's drugs & illegal UNPRESCRIBED Propofol.

He told Oprah that he didn't look in the mirror because
he was just a normal guy.
Yet, he fried his nose off.
There was pointy flesh with 2 tiny coin slot holes between his cheeks. The tip of the nose disappeared & he spoke in a high pitched voice.
Gay make-up was used to pleasure
his gay male fan boys, especially 10-13 year olds.

He looked at the boy photos at his mirror, though.

It's true. The 1983 nose was not transvestite.
The 'artist' burned his spotted penis with bleaching cream, then cried about slitting his wrists and denied that Propofol would kill him.

466 days ago
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