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Cory Monteith

Cause of Death


7/16/2013 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3:10 PM PT -- Officials are currently addressing the media about the death investigation.

Cops wouldn't delve into specifics when asked if they found drugs in Cory's hotel room, but they certainly insinuated it ... saying, "There was evidence in the room that was consistant of a drug overdose."

Cory Monteith
died from a lethal combination of heroin and alcohol ... this according to Canadian authorities.

The British Columbia Coroners Service says an autopsy and toxicological analysis show that the 31-year-old "Glee" star died from a "mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol."

Monteith's body was discovered by staffers at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, Canada on July 13.

Monteith had struggled with addiction for years and had been to rehab earlier this year.

Monteith had said he began struggling with drugs and alcohol as a young teenager.

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No Avatar

hank hill    

I read as far as heroin and alcohol. No longer care. Bye bye junkie!

427 days ago

LINDSAY LOHAN'S next mugshot    

For all the people saying they don't believe it, love in Canada, blah,some keeps posting the link. Here it is again.

427 days ago


Way to go, idiot. You had a super hot girlfriend and lots of money and you threw everything away for heroin. I don't feel sorry for you at all.

427 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

He must've gone to Dr. Drew for help.
That kills a lot of them.

427 days ago


Too bad he did not respect himself and his body/temple enough not to abuse it.
The strength has to come and be developed from within regardless of the support team you have (they help), but ultimately it is up to the individual to develop the strength to overcome the demons.
I feel for his loved ones and regret his decision to do the demon ****tail mix that ended his life.

427 days ago

King Anton    

So a canadian herion addicted gets more love than an innocent black kid killed wrongfully in this country huh?

427 days ago

Jackie Butler     

It is heartbreaking and hauntingly familiar to the the Heath Ledger death a few yrs back when his pal who knew-went into seclusion. Notified by phone of his death yet you were so close but he checked into that Inn a week before he OD'd and she now is so devastatingly oblivious to the cir***stances of her close boyfriend's activities for an entire week? What are you a beard? That's just the Hollyweird part of this-now I want all the GLEE fans to apologize to we in the know with as much passion as you berated us with when we pre-determined it had to be drugs! Waiting-yet not expecting you to do so!

427 days ago

Don Livingston    

I'm sorry, but I can't have feelings for some one that basically has a "charmed finacially successful life", and is so weak, that he or she OD'S on drugs after "REHAB" because of pressure and their insecurities...., sorry.......,donllivi

427 days ago


Like i said before, some people like to push the line since get everything they want. How can you do drugs knowing what your grandparents knew (drugs are bad mkay). Its funny people feel bad for this one but they were on the Whitney's article cursing her and her child like she was the s*** of the earth. Druggies are all the same, they like to think they are invisible and even the white ones.

427 days ago


And, MISSKATE, I'll break this out for you: any one of us could bypass self control and give in totally to indulging in chemical thrills. Sympathy should be for the living that face responsibilities like adults.

427 days ago


Sorry... can't feel sorry for him... he did it to himself...

427 days ago


Do young people learn from tragedies like this? Would they change their lifestyles if they could bring back this talented young man? I can't answer these questions because I'm in the older category. Just thinking ... death is so final.

427 days ago


So he died high and fuqued up. Ho hum. He died doing what obviously meant MOST to him in his little piece of the world. Sorry but after watching people who have the world by the balls waste it - no sympathy here.

427 days ago


He was a junkie and got some rich stuff and it killed him. Not happy, but not sad as I consider it a self inflicted event. He was on TV and many people knew who he was so it made a headline. A thousand others may have died anonymously but people care about this one. That is the real tragedy.

427 days ago


Most people who do drugs don't do them regularly because its fun, they do them because they are trying to self medicate from either anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. They basically do them to escape feeling horrible. Please rethink before you judge others.

427 days ago
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