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Lindsay Lohan to Oprah

$2 Mil For My Thoughts!

7/16/2013 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's guts don't come cheap, because we found out she's spilling them to Oprah at a cost of around $2 million.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has been negotiating with Lindsay for 4 months.  The plan -- an 8-part docu-series about Lindsay's struggles, her career and her plans for the future -- but we're guessing it's mostly about her struggles.

It's a better deal for Lindsay than just taking her top off.  For that ... Playboy paid her a measly $1 mil.

Ironically ... Lindsay's latest rehab stint may have scored her more cash, because of the drama and interest created around almost going to jail, firing her lawyer, going to Betty Ford, bailing from Betty Ford ... and on and on. 

Sources tell us ... Lindsay actually signed the deal at Betty Ford.

Lindsay got some perks from Oprah as well -- as in TWO fully-paid assistants and a stylist.

Substance abuse can pay handsomely -- Who knew?

Hey, we interviewed Lindsay for free -- check it out!



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We know everything about Lohan already. It played out for us everyday for the last couple of years. Oprah is wasting her money and time. Just google everything you want to know about Lohan, it's there in black and white without the lies.

431 days ago


The real irony is that people keep bailing her out of trouble so she never *really* has to deal with her s*** She just keeps getting paid to do things that are of little value to her life, her future or her well being. It's a vicious cycle that, until broken, is going to allow LL to continue wandering this aimless path she's chosen.

You can't help people who are not ready and/or do not want help. They'll go along with it to shut you up and then go about their 'regularly scheduled program' when you're done. Especially when large sums of money are involved.

431 days ago


Does this mean she'll finally pay off her tax debt? Better act fast, IRS, 'cause you know this ginger-skank will blow through that 2 mil. like it's nothing.

431 days ago


Oh I get it now. Oprah is paying Linds big bucks so that she can go out and do stupid things and screw up for more stories. This gives Oprah fodder for future shows.....something to talk about and keep her show relevent. Even if Linds doesn't show up for taping it gives Oprah something to talk about.

431 days ago


How frikkin ridiculous!

431 days ago


You say negotiating, I say whining and acting like a baby. Again, our little diva demanded she get the assistants and stylist. Oprah, you really are scraping at the bottom of the barrel.

431 days ago



I'd watch if it included an hour of Oprah scissoring (all or any meaning here) Lilo for a non stop close up, eh?

431 days ago

Amy E    

Gee, I'm sure we'll get a very honest look into the life of Lindsay Lohan. You could just take all the stories from TMZ over the years and it would be more entertaining than the "truth" Oprah will try to pass off. For the love of God, people, when this do***entary (and I use that term loosely) comes out.......don't watch it!

431 days ago


Still sounds like publicity hyped-up rumors. How come all this is said and mentioned and yet all of these mystery 'sources' Lohans, and all of these 'spokepeople' never have any names?

If this is such a signed, sealed and etched in stone, where is the contract? Why the no name people?

431 days ago


2 million still does not help Lindsay pay off the IRS she still owes for 2010,2011 2012 and that she owes almost 1.5 million all together, then 2013 that 2 million becomes 1.1 million after taxes that Lindsay is not going to Pay so all together Lindsay just for the IRS will owe over 2 million dollars in april 2014 which she will not have the money to pay.

431 days ago


I have only watched OPRAH once in my life...It had been raining and cold for days in S.C. so I went to the gym to get some running time in on the treadmills and the soccer mom set had it on OPRAH. But I remember it vividly. She was "interviewing" Whitney Houston-if you want to call it "interviewing"-as she was so deep up in Whitney's arse that it would take the jaws of life to extricate her. Whitney told LIE after LIE and Oprah-believing that they had built up an intimate connection over the years, never called her out on such obvious bullshyt. Then cut to Oprah's studio with Whitney lip syncing a song for the soccer mom crowd. Her voice long gone after years of drug abuse. Anyone with eyes could see that Whitney was still whacked on crack as a teary-eyed Oprah shouted out "THE VOICE' IS BACK!!!THE VOICE IS BACK!!!!" And we all know how well that turned out. Now, Oprah wants to pay CRACKIE 2 million dollars to do the same??? Well more power to Crackie-I'd do the same. It's not as if Crackie is being exploited-because she would have to tell the truth for that to happen.

431 days ago


I think People are over Lindsay and Oprah just wasted 2 million dollars.

431 days ago


Considering the amount of cash Harvey accepts from Kris Jenner (tm) to publish non-stories about the Kardashian's, TMZ (tm) is in no position to criticize Lilo or Oprah (tm) on this.

431 days ago


Well, I've just lost all respect for Oprah Winfrey. That's sad. But paying a lying, thieving, grifting, always late, irresponsible, illiterate, face-punching, whore of a junkie - just turns my stomach. I don't watch OWN, nor have I signed up for it on my U-Verse TV - Now - I certainly won't be purchasing it. In fact, I'll be telling all my friends to cancel their subscriptions as well.

Good for Lohan that she made this deal. It's probably the last million dollar deal she'll make. Because inevitably she's going to screw it up.

And Oprah better do her research on Lohan - I hope she goes to the celeb!tchy archives and reads how Lohan has a habit of blaming "the Black guy" whenever she gets in trouble. If Oprah gives her a pass on that one - I'll be saying goodbye to Oprah forever. Money - it's all about money.

431 days ago


I hope Oprah hires Rev. Jim (Taxi) and Ozzy Osborne as Lindz's new assistants, and Amanda Bynes as her stylist.

431 days ago
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