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Trayvon Martin Verdict

I'm Ashamed to Wear U.S. Flag

Says Black Olympic Boxer

7/16/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


U.S. Olympic boxer Terrell Gausha is so disgusted over the George Zimmerman verdict ... he's vowing to never sport the red, white and blue again.

Gausha -- who boxed in the 2012 London Summer Games -- started wearing the American flag on his boxing trunks after his Olympic run ... but tells TMZ he's done with that now in the wake of Zimmerman's acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Terrell adds, "How can I wear my stars and stripes proudly in a country where they make a big deal out of Mike Vick fighting dogs; but not a young innocent black male's life."

Gausha added, "When I represented my country in the Olympics I was proud to wear my flag. I even wore it on my head on the way to the ring. What happened this weekend was a slap in the face."

Gausha has turned pro -- so he's not eligible for the U.S. team in 2016 -- but doesn't sound like he's interested ... telling us he refuses to rep a "nation with so much racism and hatred."


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Zimmerman went out his way too kill him a young black teen that he easily could've avoided I mean who followed who black people open your eyes they still kill young black men for nothing and get away

443 days ago

Liz Collins    

What an idiot....where is this action when it comes to the THOUSANDS of black males that have been killed on the streets of Chicago because of gangs? Or the 16 MILLION

443 days ago


So sick of hearing how innocent TM was...and DON'T WEAR the American Flag...just as many have said here...YOU DON'T DESERVE IT!!! The Black Race made this a racial issue...no one else did.

443 days ago


HAve you watched USA Boxers. They are the real disgrace.

443 days ago


Get the **** out of my country

443 days ago

chaka chapuis    

This is why the country is divided. Some of you guy's should really be ashamed of yourselves. Really!

443 days ago


I don't pledge to it and wouldn't dare wear it!

443 days ago


Good... renounce your citizenship and leave. Oh, wait youre probably not that upset and just looking for attention.

Either way, go pound sand, idiot.

443 days ago


Is it true that juror B-37 is Josie Nejame whose husband is Mark an attorney? The same Mark who was also one of the people responsible for jury selection in the Zimmerman trial. This information is floating around on twitter.

443 days ago


Awesome! We'll promise not to watch any channel that carries your fights. People wanted Zimmerman arrested, they got him arrested. People wanted a verdict, they got one and one they didn't like. Racism? Uuuh, no.

443 days ago


My young friend we don't take a stand against America for the solitary action of one State under its laws. Ignorance found at the State level in the United States is why we don't allow the States to represent the interests of the United States in policy or diplomacy. You represent the United States of America, not the people of State of Florida. As for these other yahoos who can't relate to Black frustration at insanity masquerading as justice. Hopefully they'll come around one day. Hopefully that day will be sooner than later.

443 days ago

Married but 2u a baby momma    

You ALL are racist!!!

Imagine if it were you, your teen or little brother.

Walking home at night, some big black guy is following you, gets out his car and starts coming toward you.........would fight....what would u do?

black guy follows, approach and kills a gunless white child! Is this self defense? Is it?

It's crazy how you all are going out your way to say nasty things like: Baby Momma's, welfare, 8 children, monkey!

But your not a racist? Then why say it? There are bad people in the world and they coming in all colors.

P.S. Is he a thug because he's 17 and wants to dress like rappers and try marijuana. White guys emulate pop culture and try marijuana too! what silly things did you try at 17?

Why are you so evil and filled with hate?

443 days ago

Ann Savina    

HEY cut the boxer a breaker he is clearly not that smart from being hit in the head a lot. That's fine if he does not want to wear the American colors that's his American right not too! It is also our American right to make sure he's not on an American Olympic team and make sure he does not represent any of our products. How rude is he to compared Trayvon Martin case to a dog case it just goes to show you he was not really following the case he just made it a race thing to make him feel better. How sad!

443 days ago


Feel free to leave at any time

443 days ago


I See why lil wayne step on the flag. I cant Blame him if that was me i would have burned it.

443 days ago
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