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Trayvon Martin Verdict

I'm Ashamed to Wear U.S. Flag

Says Black Olympic Boxer

7/16/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


U.S. Olympic boxer Terrell Gausha is so disgusted over the George Zimmerman verdict ... he's vowing to never sport the red, white and blue again.

Gausha -- who boxed in the 2012 London Summer Games -- started wearing the American flag on his boxing trunks after his Olympic run ... but tells TMZ he's done with that now in the wake of Zimmerman's acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Terrell adds, "How can I wear my stars and stripes proudly in a country where they make a big deal out of Mike Vick fighting dogs; but not a young innocent black male's life."

Gausha added, "When I represented my country in the Olympics I was proud to wear my flag. I even wore it on my head on the way to the ring. What happened this weekend was a slap in the face."

Gausha has turned pro -- so he's not eligible for the U.S. team in 2016 -- but doesn't sound like he's interested ... telling us he refuses to rep a "nation with so much racism and hatred."


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See ya...don't let the door hit ya...where the good Lord split ya!

432 days ago


What about the white 1 yr old baby that was killed in Ga because a black teenager shot him when his mother didn't have any money to give him while he was robbing her? What about the 12 shot dead in Chicago on July 4th? Are these ok because they are black on black, or a black teenager? Where is the outrage there. There is definitely a double standard, and talk like this only perpetuates racism. All youth MUST be taught respect for other, that using the N word is not right, no matter what your color, that it is not right to refer to women as ho's...until then, this wont stop..tell me when is the protest march for justice for the baby in Ga, or the 12 dead in Chicago?

432 days ago


Then move to Afghanistan, jerk.

432 days ago

Stix Izza    

Certain white people get very brave behind these computer screens huh? lol read the facts of this case before you spout your ignorance into the atmosphere please , bc NONE of you would say this to this guys face or even to another black person

432 days ago


Oh boo hoo... you wear the flag around your ass and crotch... that's disrespectul enough to America.

432 days ago

Fred Mertz    

Move back to where ever you or your ancestors came from, if you are so ashamed of the "JUSTICE" system here.
Strike a trail!

432 days ago


If you are ashamed to wear U.S. flag , I am ashamed that you ever wore

432 days ago


Mr. Terrell Gausha that is your right and your decision. The fact is there was just not enough evidence to come close to convicting Zimmerman. Personally I beleive he's guilty, but the evidence was just not there to support a guilty verdict. The jury came to the only conclusion.

432 days ago

Minnie Baird    

People please know that it was NOT the USA that didn't convict this man was a jury. Why blame the country for something that 12 people did. That is as ignorant as saying that you won't go to the movies again because the ticket taker was rude. You DON'T blame everyone for the actions of one or two or in this case 12.

432 days ago


Many 'celebrities' are trying to get their 15 minutes via Trayvon.

432 days ago


Well...I ashamed that you're an American! So don't let the door hit you racist on the way out! Good DAY! See ya..so long, tot zeins!

432 days ago


Well I'm ashamed of you? How's that?? You like it??? Now that we are clear you can leave at anytime you want to. As a matter of fact I INSIST that you leave. So seee ya later, good bye! BTW I never heard of your rear end!

432 days ago



432 days ago


So here's a suggestion - get OUT of America and stay out!

432 days ago


Caucasian people don't take to the streets in protest every time they are assaulted, raped, robbed, stabbed, shot or murdered by a person of color. It makes me wonder who the real racists are. It appears that those that scream racism are usually racist. If Zimmerman were black, there wouldn't be any protests, threats, Al Sharpton or his cronie Jessie Jackson, (JJ). After all, they keep racism alive. The irony is that over 90% of blacks that die as a result of murder are actually murdered by other blacks. No protests for them though. The real tragedy is that a young man is dead because some idiot had a gun and was itching to use it. I do believe this case should be tried again and there should be justice for Travon. It's a shame that this is considered a racist issue. We just took 300 steps back and who's fault is that??? Al Sharpton, put a sock in it and stop playing the racist card. It's been over for years. You are repressing and it's depressing. If you want to take a stand, then stand up for all people because we are The UNITED States, get it?

432 days ago
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