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Boycotting Rolling Stone

Over Boston Bomber Cover

7/17/2013 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The Boston supermarket chain Roche Bros. is also boycotting the magazine -- a rep tells TMZ, "When Roche Bros. learned of the cover for the current issue of Rolling Stone, we chose not to offer that product for sale in our stores. We join with our customers and neighbors in focusing on the recovery of the victims and our community."

Walgreens and Stop & Shop have also boycotted the magazine.

apparently believes the First Amendment has limits ... because the pharmacy chain just announced it won't hawk the latest issue of Rolling Stone, featuring Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover.

A rep for CVS says "As a company with deep roots in New England and a strong presence in Boston, we believe this is the right decision out of respect for the victims of the attack and their loved ones."

It's kind of a bizarre reaction, since the story is about how Tsarnaev "fell into radical Islam and became a monster."

So we gotta ask ...


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if he wants to get out free, just send him to Florida..their is no justice their anyway just saying

442 days ago


Rolling Stone and any other newspaper or magazine or book can be published, But the consumers have the right not to read it. They can boycott it. No law against it.

442 days ago


If they would like to put random people on there cover they should put good citizens on there. Like the boy that chased a car because he seen a girl get kidnapped and saved her by doing so.

442 days ago


Thank you CVS. They should have featured the first responders or the victims or the Bostonians that stepped up to help the people stranded by the cir***stances that day. True American heroes. Glorify good not evil.

442 days ago


First Amendment? They are executing their rights under the First Amendment. The First Amendment says GOVERNMENT can't limit your speech. It doesnt say a private business can't make whatever decision it wants to on what products to sell. It is "expressing"--also in the First Amendment--its rights and not selling that piece of garbage. I am also expressing my Freedom of speech and expression by sayin geveryone should boycott Rolling Stone Magazine, not just for this issue, but permanently. Fame and infamy are not the same thing...this magazine, display a glamor shot of a murdering terrorist on its cover--just defined them as the same.

442 days ago


Yes there is freedom of speech, and
I have a freedom to not listen to what you want to say.
I have a freedom to not read anything you want to write.
I have a freedom to not pay attention to you.
I have a freedom to tell you to shut up.
I have a freedom to not put anything in my store I don't want there.
I have a freedom to shut my doors to you.
I have a freedom to question my government.
I have a freedom to vote for my government.
I have a responsibility to affirm and defend these freedoms.
I don't have a freedom to kill, politicians, lawyers, judges, jesse jackson, CEO's, racists, lobbyists, police, juries, politicians, civilians, bill o'riley, celebrities, lawyers, investment bankers, lobbyists, CFO's, lawyers, al sharpton, board members to any large (or small) corporation, politicians, CEO's, supervisors, police, lobbyists, teachers, lawyers, rush limbaugh, neighborhood watch members, politicians, dog trainers, lobbyists, bill maher, cheerleaders, lawyers, justin beiber, lindsey lohan, dogs, lawyers, john stewart, meter readers, cats, sales peoples, or harvey levin no matter how much they deserve it.

This is America

442 days ago


Well, we're big rock singers
We got golden fingers
And we're loved everywhere we go...
We sing about beauty and we sing about truth
At ten thousand dollars a show..
We take all kinds of pills that give us all kind of thrills
But the thrill we've never known
Is the thrill that'll getcha when you get your picture
On the cover of the Rollin' Stone ~Dr Hook

Nothing like glamorizing a terrorist, RS.

442 days ago


Freedom of speech can be followed with freedom to boycott... Cause and effect.

442 days ago


A business is not a democracy.

The 1st Amendment pertains to the government intervening. It does not stop a business or individual from boycotting something.

442 days ago

Pat B    

CVS is practicing its First Amendment right by boycotting! Hey Rolling Stone! Some of the 9/11 hijackers and the Aurora, CO and Newtown shooters, were in their 20s, ... why didn't you put their pictures on the cover??

442 days ago

Pat B    

Why use a "rock star" picture? Why not use his mug shot???

442 days ago


I wonder which “celeb” is going to be on the cover after this? What would happen if advertisers, rock stars and celebs told RS to pound sand instead of supporting a mag that glorifies terrorism and murder?
Fwiw Per usatoday Article is by Janet Reitman

442 days ago


Tsarnaev "fell into radical Islam and became a monster."

They make it sound as if he just tripped one day, got back up and realized he'd become a terrorist... "Whoa, I just fell into it!"

442 days ago


Shouldn't someone read the darn article before they jump to any conclusions? Everyone talks about freedom of speech right up until someone else speaks.

442 days ago

E A    

Congrats to Rolling Stone (sarcasm). They just made a terrorist look like a rock star, probably inspiring many would-be home-grown bombers. I will definitely shop more at CVS. The content of the article is in small print at the bottom of the cover and a secondary impression after the shock of seeing that face on the cover of Rolling Stone.

442 days ago
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