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Emma Roberts

In Tears

with Boyfriend Evan Peters

7/17/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Emma Roberts got extremely emotional Tuesday, but BF Evan Peters was by her side -- on the heels of news she'd been arrested for a domestic violence incident involving him.

Emma was seen bursting into tears ... as Evan comforted her outside a New Orleans studio.

TMZ broke the story ... Emma was arrested July 7 in Montreal after she and Evan allegedly fought in their hotel room. Police say there was evidence she'd bitten him.

Evan did not want to press charges, and Emma was released.

Sources close to the couple tell us not only are they still together -- but they're working together on "American Horror Story."


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I stopped watching her movies after she was Punk'd. It was the episode where the frozen yogurt place had a yogurt flood and she refused to help. Come on now.

432 days ago

I Can't With You People    

White Chris Brown.

432 days ago


Oh boo hoo STFU..Grow up you imbecile!

432 days ago


Not saying the domestic dispute had no role in this outburst, but Emma dated Chord Overstreet a while back so I'd be willing to say she was at least acquaintances with Cory Monteith. Perhaps she was torn up about that? Just wondering if there's some other reason behind her sobbing.

431 days ago


Crocodile tears all over her punching bag.

431 days ago


Warning! Warning! Psycho Girlfriend Alert!!!! Run Run away dude or the next time its gonna be your ass getting arrested for hitting her back. Go find yourself a more mature less drama queen girlfriend. She should be embarrassed at 22 years old to act like a spoiled brat hitting and biting, Who does that?? damn not even my 6 year old nephew pulls that crap! I hope they still press charges, if he had done the same to her he would be facing assault charges.

431 days ago


Wow life is tough for these millionaires, are we the common folks suppose to feel sorry for her?

431 days ago


i hear she likes MEN....

431 days ago


Wow ... her dad, Eric Roberts, had the same problem ... abusive nature ... like father like daughter?

431 days ago


She apparently is having sex with many black men.

431 days ago


Perhaps she has a raging personality disorder like her Auntie.

431 days ago

BB not bb    

This is a little skinny girl being accused of physically abusing a big muscular man. Enough with the PC nonsense. They were in a mutual fight no less, and she apparently won. Why is that the issue?

This is not domestic violence or abuse or what those laws were designed for. Obviously those special laws do no good, cause the men just twist them to their own advantage anyway.

I feel like her boyfriend is a man without honor or integrity. These laws play right into that mindset. They are used to frame innocent people on technicalities, while the real bully retains even more power.

She is not intimidating this man. She is crying looking for comfort from him. He just hugs her backpack straps and holds her head like a doll's head. I don't think she feels any warmth from his cold touch, because she is not hugging him back.

I think he is taking advantage of her emotionally. Any guy that causes you to get arrested is probably not worth keeping. Any guy that can't comfort you when you are miserable is going to mess with your mind.

I know that men are raised to be a bunch of sissy, whiny jerks any more, but this is a dangerous relationship.

431 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Hey guy, it looks very clear that girl loves you. Sometimes women lose it. I was bitten by a girl years ago. I didn't know she liked me. I have a permanent scar from it. Sometimes things just get out of hand. A womans frustrations can come from many places and sometimes they unleash that beast on us. She looks like a real good girl. Firgive her. Humility is a great teacher.

All women have an emotional threshold. When they reach they point, they don't even know what they might do.

**** happens homeboy. Take it a day at a time.

431 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

haaaa haaa. maybe white btische is crying because her ebt was cancelled. now she should go invest in some presto cookers, you know? i mean, you can't just do that to people!! awwwwwwwwww.. xD

431 days ago

Double Standard    

If he had done to her, what she did to him, he would be in jail. Boo hoo, cry your eyes out Roberts, I will never let my kids watch anything you are in. You are an actress, albeit a bad one and those crocodile tears with not cover the fact that you are a violent psychopath.

430 days ago
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