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Zimmerman's Lawyers

Money Is No Object

... Anymore!

7/17/2013 6:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They asked the public for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for George Zimmerman's defense ... but now that the case is over, GZ's lawyers are living the high life-- eating at one of NYC's most expensive restaurants.

TMZ cameras rolled as Mark O'Mara, Don West and the rest of the team left the famous Nello restaurant in NYC earlier today ... where the lobster bisque will run you a cool $43.

Sources tell TMZ the gang was seen drinking champagne inside the restaurant ... and when it comes to the bubbly at Nello -- even the cheap stuff is expensive.

In fact, Nello is where ultra-rich stars like Jay-Z and Alex Rodriguez are often seen chowing down.

On the way out, the lawyers told us they still believe the jury in the Trayvon Martin case made the right decision -- "[Zimmerman] was not guilty from day one."

They also said the food at Nello's was excellent.


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I don't think it's "wrong" for them to celebrate... Just EXTREMELY insensitive. After all, they are celebrating the acquittal of a man who killed a child.

442 days ago


Where they eat is their own business. Where did prosecutors eat on our dime ?

442 days ago


Was there a big red box when TMZ reported Casey Anthony's lawyer celebrating? Did TMZ even report it? Her lawyers were seen having a champagne toast and hobnobbing with people like Gerald Rivera. But no, because that's not on TMZ's agenda, is it?

442 days ago


Don West - The one lawyer during a televised trial that didn't know when to shut the hell up. "I object." "overruled" "I object" "overruled" "but I object" "overruled"

442 days ago


IMHO, they shouldn't be celebrating in public. They did their job in what will probably be the biggest case of their career. Celebrating is appropriate to a certain degree, but not in public. It's tacky and classless, but more than anything, it's disrespectful to the victim's family.

442 days ago


How does TMZ know they were "celebrating" anyway??? Is eating out always considered celebrating?

442 days ago


Can't believe ,oh wait yes I can the media once again trying to make the defense lawyers eating out in an expensive restaurant somehow wrong because they won the case and they're all a bunch of white racists who dont care about a young black boy dying.The jurors in the OJ trial were never vilified and talked about the way these jurors have been since the verdict. The lead prosecuter on the Casey Anthony case had a book deal before the trial was even over,the prosecuters in the OJ trial all wrote books and made milions.I could go on and on. The one juror who I might add was stupid to give an interview to anderson cooper on CNN has been vilified and every word she said either misquoted or picked apart and called a bully. This is the gratitude she and the other jurors get for giving 22 days of their time and away from their loved ones for this case. But only because it was the wrong verdict according to the race baiters on HLN

442 days ago


these lawyers have taken no, zero, not a dime of money for their defense of zimmerman. They have used to money to pay others who helped the case. That was one of the first questions they answered on the view when they were on that show. barbara walters probably paid for the dinner.

442 days ago


Never forget the lawyers get paid guilty or not. No mater GZ has millions he raised on the web.

442 days ago


They aren't paying for this, the networks where they have been making appearances are. All their first class airfare, hotel and meals are all comped.

442 days ago


If money is no object why are they whining and crying that they did not get paid?

442 days ago


Funny, we like the justice system only when it goes how we, in our all-knowing judgmental way, think it should go, right? If people don't like the verdict, why don't they blame the prosecution instead of the defense and the jurors? It's the prosecution's job to prove the case, and the jurors can only go on what is presented to them in court. Harvey darn well knows this, and it's disgusting that TMZ feeds the ignorance.

442 days ago


I don't think there's anything to celebrate. A young man is dead and his family is devastated. And George Zimmerman is never really going to be free again. I even heard his attorney's admit that. Like Casey Anthony, he'll have to hide out for the rest of his life.

442 days ago


Getting off racist killers isn't something to be celebrating. Of course in the U.S. racism is alive and well and able to cough up lots of money to defend killers. I bet the prosecutor wasn't trying that hard anyway. It's Florida after all.

442 days ago


"Fifty-four people were shot in Chicago between Friday night and Monday morning. Ten of the victims were killed, including two boys, between 16 and 20, who were found lying face down, naked, on the South Side early Monday morning." Couldn't those 10 also be the president's son? Why aren't we marching for this violence, which is far more indicative of the widespread problem, than for the singular Zimmerman-Martin case? Oh, maybe because the irresponsible media doesn't fairly report on it? No, let's just play the soundbite from the president, and let's ignore all the shootings happening in places like Chicago. Everyone is in the pocket of someone else.

442 days ago
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