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Zimmerman's Lawyers

Money Is No Object

... Anymore!

7/17/2013 6:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They asked the public for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for George Zimmerman's defense ... but now that the case is over, GZ's lawyers are living the high life-- eating at one of NYC's most expensive restaurants.

TMZ cameras rolled as Mark O'Mara, Don West and the rest of the team left the famous Nello restaurant in NYC earlier today ... where the lobster bisque will run you a cool $43.

Sources tell TMZ the gang was seen drinking champagne inside the restaurant ... and when it comes to the bubbly at Nello -- even the cheap stuff is expensive.

In fact, Nello is where ultra-rich stars like Jay-Z and Alex Rodriguez are often seen chowing down.

On the way out, the lawyers told us they still believe the jury in the Trayvon Martin case made the right decision -- "[Zimmerman] was not guilty from day one."

They also said the food at Nello's was excellent.


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Its is a sensitive case and an unarmed boy lost his life. The lawyers are lawyers and that is why we think of them in the same class as car salesman or telemarketers.

430 days ago


No one, especially a parent, wants someone who would murderer their son get off, but this case was about 2 people, only one who was alive to tell what happened. If it could be shown that Zimmerman killed Martin for any other reason than that he was defending himself, he should be in prison! But that wasn't shown to the jury.
This case has brought out alot of ugliness in this country that needs to be changed. Maybe that's Trayvons legacy.

430 days ago


You can send a Black Racists and a White Guilt person to school but you can't EDUCATE them no matter how hard you try.

430 days ago


Look Black people kill Black people everyday and White people just want to know how do we get a Hunting License to join the hunt and what are the limits. How many can we bag a day? How many Males and Females and what is the Age minimum and age maximum.
Look White people LOVE to HUNT we just want to join the hunt too. It is not fair to only allow Blacks to hunt Blacks that is a discriminatory practice.

430 days ago


I hear J. Bieber used the kitchen facilities there.

430 days ago


Liberal white guilt gave us Obama. There is no way he would have ever been elected if he was white.

430 days ago


They stated on CNN they were working for FREE for Zimmerman, not getting any money from him.

430 days ago


The Defense Team has been hitting all the TV channel this week, so suspect the TV networks are paying their expenses for being in NY.

430 days ago


Something new I seen on the TV News tonight, The state of Colorado is now issuing licenses to shoot down drones. The state will pay a ransom for any part of the drone used by the Federal Govt. you submit to them, but you need to by an annual license.

430 days ago


WTF not? They probably got treated to lunch by some well wishers anyway. What people need to pay attention to, is all these OJ supports in the past, suddenly clamoring for the media attention again! Isn't it obvious, that the dollars not the cause is what these people are after. These people worked hard on their case, so why not take a moment and relax! You know what? Ask AL Sharpton and Beyonce where they had lunch today?

430 days ago

Christine Holleyman    

They deserved all they could eat in this expensive restaurant, and several more t rips there to boot. What they did for George was masterful and almost miraculous. These guys are superhero attorneys! I have donated a small amount to George (wish it could have been more) and I think my donation was well spent.

430 days ago


They worked very hard and they won the case. So they can enjoy lunch or dinner or anything they want. TMZ desperate to make story out of nothing.

430 days ago


Awesome! Mark Omara for President. Prosecution never offered up ANY evidence and a jury also agreed.

430 days ago


TMZ I have followed you since the beginning -- but why must you keep the hatred alive by keeping this a lead story ---- the jury has spoken -- let it rest, don't keep the fuel in the fire!!!!! Harvey -- I'm disappointed in you!

430 days ago


I hope they had some SKITTLES for dessert.

430 days ago
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