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Rolling Stone's Tsarnaev Cover Story

Misplaced Outrage

7/17/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Rolling Stone's cover story about alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is stirring a national outrage, and even bans of the magazine. But is this glorifying a terrorist ... or just basic journalism?

Plus, Emma Roberts' surprising arrest for alleged domestic violence against her boyfriend Evan Peters. Just a simple young lovers' spat that got out of control?

And, porn star James Deen has his own cooking show -- and it's pretty good. Deen joins us to talk about cooking and eating infamous killers' final meals ... and what it's like to cut up a wiener.

(0:00) Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence -- but her boyfriend didn't want to press charges. Luck for her they were in Canada ... we'll tell you why.
(6:00) Corey Monteith's "Glee" cast members staged an intervention for him ... and he graciously went along.
(10:00) Rolling Stone's puts the Boston Bomber on the cover -- and some people are really upset. Others ... are upset at the people who got upset.
(18:00) Porn star James Deen has a cooking show -- for real -- he joins us to explain the idea behind making and eating famous killers' last meals.
(24:00) Justin Bieber -- abs for days ... but is he using his body as a smokescreen?
(28:00) One of the Marines who urinated on Taliban fighters finally speaks out ... and he doesn't regret it one bit.
(32:00) Adam Levine totally contradicted his stance against marriage ... by getting engaged.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) PBS' new ad campaign is hilarious -- make teasers for fake reality shows ... that actually look pretty good.

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Drugs are terrible. All you can do is have sympathy for those that become addicted.

428 days ago

Wow ...    

Isn't fentanyl (sp?) prescribed to those in the last stages of life?

428 days ago


Skyper...get as job!

428 days ago


I'm supporting Rolling Stones right to put this murderer on their cover. Just as I'm SURE they support my right not to buy it. You can write a story about this murderer without his face on the cover. Quit whining because people are protesting. That is a part of freedom of speech also.

428 days ago


This Dzhokhar Tsarnaev story is huge! It's no less than stories about suicide bombers in third-world countries. Someone has to put a face to it. That Rolling Stone decided to put a cover page to it and people want to put a spin on it is facetious.

428 days ago


you're not angry at rolling stone?!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??/ OH WAIT!!! You make a living out of exploiting people on a daily basis. I am clearly a TMZ fan, but this just takes exploitation to a whole other level of disrespect. The cover IS a slap on the face to the VICTIMS of this tragedy. At least the 911 bombings were given small images and the VICTIMS and MEMORIALS took center stage on those covers. 12 years later we give the surviving TERRORIST AND CONFESSED KILLER A FULL PAGE SEXY GRINNING PHOTO?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? Good bye Rolling Stone AND TMZ!

428 days ago


I think that Rolling Stone is right for what they are doing and I also think CVS and others are doing what is right for them. Welcome to America. See? It works.

428 days ago


LOL I love when they tease Harvey

428 days ago


Why is the 1st Amendment noted? There is no restriction on the press here from the government. People don't have to buy your "news." You can write it all you want though...but no one is forced to buy it. Sorry.

428 days ago


I believe that Rolling Stone should have stayed away from this story. What does this have to do with music or pop culture. This is not the Times. I think their decision will makew them go from hero to Zero and things can turn south very quickly and destroy years of efforts.

428 days ago


YES! People would have been happier had Rolling Stone used a mugshot!

428 days ago

Wow ...    

A comment on age one, made me reconsider. The photo appears to glam the bomber up a bit, but this is what he really looked like...before he turned into a monster. We can't change reality, as much as we hate what he did.

428 days ago

Charlie Klimkowski    

Harvey is missing the point... CVS isn't worried about censoring. They don't want to make profits from this magazine. I respect that!

428 days ago


Publish the article but use a picture of the victims' faces on the cover and ask the question: "What kind of man killed these innocent people?"

428 days ago


"A very famous rapper?" I've never heard of him. Gaaa, another well spoken rapper on TMZ.

428 days ago
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