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Britney Spears

Move Over Shania ...

My Vegas Show Rocks!

7/18/2013 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0718-britney-spears-planet-hollywood-gettyBritney Spears will announce in several weeks her Vegas deal we told you about 2 months ago ... and as it was put to us, "It's not your father's Shania Twain concert."

Sources connected with the deal tell us ... Britney will bring a "cool, hip club-like show" to Planet Hollywood.  We're told it will NOT feel like a run-of-the-mill concert -- the vibe is very different.  And the show will change on a fairly regular basis.

We're told the deal also includes appearances Britney will make at various pool parties, as well as the Planet Hollywood nightclub.

BTW ... there are reports Britney talked to the judge in her conservatorship case about her upcoming Vegas shows. Not true. Our sources -- and they are extremely reliable -- say not a word was mentioned.  The judge has long been down with the show.



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John T.    

Her try at dancing around on a stage is a big joke, and she never sings live. . Her days of having great talent are gone with her body. Wouldn't cross the street to see her free.A OVERWEIGHT HAS BEEN.

429 days ago


Wait....Planet Hollywood is still open?! Who knew.

429 days ago


Yep, don't suppose Shania could keep up with the melt downs, lip synching, and probably never said in to a live mic that her p*ssy was hanging out. Okay Britney, it's show time!

429 days ago

Norma Desomd    

OK, I may be getting old, but who in the hell would spend that or any amount of money to see this show? Do people realize how much Vegas show ticket are? Britney's show will be right up there with Kris Jenners talk show....BOMB!

429 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I've seen Vegas shows and they aren't quite lip synching concerts with robotic dance moves. If Britney Spears has a Vegas quality show I can't imagine how her mental health will be able to remain stable; they are grueling.

429 days ago


Interesting because neither of them can dance to save their life? Hopefully, Brit's meds will allow her to not look like a stiff robot trying to twerk...

429 days ago


Ithoughtitwasgum - CLEARLY you are either this crap tramp hillbilly Britney Shears (her hair off) or you are one of her paid babysitter/handlers.

No handlers (like in a zoo) and she pulls the pink wig and boots moves out. Money means SH#T when most everyone thinks you're talentless and only around for people to use as a cash COW - mooooooo.......

429 days ago


I wouldn't go to see this idiot!..if someone paid me!..oh yeah,I really want to watch lipsynching! from a bimbo!.. Shania actually sings and is a classy lady..I would pay to see her!..

429 days ago

Dee Williamson    

Gee Brittney, are you going to sing live and not lipsing this time??.., I saw the site that showed you lipsinging during a whole concert, it also showed you on your mike actually singing, we got to hear what you really sound like,...It was so terrible, I was really embarrased for you.. As far as Shania, I don't think she has to worry, she has a great voice and lots followers...If I had to choose only one concert, I'm sorry, it would have to be Shania...JUST SAYING.....

429 days ago


To all you pathetic people who are hating on Britney, get a life cuz while you sit there hating on her she is still making her millions...back off and yes Shania can't put on a show like Britney can...if she lip sings oh well she's still making it and your still her observers...

429 days ago


She can't sing in the true sense. She can't dance in the true sense. I can't imagine she can perform to Vegas show standards. So we have costumes. Even the strip shows have fabulous costumes in Vegas.

429 days ago

Eric F    

Ok so here is the deal. I can't defend her "talent or skills" so I wont. But since her meltdown and subsequent lethargic appearance & performance style, she's gone on 2 world tours. both sold out. she added dates to both, and they sold out as well. So there is obviously still an EPIC amount of interest and desire to see here. At this point it's probably not so much to see a good show so much as it is curiosity to see IN PERSON which state of coherency she's at. Either way, i'm predicting this is the biggest show in vegas history. Lets not forget between now and the Vegas show she has an album coming out that she is writing or co writing all of herself with william orbit (madonnas ray of light) and all of kanye and j-z's people. she is up to something methinks

429 days ago


Al La Lip Sync the Entire Concert...Shania actually Sings...

429 days ago


I doubt she'll be better than Shania Twain! At least Shania Twain sings LIVE where Britney Spears lip-sync's.

429 days ago


"It's not your father's Shania Twain concert." .... is that because Shania actually sings live and there won't be any of that 'live' nonsense at Brits show

428 days ago
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