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Justin Bieber

Nightclub Spitting Accuser

Files Police Report

7/18/2013 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The DJ who claims Justin Bieber spat in his face inside of a nightclub in Ohio last week has lawyered up -- and filed a police report against the singer ... TMZ has learned.

The man behind the allegation is Addison Ulhaq -- a DJ at the Social Room in Columbus -- who told police the trouble began on July 13 when Bieber's security team thought he was taking pictures of the singer inside the VIP room of the club.

Addison -- who's a junior at Ohio State University and a neuroscience major -- says he didn't snap ANY photos ... but Bieber didn't buy his denial and cussed him out and spat in his face.

The police report, obtained by TMZ, reads -- "The victim stated that the suspect told him that 'His mother was a bitch, his father was a bitch and he is a bitch.'"

Addison's lawyers say Bieber's spit assault left saliva and mucus in Addison's eye, nose, and mouth ... disgusting.

Following the alleged altercation, Addison said he got tested for Hepatitis, but the test came back negative.

In the police report, cops note -- "The victim stated that he does not want anything done at this time and just wants to document the incident."

It's unclear if Addison plans to file a lawsuit ... but it definitely looks like he will.

So far, no criminal charges have been filed.



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Arrest and deport him!

460 days ago

Wow ...    

File charges!!!

460 days ago


Send him to jail, where wearing your pants low is a signal of being gay and ready to take it in the butt.

460 days ago


The guy he spit on should get tested for AIDS as soon as possible.

460 days ago


Isn't it about time this little snot sober up?

460 days ago


Still waiting for Canada to take this little punk back! What in hell is wrong with Selena?

460 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

FYI: Beiber is paying for this charade. Will be dismissed and swept under the rug.

460 days ago


There's always a lot more to these stories so I'm not jumping to any conclusions. Would be nice if there were a couple of neutral, independent witnesses to corroborate his version of the facts!

460 days ago


How many of us want to CONTRIBUTE to the DJ's lawyer fees in order to nail pissing and spitting Bieber? I DO. Props to anyone who takes this little midget singing wannabe DOWN.

460 days ago


He's already a thug wannabe. What a change since he was starting out and now. I predict he will be the next young celebrity to OD or get shot. To bad kid. You used to be relevant now your just more trash with money.

460 days ago


Bieber - AKA "The Spitter" - must be causing a severe drought in Canada by now. They need the 'liquid' much more than Americans do. Hawking loogies does no one any good but it can hurt someone's career, plenty! Someone needs to tell "junior" to grow up, start acting like A MAN and not a petulant 2 year old. OMG, he is cringe-worthy!

460 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Please God... If your up there. please let Bieber spit in the face of a person that just beats the living crap out of him. I dream of the day and I hope there is a ton of cameras so we can all enjoy it as well.

460 days ago


I want his bodyguards to let him go, when he yells and jumps around at people trying to be tough. Just so we can watch him get his ass whooped! That would be great lol!!

460 days ago


If you understand how the universe works you'll know that nothing lasts forever. What gets created dies; what goes up...must come down.
One of these days Bieber's going to come across the wrong person to f*ck with. On that day he's going to reap what he's sown. It's how the universe maintains balance.
I don't have anything against Bieber, personally, but on that day when I read that some guy, who didn't take any shìt from anybody, broke Biebers face...I'm gonna smile!

460 days ago


JUSTIN- Your still a midget in height, Don't think your all that bro. Your still a little small D Bag.
Walk 5 feet away from your money and cars and YOUR NOTHING!

460 days ago
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