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Kris Jenner

RIDICULOUS Justification

For Kanye's Violence

7/18/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Cameras


Kanye West
must have spiked the Kool-Aid that Kris Jenner drank, because only a drunk lady would concoct such a ridiculous justification for Kanye West's violent outburst at LAX last week.

Kris appeared on "The Talk" Thursday and urged people not to come down on Kim Kardashian's baby daddy for breaking our camera -- after our photog dared to speak and compliment the rapper.

Kris feels like it's important to know what happened in the 15 minutes before the attack.  As far as our camera guy goes ... the answer is nothing.   Beyond that, she's kidding, right?



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They have a day nanny & a night nanny- tabs say mommy sleeps most of the time. Sure he is not up with the invisible kid.

439 days ago


So now again how West is not going to marry kimmy. lligimate baby that's been used for ratings and money.

439 days ago


What a prick.

439 days ago

river rat    

I want to hear Mama Pig's excuse when the Neanderthal breaks her pig daughter's nose.

439 days ago


Okay fine; now let's see wha she has to say when poor liittle sleep deprived Kanye decides to take it out on Kim. Hey Kris, remember your friend Nicole . . . jus sayin!

439 days ago



439 days ago


I blame the cameraman and I'll tell you why. Kanye spoke to him and was pretty cool I thought. We all know that some paparazzi can be rude in order to get a picture of the person's reaction. Consider also that Kanye is very busy and is always working on several major projects at once. Taking a picture is one thing but breaking his train of thought to ask if he's going to work with Jay-Z when his own new album just went #1 seems uninformed, and almost rude. If you don't know what to say, instead of fishing so obviously for a Jay-Z quote to make up a story "Kanye says NO PLANS to work with Jay-Z!" (hire me, Harvey)
Breaking **** isn't cool, but he gets paid a lot of money to perform and he performed for your camera, making his demands so over the top. "Don't to to anybody who knows anybody" is joking with you guys and I think you should respect that and play the game, get your fantastic quote that you never expected, that you will use for years to sell advertisements with, that you will make money on, and respect that, and let Mr West go back to his busy day.
Everyone in that situation is busy trying to make money. Kanye gave you a gift with those very funny quotes, and you didn't appreciate that. That's why he had a right to be mad.

439 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

Yo Kanye don't talk to them if it bothers you so much!

439 days ago


Almost forgot, KW STILL looks like a pissed off chipmunk. And I really need to go watch him running into the sign again. LOL

439 days ago


Okay Kris; we'll just exchange Nicole's name with Kim's. Money hungry much?

439 days ago


Most of the paparazzi are so desperate for a sensational story or photo that they now resort to harassment. I don't blame Kanye for being p!ssed. It should be illegal for the paps to do what they do. Kanye WAS probably sleep deprived which added to his being so annoyed. I would have cold****ed that pap to the moon.

439 days ago


She also thinks OJ is innocent

439 days ago


She has cheated on both her husbands and her daughters have been trained to be hoe bags. Nice roll model. When do you release Kylies sex tape with lil twist?

439 days ago


It's a shame that Kim got mixed up with an idiot like Kanye- Hey the Kardashian's are doing something right- their worth a lot of money and regardless what you may think of Kris, Bruce was in money trouble and she made him start making appearances and got him out of financial trouble. I was excited to see Kim's baby but the way Kanye has acted - it's a total turn off. I just hope she doesn't marry the ass- Once the royal baby is born there's will be long forgotten. You are NOT royalty Kanye- you are a punk.

438 days ago


I wish he would have smashed the paps head then all the katrashians heads. It's sick that they are celebs, along with this racist piece of sh1t.

438 days ago
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