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Kris Jenner

RIDICULOUS Justification

For Kanye's Violence

7/18/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Cameras


Kanye West
must have spiked the Kool-Aid that Kris Jenner drank, because only a drunk lady would concoct such a ridiculous justification for Kanye West's violent outburst at LAX last week.

Kris appeared on "The Talk" Thursday and urged people not to come down on Kim Kardashian's baby daddy for breaking our camera -- after our photog dared to speak and compliment the rapper.

Kris feels like it's important to know what happened in the 15 minutes before the attack.  As far as our camera guy goes ... the answer is nothing.   Beyond that, she's kidding, right?



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Linda McCarty    

Kris your an idiot. Love him all you want, what are you going to do when he goes off on Kim one day and beats the crap out of her? He has anger issues and needs to go to jail.

426 days ago

Linda McCarty    

Kris your an idiot. Love him all you want, what are you going to do when he goes off on Kim one day and beats the crap out of her? He has anger issues and needs to go to jail.

426 days ago



TMZ thinks her response is ridiculous because they are the people she's speaking.

Kind of a fail on your part with this title TMZ.

426 days ago


This is a woman who has a daughter who has sex tapes and no other talent, a son who has never had a job,another daughter 2 kids and no marriage, a husband who is basically castrated and a son in law who needs a labotamy. Do you really think anything out of her mouth is worth listening to? Harvey PLEASE!

426 days ago


Can't wait to see this stupid woman when the ahole beats on her daughter & granddaughter will she stand up for him abusing others then?

426 days ago


I don't understand people who enter the entertainment world then get so terribly angry about being in the spotlight! Duh, that's what a big part of being a celebrity is. That is, if you're lucky enough to be successful.

West is a no class, no talent jerk who should thank his lucky stars for his success and... his fantastic income as well. If he doesn't like being in the spotlight, he should go flip burgers somewhere.

426 days ago


I hate this worthless old coke whore!!!!!

426 days ago


If that was Scott, that **** wouldn't fly.

426 days ago


Kris Jenner needs a reality check not a reality show. Shame on the networks that give her and her wretched family air time. Bruce Jenner may be the smart one here and hopefully will write a tell all book and give all the money to charity. He should go to court to get custody of his kids before that witch ruins the two youngest ones. But that is what she does pimp out her kids for money....Now you have a horseface daughter with Kanye West as the baby's father - I would call that karma!

426 days ago


Yes, Kris Jenner's Justification for kanye's Violence is DOWNRIGHT RIDICULOUS! So RIDICULOUS, Not that I have any respect for kanye West, in fact, I don’t think my computer does either since it didn’t even AutoCorrect his name when I typed it in, and this must really piss his ego off when that happens. I’ll bet he even contacted Microsoft to see if they would do something about it and when they told him “no,” that was the day he stopped smiling.

kanye’s, oops… see I told you so, Kanye’s another piece of **** in his own right. The only place he’s a legend is exactly where you know I’m going to say, “his mind!” Shame on him for beating the crap out of some paparazzi and his equipment. For Chrissake kanye, this is what you signed up for! Just who in the name of Jesus H. Christ does this A-DOUBLE- ASSTARD think he is? Well, you know what they say, “Birds of feather FLUCK together!” CHEEEESE AND RICE! And was this a$$tard Kanye born without the smile muscle or just an extra A$$ muscle? Just sayin’. (The preceding is was extracted from Glinda's blog post from July 15th, 2013. You can read the full post and all the others at Enjoy!)

426 days ago

Harley Bob    

Kris's TV show us boring. If it wasn't for Kim nobody would remember that family

425 days ago


I don't see what was so far fetched about what she said. The paps are known to be *******s and to purposely irritate celebrities to get footage in which they can sell. Remember, the juiciest pic or video puts thousands and thousands of dollars in their pockets. It really is a form of stalking that should be illegal.

425 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Those unafraid to open their eyes, knows exactly why Kanye is acting a fool. Sometimes fame is not worth anothers life that you claim to love. Some have done the same and are enjoying their fame, others....If you have no idea what this is about..good.

425 days ago


She's an IDIOT! He's not sleep deprived, he always acts like that! Narcissistic ******* that truly thinks he's more popular than Jesus Christ!!!!

425 days ago


You guys are dirtballs. He nicely asked you to not talk to him. But you continued to provoke him to get him to that angry state. You have no leg to stand on. You people are the most annoying people in the world and you get away with murder I.E. Princess Diana. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Get a real life instead of living off pictures and pissing off celebrities for a quick check and a pat on the head. You are awful human beings. Kanye has EVERY right to not want to be filmed and I hope to God we get better laws to protect these celebrities because you people are ridiculous. I could go on forever how awful you are. You're right up there with that racist schmuck a few comments down. I hope your site gets taken down. I wonder how you can look at yourselves each day. You probably won't even post this. I bet more people stuck up for Kanye but you won't post it because you're embarrassed he "broke your camera". NO ONE feels sorry for you useless.

424 days ago
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