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Kris Jenner

RIDICULOUS Justification

For Kanye's Violence

7/18/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking Cameras


Kanye West
must have spiked the Kool-Aid that Kris Jenner drank, because only a drunk lady would concoct such a ridiculous justification for Kanye West's violent outburst at LAX last week.

Kris appeared on "The Talk" Thursday and urged people not to come down on Kim Kardashian's baby daddy for breaking our camera -- after our photog dared to speak and compliment the rapper.

Kris feels like it's important to know what happened in the 15 minutes before the attack.  As far as our camera guy goes ... the answer is nothing.   Beyond that, she's kidding, right?



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LMFAO, so, what, TMZ is no longer on Momager's payroll because she found someone else or are you guys still trying to spike our Kool-aid and make us believe she doesn't have you buttholes on speed dial?

461 days ago


"I love you Kanye. I love you." Jesus,get a room already.

461 days ago


is she going to the players club in chi town this year.take seacrest he can be bently

461 days ago


Some one is going to get a very large payday after Kanye puts his fist into their face .

461 days ago

There's a problem here    

Does she really think people will believe they are hands-on parents? They have a freaking staff to take care of that mutant. I'm sure neither one of them has lost a minute of sleep just because it was crying at night. I detest those people. I can't wait until her show is cancelled by the fourth episode.

461 days ago


Pimp Mama is in a frenzy this week, because critics have universally panned her new talk show; she's been accused by Linda Stasi of the N.Y. Post of trying to bribe Linda with a Tiffany Pen, so Linda would write a better review on her show; Lamar beat up a photographer and doesn't want to appear on the K-shows anymore; Kanye thinks he's God, but for some reason he is a mean, angry God; he's violent with people that compliment him; Bruce has moved out, but they try to make it look like it's a big fun thing...and on and on. All is not well in Pimp Mama's world.

461 days ago


2 questions for Kris Kardashian did her Talk show already get cancelled that she had to appear on the talk? Question 2. Does anybody really buy the NUN look?

461 days ago


Get over it TMZ! He hates the paps!

461 days ago

John T.    

Can't stand this slut. Every time she opens her mouth I want to throw up.

461 days ago


everyone everywhere are so annoying. i hate all of you. yes, even you tmz. i hate all you commenters. i swear to jesus christ, all of you are so ****ing retarded. you dont get the secret to life.. being happy and letting other people do whatever the **** they want. stop being judgemental and hateful and vengeful. i swear i have the secret to life... because i am ****ing talented, and wealthy and i have a lot of friends and love all celebrities. no matter what the ****.l unless they do some creep **** like michael jackson or whoever else does bad **** obviously. why would i HATE a kardashian and waste my time with that hate? like all of you seriously are ****ing stupid. lol like DUMB AS ************KKKK. and if i cared so much to type this so proper for you dumb ****ing idiots, i would but i dont CARE TO. this world is going to ****,its not even america. Its ****ing humans. nasty pieces of ****.

461 days ago


Really? "He doesn't have a short temper like everyone thinks he does"..This is the same guy who grabbed the microphone out of Taylor Swifts hands to tell her she should not have won Female Artist of the Year..this is the same guy who trashed Justin Timberlake ? Sure Kris...go right ahead and keep drinking THAT Kool-aid. I hate the way the other 'hosts' sat there and agreed with her. All nodding their heads. Anything for ratings, I guess!!!

461 days ago

my 2 cents    

Sleep deprived ? Yeah right.

461 days ago


Chris Jenner continues to promote this gangster thug Kayne.

461 days ago


What a fool Mr. West knocking up that mud shark ...

461 days ago


Poor Kanye, trying to look like a BADASS but Pimp Momager is making excuses for him. Yo, Kanye, if you weren't ***** whipped by Kimmykakes you sure are from the sounds of her mother. How long before Kanye phones her up and tells her to STFU???? Will we then get the Halle Berry playbook of all the BAD THINGS Kanye did to Kimmykakes and the baby to try the sympathy card, YET AGAIN????

461 days ago
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