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Rolling Stone

'Bomber' Cover

Banned at 7-Eleven

7/18/2013 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rolling Stone's cover story about the Boston Marathon bomber just got the magazine yanked out of nearly 2,000 7-Eleven stores, and more could follow ... TMZ has learned.

The omnipresent convenient store is joining the national outrage over the mag's upcoming issue with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover, and an investigation into his life leading up to the bombing.

A rep for 7-Eleven, Inc. tells TMZ it "will not sell the Aug. 1 issue of the Rolling Stone magazine in its company-operated stores."

There are 1,700 company operated stores -- and another 5,900 franchised stores. The rep says they'll also urge those franchise owners to pull the issue.

Yesterday, CVS, Walgreens, and Stop & Shop all said they will not sell the issue either.



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Kev the Realist    

For all of those liberals, like Harvey your anguish against those boycotting Rolling Stone is misplaced. They made their choice to publish an offensive and disgraceful cover photo designed to gloreify this Terrorits and all of these store owners are well within their rights to express their moral outrage by refusaing to carry the issue for their customers. They should be congratulated. If Rolling stone truyly wanted to get the story out there they should have used a photo that showed this terrorist in his true light, that of a killer, and they should have used his arrest photo, mug shot or the photo of him lying on the ground like the animal that he is when he was hiding his innocent self in a boat while fleeing from policcxe after assignating an MIT police Officer while he innocently sat in his patrol car... Kudos for all of these store owners and I hope Rolling Stone loses a ton of money for making this STUPID decision. Harvey you need to get a life and stop sitting in your ivory tower and get in touch with the real world...

432 days ago


wow- what about freedom of speech? what about this is america and we can believe what we want without ramifications.
newspapers and magazines should print and sell what they want, BUT, it should be up to consumer if they want to purchase or not.
retailers should sell all news,not, news thats fits their beliefs.
think about where actions like this can screw up our rights!!!!

432 days ago


GOOD!! Thank you 7-11!!! What's next a Trayvon Martin cover?? What's really sad about this is anytime someone photographs for a magazine (especially the front cover), the person is paid 'very well', so the bomber made money for being a terrorist and killing innocent people. How low can someone go!!! It's disturbing!!!! I hope the magazine is banned beyond 7-11.

432 days ago

BB not bb    

Didn't the zombie face eater get his bath salts at the 7-11?

432 days ago



432 days ago

Sara Lopez-Rivera    

Trial him !!! #bomberbegone

432 days ago


If only the Rolling Stone editors had found a cover photo of Jokehar looking like a low life murdering s***bag in a orange jumpsuit with cuffs on him I bet not many people would care all that much.

Using a cover photo like Justin Bieber might do for a cover of some teenie magazine is just uncalled for. Poor taste. It just encourages other young psychos to maybe want to emulate him and do a bombing too so they can get in the limelight for months and months.

432 days ago


Rolling Stone has First Amendment rights to publish that story and photo, but they shouldn't complain that stores and readers are boycotting it. That's my right, and it's equal to their right.

432 days ago

BB not bb    

Thank Heaven for 7-11


432 days ago


It's also that look he has in his eyes and his facial expression. It's like he's saying ...
"I'm gonna fark you up America ... I'm a muslim terrorist super thug. We hate all Americans so much we'll even bomb events like the Boston marathon to show everyone muslim terrorists are tough guys"

432 days ago


Let's see now...Rolling Stone Magazine brought down a well respected U.S. Military General. Now they are "glorifying" and promoting terrorists. See a pattern here?

I'm proud, and, frankly, a little surprised, with the welcomed corporate backlash at companies taking a stand against terrorist sympathizers.

432 days ago


Rolling Stone Magazine has always tried to push the envelope ... mostly they do it in a manner that people can understand. This one they got WAY wrong. While the saying goes any publicity is good publicity, unfortunately for them in this case that won't fly. When magazine companies are struggling for sales and loyalty, a miscalculation like this could lead to the end of magazines. Simply put - stick to objectifying those that contribute to society and don't detract or destroy it. Even if the subject under that criteria is not the obvious, safe choice (as RSM has done many times in the past) at least it will encourage spirited debate that is positive not negative.

432 days ago


RS was politically motived. Many sympathetic people view this as kids in the US not fitting in, because they feel they are ostracized, and can't get ahead, so they have a right to bomb because it's our policies that drove them their ie Bill Ayers. And of course his striking good looks gets them all in a frenzy as if that proves their point. that no one that good looking could be a terrorist unless the US failed them somehow. A lot of journalists feel this way and report with this bias, it just so happens that RS is more up front about their feelings.

432 days ago


Just like Harvey said about their rights, I guess the stores are using their rights not to sell whatever mag they choose not to sell.

432 days ago


Harvey - really? Walgreens and all the other stores that have refused to sell Rolling Stone with the terrorist on the cover are not "burning the books" like you said. Just as RS has the right to put whoever they want on the cover, these stores have the right not to sell them. It's not like people can't go buy them somewhere else. What happened to the stores' rights to freedom of speech? They are the ones losing the income.

432 days ago
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