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Brooke Mueller

You'll Get Your Kids Back

IF ...

7/19/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0718-brooke-mueller-tmzBrooke Mueller will get custody of her twins back over the next year, sources tell TMZ -- but ONLY if she does 5 things right.

Sources connected to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services tell us -- officials have agreed to go back to the judge in 6 to 12 months and recommend that at least some of Brooke's custodial right be reinstated, but before they do that ... Brooke must prove to them she's a fit, clean-and-sober parent.

The first condition is that Brooke -- who's currently in a live-in rehab facility -- consistently attends AA and NA.  She must also obey all of her doctor's orders and show she can handle the stresses of everyday life without relapsing.  She's also supposed to maintain a good relationship with the kids-- for the time being via skype.  In all, we're told there are 5 specific strings attached.

We're told DCFS officials will monitor Brooke closely to determine she's on the path to sobriety ... and only then will they make their case to the judge -- who makes the final decision.  DCFS thinks it will take anywhere between 6 months and year to make its determination.

There are reports out that Brooke is living with her boyfriend.  We've learned those stories are false, and that she's ensconced in a rehab joint.

As we reported, Brooke lost custody of the twins in May after officials determined she could no longer provide a safe environment for the children. Brooke enrolled in rehab shortly after. The kids are currently with Charlie's ex Denise Richards.



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The last thing this crack whore needs is to be anywhere near those children... once she starts getting the child support checks again, it will go straight up her nose... she needs to get sterilized...

429 days ago


Brooke has had 20 chances to clean up her act. The boys are the pawns in all of this and they should not be. Let Denise keep the boys. She's providing a stable home.

429 days ago


What a piece of trash Brooke is. Those poor children. Please Brooke just go be a junkie and give your kids a chance to grow up with Denise and their half siblings.

429 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

You could test her every's not gonna work. She has proven time and time again what I've been trying to tell you all along: Alcoholics and addicts have one concern and one concern only, and that's themselves...and where/when they're gonna get the next drink/fix. Oh sure, they take their kids to school, feed and clothe them, but kids need way more than that and these selfish people can't provide that. Don't even get started with the "its a disease" b.s. It's a self indulgent way of numbing yourself to whatever it is you don't want to feel. Was married to an alcoholic/addict for more years than I should have been...I'm an expert at this stuff. She's been in rehab what? 5 times already? Waste of time. Hospitals and doctors caught on pretty quickly that if you call something a "disease", insurance companies will pay for treatment. It's all about $$$ . As for your relative who drank for 40 years and quit? The rare he/she didn't quit for long. I'm all for grown adults ruining their lives if they choose to, but those poor kids....raising kids requires you to be unselfish and alcoholics/addicts are the opposite of that. Sorry to go on so long...this hits home and my only concern is for the kids.

429 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

I'd be very surprise if she is able to clean up her act and stay sober for an appreciable amount of time. Sad to have the kids ping pong back and forth over the years.

429 days ago


This little princess should also have to foot the bill for all the costs of DCFS--the taxpayers shouldn't have to pay. She needs to grow up, and fast.

429 days ago


She needs to be monitored with an ankle monitor that can detect alcohol and drugs if thats available and wear it that entire year, if not beyond that. Otherwise she will have to give up her parental rights completely.

429 days ago


Those kids are so lucky that Denise is around. Without her, they could have been placed anywhere.

429 days ago


Thank God for those boys' sake that she will NEVER be able to stay clean that long. Not even close. Still, she should NOT even have the opportunity at this point!!!

429 days ago

Hell If I Know    

What sort of "stresses of everyday life" does this dum azz have anyway? She does not work, she's never held a job in her life, her mother and Carlos fund her druggie lifestyle. She knows she will never end up sleeping in a cardboard box or sleeping in her car. All this azz hole has to do is stay clean and sober enough to take care of a couple of toddlers and she can't even manage that. She lost custody of her kids and she could give a shiat...she cares more about losing Carlos's $55,000 per month than she does about not seeing her own kids. At this point, the Octomom could provide better parenting than this shiat-for-brains.

429 days ago

Hell If I Know    

She will be dead this time next year anyway. Better that the boys don't get used to seeing her face.

429 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

she'll be clean & sober some day - hopefully before she dies

428 days ago


She's a good looking lady but she's always got her mouth open and stupid looks on her face!..strange.

428 days ago


All I will say is Denise Richards is an angel for caring and protecting these little ones.

We have one example that children's protective services has made no distinction just because the parents have a lot of money. I have my doubts Brooke will ever stay clean and sober.

428 days ago

South Beach    

Putting her children's welfare before what she "wants" and owning her addiction and clean up would be a sign she's on the right path. So far, not so much.

428 days ago
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