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Kanye West

FELONY Suspect for Attempted Robbery

7/20/2013 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


5:28 PM PT --
The victim wants to press charges against Kanye ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.  What's more, our sources say he's been interviewed by cops and they've determined he did indeed suffer injuries during the attack.  Cops will refer the case to the D.A. as a felony attempted robbery and not a battery case.  The routine is to go after the suspect for the most serious charge.


Kanye West
has been named a felony suspect in the LAX attack Friday afternoon ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... police suspect Kanye committed an attempted robbery when he assaulted a photog at the airport and tried to jack his camera.

The case has now been transferred to the Robbery Homicide Unit and cops are currently putting a file together.

Our sources say the case will be referred to the L.A. County D.A. for possible prosecution.

The victim was taken to the hospital after the attack.  His condition is unknown.


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this photog should just get a real ****in job.

427 days ago


haha what a joke, he had his hands on the camera the whole time, how did the guy get hurt?

427 days ago


taken to the hospital? really! what a joke that "victim" is Kanye needs to ignore these rat s*** bastards just keep it moving Kanye

427 days ago


Kanye needs to file his own Charges for Harassment ...

427 days ago


And he thinks he is like Jesus.. It appears he threw first punch. Wow.. he needs to control his temper. He is setting an example for his new baby to see years down the road...what a joke.

427 days ago



427 days ago


don't like the attention but likeee the money huh? PIG. i hope he ruins her "career" by being a jerk.

427 days ago


Another black dude wearing a Hoodie goes and starts a fight for no reason.. Go Figure!

427 days ago


Really? The camera man got beat up by a midget?

427 days ago


I PRAY Kanye West has to do the perp walk..He thinks he's God, literally. He was gone for 1 week. The photog didn't do anything to provoke Kanye. He was being nice considering. Kanye West needs to be dressed down. He is with a Kardashian now. Up next, his DUI filmed for the whole world. This smug bastard. Oh wait..that's his baby. He's not married to Kim. Off to jail with Kanye. Finally! This is all a trick IMO..Jenner will use this to help Kim take any and all custody rights away from Kanye. Amber said he was abusive. She wasn't lying.

427 days ago


This muntard deserves everything coming to him AND to eventually lose his career over his bulls*** behavior. Why is it tolerated and WHY does his future mother-in-law defend him the way she does? Who does she thinks SHE is? I'll tell you who she is... She's KRIS JENNER, THE BITCH OF ALL BITCHES, the bitch that all the other bitches report to. Mama Shmartrashian had the gall to have the family publicist alert the media as to the release date of the 2010 Christmas family portrait and its importance to the nation. Mind you, this protocol is reserved exclusively for royalty and First Families. Period. Just who the hell do they think they are? Perhaps now you understand my contempt for these holier-than-thou f***tards. When will enough be enough? How about now? Why don’t we all just boycott these a$$tards and stop watching them?! SHUT THE MUTHAF***AS DOWN! And that little a$$turd Ryan Seacrest, too! (Some of the preceding was extracted from Glinda's July 15th blog post at Read the full post and all the others. Enjoy!)

427 days ago



427 days ago


This guy is such an idiot...
"Anger Management – Kanye West Style" on Zoomer:

427 days ago


I hope about 20 new paparazzi start showing up wherever Kanye is and irritate the heck out of him every chance they get.

Who knows, maybe one of the paps knows mixed martial arts and he'll make a complete fool out of Kanye on video if he tries to get physical with him.

Kanye doesn't own the freakin airport. The paps don't work for him. Kanye can't be telling them to do jack shyte anymore than Obama can demand that the press only write nice stories about him and say nice things about him on cable news shows.

Kanye signed up for this famous rap star career. Nobody forced him. When he had a baby with the biggest FAME WHORE of all time he signed up for a BOAT LOAD of more attention from the paps.

That's how Kim Kartrashian got famous in the first place ... by hawking a stupid sex tape and having the paparazzi amp it up and make a big deal out of it.

427 days ago


he's such a d*ck, seriously he needs anger management !!! I can't believe Kim had a kid with this douchebag!!!

427 days ago
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