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Kanye West

FELONY Suspect for Attempted Robbery

7/20/2013 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


5:28 PM PT --
The victim wants to press charges against Kanye ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.  What's more, our sources say he's been interviewed by cops and they've determined he did indeed suffer injuries during the attack.  Cops will refer the case to the D.A. as a felony attempted robbery and not a battery case.  The routine is to go after the suspect for the most serious charge.


Kanye West
has been named a felony suspect in the LAX attack Friday afternoon ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... police suspect Kanye committed an attempted robbery when he assaulted a photog at the airport and tried to jack his camera.

The case has now been transferred to the Robbery Homicide Unit and cops are currently putting a file together.

Our sources say the case will be referred to the L.A. County D.A. for possible prosecution.

The victim was taken to the hospital after the attack.  His condition is unknown.


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Kim sure knows how to pick the dumbest guys.
I bet something is wrong with Baby North and thats why shes being hidden away.
There were also rumours the baby isn't Kanyes and Kim really got pregnant to another man and Yeasty was so dumb he fell for it.
LOL shes come a long way from her 10K a night special with Britany Gasteneau.

429 days ago


You guys just don't understand! Kanye feels like he should control every sound that enters his ears at all times. The paps may only speak when they are spoken to like with little kids!

Kanye thinks he's king of the world and you are all his little minion peasants who were put on this Earth to serve his every whim. He thinks the paps are like little doggies ... they're supposed to just look at him, wag their tails and SILENTLY worship him as "His Douchiness" walks by in the airport or whererver.

429 days ago

BB not bb    

You know, Kim is usually with Kanye. That is what was keeping him out of trouble. She knows how to ignore the paps. Now she is busy with the baby, so Kanye has no one to supervise him.

The sign rage incident could have been much worse if Kim was not there.

429 days ago


21 "hates" from the TMZ staff-room, hmmm.

HOW to say this, how to SAY this....

Okay, okay - here goeth -

The pap-dude Kanye went after?

Needs to put himself OUT of his own misery.

Sorriest excuse for a human I've ever seen -

BAITING Kanye, knowing the camera's are all on.


Okay, okay, hold off on the hate for right now....

IF Kanye's gonna say, THIS is what sets me off?!

Then for-dang-sure these idiots are gonna oblige.

429 days ago


EXECUTE HIM!! do it soon!! give me a reason to celebrate!!

429 days ago


I love my crazy news daily but come on if someone is asking you don't talk to me and don't talk to yourself .... guess what he doesn't want to talk to you or be seen by you!! Respect!!!

429 days ago


They Need Tougher Paparazzi Laws Too Stop Those Harassing Waste Of Humanity That They Are. Much Like The UK.

429 days ago

lost grrl    

I am not a fan of Kanye's in any way, shape or form but this is ridiculous. Felony robbery? Kanye wasn't trying to steal his camera and the guy didn't rally get hit. I would be doubful if there were any injuries at all. One thing I CAN say for sure...that photog was loving every minute of it...look at that s**t-eating grin that he has on his face! He's got dollar signs in his eyes!

429 days ago


Sorry Kanye. You are going to have PAY PEOPLE (usually a big chunk of change) if you want them to go around sucking up kissing your azz and walking around on eggshells in fear of upsetting you all the time.

I bet Kanye is a complete, total prick to the hotel maids, housekeepers, drivers and everyone else who have to deal with him when they are working. I bet he's a male diva biatch from hell probably.

429 days ago


Eat a fish stick Yeasty, we all know you get angry when you're hungry.

429 days ago


Harvey, why can't the paps?

Not your guys, we know ...

Just ease off for awhile?

Let the whole thing chill...

Why taunt, bait, throw flammables on the thing?

"Na-na, na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na."

That's what this amounts to - the third grade.

Why can't TMZ be the leader on this -

"Guys, enough-is-enough..."

"Leave Kanye alone for a while..."

Move aside - don't say anything - show him respect.

429 days ago


Looks crystal clear to me, West assaulted the photographer and attempted to commit a robbery. Any personal feelings about paparazzi is irrelevant, they have a right to photograph whoever they want (yes, this HAS been decided by the courts, most notably by Jackie Onassis vs Galella, the photographer was order to stay a certain distance from Jackie Onassis, but his right to photograph her was affirmed.) West has the juvenile and immature mentality of the 19 year old Justin Bieber. West has money to afford notable attorneys, so he will not receive any punishment, probation.....maybe. But I definitly think he should be charged with assault and (attempted) robbery. It would be gratifying to see him treated as a common citizen, charged, tried and a verdict rendered (guilty as charged).

429 days ago

BB not bb    

This man is smiling from ear to ear and his eyes are twinkling with delight. He really was trying to provoke Kanye. He kept throwing cheap compliments at him and it drove Kanye wild.

It was like watching a toreador at a bullfight. He knew just how to wave the red flag to enrage the Kanye into a charge. Then when Kanye grabbed him, it was like he made the kill.

429 days ago


Kanye is a giant douche... That is all.

429 days ago


Since Jental gave everybody the ok the use the N word with an "a" I can say they should put that Kanye ***** ass in jail. He is clearly a hostel *****.

Oh and ***** simply means any male. So even us creepy ass crackers can use it.

429 days ago
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