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Kanye West

Goes Postal on Another Photog

Paramedics On Scene

7/19/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

THIS VIDEO IS CRAZY ... Kanye West viciously attacked another photog at LAX Friday afternoon -- and it was so bad ... paramedics rushed to the scene.

Kanye was on his way out of the airport when he was swarmed with paparazzi, snapping pictures. One photog -- not TMZ -- probed Kanye with a bunch of questions.

Kanye told the man not to ask him questions, but he kept going -- and Kanye attacked, attempting to wrestle the camera from the guy's hands, and the man fell down. Kanye then immediately jumped into a waiting car and took off. Paramedics and police rushed to the scene.

0719_kanye_west_airport_tmzKanye had been out of the country since last week ... when he laid down his now-infamous anti-pap rules, telling our photog NEVER TO TALK TO HIM EVER. The extent of the photog's injuries are unclear.



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What I don't understand is why the paps always go after him knowing he has a temper. It's like they want it, they want that attention and then they can go sue him, get a bigger story, and more money for the photos they took.

469 days ago

Mac Millie    

I always hope for the best in these situations. I'm not a celebrity so I can't understand the pap. But, I do know with my little Dfcs knowledge, that they would be knocking on the door of the child's home. Not saying he is a danger to his kid or or the K-klan, but bc that's just how it goes for the average joe.

469 days ago


Lock him UP!..I hope the photog sues!..this guy is crazy!..arrest him ASAP!.

469 days ago


im not the biggest kanye fan, but something isn't right here. usually, he's only harassed by 1 or 2 photogs but since he went nuts last week, there are now 5 surrounding him. and asking him tons of questions when they've all seen the video of him telling them not to. all done to intentionally piss him off. i can see why he gets angry. can you imagine living a life like that?

469 days ago


Now he needs some jail time. Buh Bye Yakass

469 days ago


I'm torned because even though I dislike Kanye I can see that paps are out to make him react this way and get a lawsuit too. He's too dumb to not respond this way but that doesn't make paps saints. Those people are s***bags just like he is.

469 days ago


Stand your ground, photographers...fight back against this violent a**hole before he seriously injures one of you. If you feel in danger for your life, fight back however you can. If that means shooting him, so be it, if he's about to crack your skull against the pavement or a car.

469 days ago

needs help    

He has major issues. Paps are out of control, but Kanye has body guards and should just walk away and let them deal with it. I sure pray that Kim has no fists in her future.

469 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Why is he considered some sort of fashion icon?... Check out the thug wear with pockets down to the back of his knees. ... Kris Jenner to the rescue with some ridiculous and unbelievable excuses for dumbyay.

469 days ago


Here I was today reading about the idiot on the 2009 MTV VMA awards while announcing the 2013 lineup and thinking was a narcissistic douch bag Kayne is.And look BAM he proves it again this ass hole needs to his kicked!!!

469 days ago


Im laying a 1000 bucks that tool of a photographer did not get hit with one punch, but just for the civil case i better waste a paramedics time anyway, weak as piss. And Kanye who are you idiot.

469 days ago


Hey Kanye a word of advise ...move. Move far away. Move to a place where you will not have photogs around. Just move..leave...and maybe you will be happy. Better yet buy an island where you will be king of your own little island. PS stop hitting people ...and shut the hell up guess what if you do not react then there is no news. Dip------

469 days ago


They've been warned. The paps in the US are WAY too aggressive. Just because people are famous doesn't mean they get NO privacy at all. WTF? I dislike Kanye but paps just push every button and then take pictures when the victim retaliates. If paps don't want to get beat on they should STFU.

469 days ago

The Real Truth    

Just a matter of time for him to be prosecuted for Child Abuse on his daughter because she asked "Daddy How Was Your Day!"

469 days ago

Colonel Nudge    

there is a picture of this guy as an example in merriam webster's dictionary. i looked up 'n-word-behaviour'.

469 days ago
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