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Kanye West Photog Attack

The Britney Connection

7/20/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The photog who was attacked by Kanye West at LAX Friday is the SAME paparazzo who was attacked by Britney Spears in the famous umbrella incident ... TMZ has learned.

The pap -- who goes by the name Dano -- was on the receiving end of crazy Britney's Mary Poppins-style attack back in 2007.  The word on the street was that Dano was more than a tad aggressive.

After the umbrella incident ... Dano put the umbrella (she left it on the street and he picked it up) on eBay.  He also put the Ford Explorer she dented on the website and the bidding reached more than $30k. 

But those figures are small potatoes ... we're told he also raked in a fortune from his video of the incident.

As for Friday's incident ... we broke the story .... Dano wants to press charges and Kanye is now a felony suspect for attempted robbery.



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I admit Kanye was taunted but as an adult he has to respect our laws. You just cannot punch someone because they bother you verbally. What I like to see is for Kanye to learn a lesson and spend time in jail and I would like to see the photographer get no money from any lawsuit. Or if the judge to give him one dollar and the photographer has to pay his own lawyer fees. The photographer is a complete ******* and is looking for a pay day but on the other hand Mr. West is a thug and has anger management problems. I worry about what this man will do to a woman and a baby when he gets angry. Just like Chris Brown. These are two men that I do not want my children looking up to.

437 days ago


Did KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN flee to Miami,Florida to escape the family drama?? What's in Florida that California doesn;t have? She probably has more money squirreled away than any of them. TMZ,
let's hear about the girls!! Man drama getting OLD!!

437 days ago


its like the photrog picks people to harass that have issues.needs to get a job other than harassment.sure it pays but taking advantage of peoples emotions is the devils mercy on the mercyless..payback is a moo foo

437 days ago


That paparazzi is an instigator. It is obvious that it is his M.O. to instigate and push as many buttons as possible to get this outcome.

437 days ago


Why don't they ever fight back. Like Kayne can even fight. Probably slaps like a girl. I would LOVE to see a photog fight back and punch his lights out.

437 days ago


This case is such a slam dunk even those incompetent DA's from OJ's case (Marcia Clark and Chris Darden) could convict Kanye.

437 days ago

Clay F. Peters    

Hey Kanyeah, fish sticks, get it? El D0ucheyeah!

437 days ago


kanye says "dont talk! but he wouldnt let taylor swift talk when it was her moment.
hes a douch! if i ever saw him id whip his ass!

437 days ago

John Hicks    

Man, Kanye West needs to get a life and just shut the **** up. His dumb ass should have known that once you become famous. You dont have a private life no more!! Everything is known to the world.

437 days ago


He never speaks of the alleged baby. Complications there?? In Jenner's sociopathic world, everything is always rosy. New mother's don't stay trapped in the house, especially when they have 2 nannies. What gives? They are hiding something~

437 days ago


Taking pictures when people don't want them taken may be your "right" but being a dick has consequences. You can't have it both ways. If you're going to harass people, expect them to get mad.

437 days ago


Kayne has some serious anger issues...He could of simply walked by the paps...He had body guards with him and a waiting car...Time for him to go to jail...

437 days ago


the paps knows how to get paid just sad kanye doesnt get the law works different for black people.all you have to do is keep saying hes dangerous and hes done. liberals know how to take black men down. great people all around

437 days ago



437 days ago


I think Mr. West needs to be arrested! Like now! Who
Does he think he is? He is nothing but a low life thug
beating on people that are only doing their job! He needs to go to jail and think about what he is doing he is going to end up killing someone! Who does he think he is? I think people should boycott his concerts! He cant sing anyway! Lock him up fast! He's a jerk! He's no hero he's a zero! Stop it k. West! You low life animal! Enough is enough! He's crazy!

437 days ago
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