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Jay Z & Beyonce

Protest In NYC

With Trayvon Martin's Mom

7/20/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jay Z and Beyonce have made it clear -- they believe justice was NOT served in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin ... they spent Saturday protesting the laws which allowed his killer to walk.

Photos of the superstar couple showed up on Instagram ... of Jay and Bey in NYC, protesting against "Stand Your Ground" laws ... the law in FL which allowed George Zimmerman to claim self-defense in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon.

J & B were seen posing with Trayvon's mother, Sybrina Fulton, and Al Sharpton. Al reportedly told the crowd of protesters the famous couple was there ... but didn't want to speak and didn't come for a photo op.

As TMZ previously reported ... both Beyonce and Jay have taken time out of recent performances to honor Trayvon. And last week, Beyonce tagged a photo on Instagram "JusticeForTrayvon."


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Typical. The Carter´s are only involved because this is getting so much publicity. I despise them more and more every day.The young black men that were burglarizing the neighborhood where Trayvon was shot started this whole thing and nothing is being said about that. It´s all about this ¨innocent¨ little thug. He does not deserve the attention and defense.

458 days ago

bruce walker    

They are no better the Sharpton or Jesse Jackson , They are F'en Racists .

458 days ago

kate kroll    

The jury has spoken! Our justice system works the way it is supposed to. based on EVIDENCE!!!! All these protest organizers including Jay-Z, Beyonce and Al Sharpton should stop inciting people. They were not there. The all just looking to open their mouths for nothing but attention. They should all just SHUT UP!

458 days ago


This case was NOT a stand your ground case. It was never used, said, spoken or claimed. This just makes blacks look stupid. Pick a real legit reason and then protest.

458 days ago


The rampant Ignorance among these comments proves America's Education Systems are broken

458 days ago

BB not bb    

Well they tried to stir up an Occupy Wall Street communist overthrow in NYC and that sort of fizzled out. Now they are trying to stir up an angry black communist overthrow. So far they have blocked traffic and agitated people with yelling and whining sermons on fictitious injustices

NYC has had two republican mayors lately. I think they are just in a prosperity mood and not into the old liberal whining and crying mood that the protestors excel at creating.. I don't think people want to hear it or deal with the prima donna emo babies any more.

There are a lot of people who come to NYC to work hard and make something of their lives. If a band of crazed anarchist protestors started smashing and damaging things or harassing their customers, I think there would be a lot of fury unleashed back.

458 days ago


These two are a disgrace to the United States - the jury has spoken - he is not guilty - let it go already. If Zimmerman had been black and Martin White - this would have been a non-issue - this **** goes on everyday - it wasn't like he was an upstanding member of society. He didn't deserve to die - but it has gone too far at this point. As for Beyonce' and JZ - I can't stand either one of these hypocrites.

458 days ago


It's not 1950 get over it already. Who's really the racist here!!!!!

458 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Racist fame whores.

458 days ago


Talentless ugly media whores. Go blow Sharpton the race baiting POS.

458 days ago


Where were all these African Americans during the shootings in Chicago,Detroit, and everywhere else they have BLack on Black killings . J & B will do anything for a photo op.......

458 days ago


A) Guarantee that neither Jay or B watched the trial from start to finish. If they did, they would realize that the jury was right in acquitting GZ.

B) TMZ, Stand Your Ground did not play a role in acquitting GZ. It was never brought up in trial because this case was classic self-defense (not Stand Your Ground).

458 days ago


give me a freakin break!!!!! these people worship the devil! and you can't tell me that trayvon was an angel!!!!! justice was served! zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY! why don't you people try to stop these little thugs before they get shot??? JUMP ON THAT BAND WAGON!!

458 days ago


quick question, did these same individuals take time out from the busy schedules to protest the initial OJ Simpson verdict and also the Casey Anthony verdict? hmmmm. that's what I thought, too...

458 days ago


Where were Jay Z and Beyonce when yesterday a black man shot and killed a black man in N Minneapolis. . 93% of all black people murderers are at the hands of another black person. .that's ok though i guess because there were no protests . .no uproar

458 days ago
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