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Jay Z & Beyonce

Protest In NYC

With Trayvon Martin's Mom

7/20/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jay Z and Beyonce have made it clear -- they believe justice was NOT served in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin ... they spent Saturday protesting the laws which allowed his killer to walk.

Photos of the superstar couple showed up on Instagram ... of Jay and Bey in NYC, protesting against "Stand Your Ground" laws ... the law in FL which allowed George Zimmerman to claim self-defense in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon.

J & B were seen posing with Trayvon's mother, Sybrina Fulton, and Al Sharpton. Al reportedly told the crowd of protesters the famous couple was there ... but didn't want to speak and didn't come for a photo op.

As TMZ previously reported ... both Beyonce and Jay have taken time out of recent performances to honor Trayvon. And last week, Beyonce tagged a photo on Instagram "JusticeForTrayvon."


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At first, I felt bad for this kid. I didn't know a whole lot about the trial or the facts. Then I read up on it. Apparently, no one who is protesting knows how to read. The guy obviously killed the kid in self defense. Was Zimmerman a dumbass for following the kid after the cops told him not to? Yes. Is Zimmerman a wimp for getting beat up by a 17 year old? Yes. But if someone was smashing my head into the concrete and I had a gun in my pocket, you better believe I'm going to shoot them. End of story. Dwayne Wade....who said "what do I tell my kids?" Tell them to stay in school and stop looking for trouble.

426 days ago

my opinion    

These ****n hungry bitches..thats all they think about money money money....tell beyonce stay home with her kid and stop whoring and dancing for money..Jay-stinks who cant rap for **** need to stop living the younger generation and shut his old ass mouth up already..yes i know there wealthy..thats another reason they should da **** up already and stay home take care of there kidd instead of the nannies

426 days ago


If Trayvon had been killed in Afghanistan - Obama, Beyonce and JayZ wouldn't even know his name.

426 days ago


To protest for TM is one thing but to do a photo op with one of the biggest raciest son of a b&^ches in the world is another. F&^k you Jay Z and Beyonce. I will never download another song, and all the ones i have now will be deleted. I will not support another RACIST singer and rapper...nor will my kids!!

426 days ago



426 days ago



426 days ago


To all the people supporting Zimmerman saying that Trayvon was banging his head against the concrete, if that really did happen Zimmerman would of had massive head trauma instead of a few cuts duh. Zimmnerman went wrong when he ignored orders to stay put that's where he is guilty. When he got out his car with a loaded gun that's where he is guilty. Point blank and period.

426 days ago

Coffee Drinker     

Ever see a preacher talk Hate? Sharpton, Jackson and obamas buddy Wright! How do they make money? Deception,hate and extortion! Men of God! LOL

426 days ago


Lets give them all hoodies and send them to Sanford Fl. one dark rainy afternoon and let the demonstrate. Wait, first lets give GZ back his gun and invite a few of his friends over.

426 days ago


Big deal as IF those 2 idiots have any impact on anyone.. Hey Jay Z, Beyone just fork over a few million to these parents and see how quick they go away! Its all about $$$ now IDIOTS

426 days ago


Five things:
1. Al Sharpton is one of the main leaders who keep the black community oppressed....much more than white people.
2. There was much more evidence to convict OJ and he walked. But in the eyes of most blacks, this was a reason to celebrate because he killed a white woman.
3. Since the night of the Zimmerman/Martin incident, how many thousands upon thousands of black people have died at the hands of other black people, where is the rage in that!
4. Why do black people have to turn everything into a race issue? Oh wait, I know why, blacks look to leaders like Sharpton and Jackson who fill your heads with nonsense. THINK FOR YOURSELF PEOPLE, don't let these 2 buffoons think for you and tell you how you should feel. It is okay to have your own opinion.
5. We have a black President that was elected with a significant white vote. So the day he was voted in you all lost your right to play the racism card, so shut up, it is old and tired. You guys have never experienced true racism as your ancestors. Your ancestors would laugh in your face. They were slaves picking cotten, while you are walking around trying to figure out how to buy your next $200 shoes. So please, get over yourself. Your "martyr" attitude is tired and old.

426 days ago

That's Right    

I agree 100% with Jan... not only that, but what about Autumn Pasquale? Oh you don't know who she is? Of course not, because the media isn't interested in a white girl that was killed by two black teenagers and stuffed into a trash can. Where's her justice?! Please visit to learn more.

426 days ago


Humm, the 3 people that the black community have rallied around over the years are either in jail or dead:
1) Rodney King
2) OJ Simpson
3) Trayvon Martin

Yeah, you guys have some real winners here. Batting a thousand!

426 days ago



426 days ago


Meanwhile, the "monster" GZ rescued family from truck crash last week,

426 days ago
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