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Jay Z & Beyonce

Protest In NYC

With Trayvon Martin's Mom

7/20/2013 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jay Z and Beyonce have made it clear -- they believe justice was NOT served in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin ... they spent Saturday protesting the laws which allowed his killer to walk.

Photos of the superstar couple showed up on Instagram ... of Jay and Bey in NYC, protesting against "Stand Your Ground" laws ... the law in FL which allowed George Zimmerman to claim self-defense in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon.

J & B were seen posing with Trayvon's mother, Sybrina Fulton, and Al Sharpton. Al reportedly told the crowd of protesters the famous couple was there ... but didn't want to speak and didn't come for a photo op.

As TMZ previously reported ... both Beyonce and Jay have taken time out of recent performances to honor Trayvon. And last week, Beyonce tagged a photo on Instagram "JusticeForTrayvon."


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these celebrities weren't there, they don't know what went on, but, like sharpton, enjoy fanning the flames of racism that didn't exist before this. Shame on them and shame on their blatant ignorance!

423 days ago


I was wondering how long it'd take these two attention whores to weigh in.

423 days ago


If GZ were black and TM was Hispanic,Al and Jessie would be having rallies for GZ,saying that the justice not have a right to set up a hot line for people to call in if they have any dirt on GZ.The justice dept. would not be in the picture and it would be over.Hispanics need to take a hard look in 2014 & 2016 on who to vote for.Obama just spit in your face and could care less about you.

423 days ago


Please tell your kids that if someone is following them to call 911, run, and scream. Why confront a stranger?

423 days ago


God as if I needed another reason to dislike this pair...die and go to limbo already you!

423 days ago


Really!!! How dumb.

423 days ago


Quick do something to take the attention of what a horrible president we have.
It is all smoke an mirrors. All the people at these protests are nothing but pawns. The mid-term elections will be here before you know it. This is just a dress rehearsal for next year when they start blaming Republicans for everything.

423 days ago


Shut up already everyone wants to jump on the band wagon there are a ton of people who get shot every day Mr. martin was not innocent in the situation. Always the race card being played sick of it

423 days ago


NEWSFLASH - White People will never understand this case , unless you have a blue eye blonde Child DEAD , and Preferably chased and killed by a BLACK MAN ..That's when all senses will come in

423 days ago


Jay-Z, who shot his brother, sold crack cocaine for years, and stabbed a record producer in the stomach with a 5" knife blade, KNOWS that TrayCon must be INNOCENT! Justice for TrayCon!!! No surprise there... thugs of a feather, flock together!

423 days ago

Master Po    

Great point. But sadly the people involved in these rallies aren't too bright. Sadly this boy was misguided and the media ate the story the race baiters fed them.
I am surprised no one has brought up the fact he had 2 of the 3 ingredients (Skittles and arizona watermelon drink) needed to make lean / purple drank. The 3rd ingredient being codeine, which Tray was on facebook looking for a year before he passed.

Using this for a year would cause all sorts of brain issues (look at lil wayne and the seizures) which would include being irrational and paranoid as all hell. Hell looking at his autopsy they said there was severe swelling. This would be one of the many side effects.

423 days ago


This is just a a photo-op for these two clowns.

They seem to have developed a way to have their pictures taken (no quotes, just pics) for all kinds of page 1 newstories where politicians feel the need to chime in to make sure the stay relevant.

They don't give a crap about Martin. Figured that out as soon as I noticed Sharpton, the head clown in the picture.

423 days ago


all these moron zimmerman haters protesting off of misinformation.never stop to think.hey zimmerman could be my son.what if their son was the one being attacked and had to defend themselves.only for a mob to go after them for doing so? also i expect jay z and beyonce to get rid of their body guards its only fair right? if i cant stand my ground they shouldnt have armed guards either

423 days ago


"Protest laws that allowed his killer to walk"
You IDIOTS, they did NOT use stand your law ground for one.
For two, they used the basic 'Self Defense' law.
So, you going to protest 'Self Defense'????
None of these ninnies are looking at 'FACTS'
What a bunch of 'IGNORANT' A-Holes!
How embarrassing for them.

423 days ago


Get over it! These protests are not going to change the jury's verdict (you know the 6 people who heard the evidence and made a decision based on the evidence.) There should be demonstrations against the nightly killings of youth in many cities. They belong to someone also. Jay-Z and wife are only interested in these youth purchasing their albums. The country is becoming more polarized. Blacks are not the only minority group in America. The Hispanics form a very large group and so the Asians.

423 days ago
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