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Justin Timberlake & Jay Z

This One's for Trayvon Martin

7/20/2013 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake
and Jay Z honored Trayvon Martin Friday night ... dedicating the song "Forever Young" to the 17-year-old shooting victim.

Jay and Justin kicked off their "Legends of the Summer" tour this week -- and during their closing number Yankee Stadium in NYC -Jay shouted to the audience, "Everybody put a cell phone and light it up ... let's light the sky for Trayvon Martin tonight in here."

Beyonce also dedicated a song to Trayvon ... shortly after George Zimmerman's not guilty verdict last weekend.


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Love it...Thanks J & J!

456 days ago


Unlike you, I don't actually have an agenda. I simply am not afraid to say it when I see a case of racism. If there is no racism in a certain situation then so be it. But in this particular case, based on the facts, I feel very strongly that this was a case of racism. If you don't agree with that, that's your right. But don't start inventing an epidemic of racism against whites to try to counteract other peoples' opinions that you don't agree with. Because when you do that, it just makes you sound unintelligent and the moment people read that they stop listening to anything you have to say.

456 days ago


I havn't invented an epidemic of racism against whites. NBC first started the racism against whites by calling the shooter white. Sharpton and others have since joined that band wagon and now it has turned into white against blacks. As I said before when you inform yourself with the facts of this case and how all this got started and it has gotten to this point then we can have an intelligent conversation. Many black leaders have been on TV, HLNFOX>MSNBC>ABC>NBC>CBS and made this into a racists issue against whites not me. There have also been black leaders on TV who have stated this isn't a racists or civil rights issue only those with agendas and need to stay relevant continue the race baiting..When you inform yourself with the facts I will continue the conversation.until then we can't have an honest conversation about it.

456 days ago


I have all the facts. I simply don't agree with your assessment of them. People in the media stirring up crap about race does not an epidemic make. At best I would call what they are doing a fad that will pass when the next big story hits. But accusing me of not watching the trial and not reading the newspapers which I do, isnt helping your case. Justin is an intelligent guy. I don't have any reason to believe that he is not just as informed about the facts of the case as you or I. You need to find a better way to cope with the fact that people have differing opinions than you than accusing them of not knowing what they're talking about. Two people can be completely informed on a topic and still have two completely different opinions. It's called being a grownup. I think you're right about one thing though. We definitely can't have an intelligent conversation.

456 days ago


OH, by the way Harvey, Love People's Court and Judge Milan. Waiting for new season,don't like reruns.

456 days ago


So... it has to be on national news and they also had to finish the trial before they would do dedications? Why not at first? I not do this for hundreds of others that are killed? Seems like it is attention grabbing and waiting for "the moment" to seem like it would get everyone's attention. Not impressed. The verdict is in. This is America. Just because half the country doesn't like the out come... now they are throwing tantrums. However, if it would have been a guilty verdict, the same thing would have happened then. Way to be adults.

456 days ago


They sure are glamorizing a huge thug who jumped and beat the SHT out of a mexican/white/black man just because he's black.

456 days ago


Wait, now zimmerman is BLACK??? Are you kidding me???? First, he was white. Then, oh no he's not white he's hispanic (& hispanics are never prejudiced againsts blacks hmmm?) For the record, his mother is hispanic, his father is white. Now do you wanna tell me what pill you just popped that makes you think zimmerman is BLACK?! Every time one of you klansman tell the story Trayvon gets bigger, meaner, and more criminal (he had NO criminal record btw & I challenge you to find one. Also, Trayvon weighed less than most women, 140). Just because he talked a little trash and got in trouble at school (other teenagers never do that right?) doesnt mean he was a thug and it CERTAINLY doesnt mean he deserved to die. Yet everytime someone like you tells it Trayvon gets more evil. And every time you tell it zimmerman gets more ethnic and feeble. If ANYTHING has ever shown that you don't have hard facts to support your stance on this case, it's the ridiculous comment you just made that zimmerman is black. After saying something as idiotic as that, do you think anybody's gonna listen to a word you say? You just lost all credibility.

456 days ago

go home!    

They can both eff off. Guaranteed they didn't watch one minute of the trial. Would have been more appropriate to dedicate some songs to the black on black crime victims in Chicago instead.

456 days ago



455 days ago


Please boycott Florida, we don't want you here.

455 days ago


The president also opened his mouth and cried when those children got killed in school, he spoke in favour of all Americans getting the same right
gays everyone because everyone is human
not just some people. Obama loves all
people and defend and say if some laws
in America is wrong. KK used to kill
others because they are not white.
It is still a very racist place to live. Evil bigots retard haters. The prison is full of black people because they always go th prison for commiting crimes, which is right, it should be the same for whites also.

455 days ago


This is not the same has OJ Simpson this is about a law that could happen to anyone, someone could kill you and say it is self defence. He was the one
you went and followed the man first in his car and then started the fight the guy
was also frightened for his life.
Iam not a racist, i dont care about
colour or race i beleive everyone should
be treated the same even if it was my child did wrong. A black lady got
20 years in prison because she fires a gun at her husband who was trying to kill her, he was not hurt. People
want's to law change.

455 days ago


what a lot of evil devil people. Bigots retards talking and writing rubbish. Why is the prisons full of black
because they do get charge and get locked up. Lots of
black women get rape by white men and they never go to prison the other day, a lady had to pay the man
who raped her. People are very worried it could be thethem or a family member being killed and the person say self defence. A black lady got 20yrs just for
firing a gun at her violent husband who was
trying to kill her, he did even got hurt. President
Obama cried when those kids got kill in the school
he tried to change the gun law, he fight for the right
for gays and all Americans to be treated the same
he always says some to support all American.
The law needs to be change people cant just go
around killing and say it's self defence. There is good and bad in all race it should not be alright just for whites only. Look at the case still going on the man
accuse the 13 yrs old stealing his guns, did not call
the police to investigate he just killed him in front of his mother. I wonder how you people would feel if the
same thing happens to your family. it is not better than the bombers

455 days ago


The black people killing each other or other people always go to prison. I don't know what some of you retard bigots are on about. if it was your family and
someone followed him first in his car and then came out and started an argument and he killed him and says self defence would you be happy.
i dont think so. He is not even a police why is he
even talking to this person who was just going home minding his own business. You are asking for trouble it is because he had a gun and know if he killed him he would say self defence. The law in America is just for the whites to kill people who is not white just like kk lynching and killing years ago.
Talking about Obama interfering he did the same thing when the kids got killed in the school shooting
he cried and always say something when something bad happens. He is for gays and all Americans to be treated the same. black women
are being rape by white men. All crime is wicked
it does not matter the race even if was a family member. Look at a black lady serving 20yrs because she fied a gun at her evil husband trying to
kill her, he was not hurt or killed she did not even
tried in a court. Is that right. People are protesting
because the law is wrong and it could be them or family

455 days ago
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