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Michael Lohan

Oprah's Gonna Save LiLo

7/21/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey
is the answer to Lindsay Lohan's prayers  -- at least according to Michael Lohan who tells us that LiLo's BIG deal with the big O is the best thing that could have happened to her.

Our photog spotted papa Lohan at LAX Saturday -- and asked him how he felt about LiLo making nearly $2 million to do a sit down interview and 8-part docu series with O.

Michael says he couldn't be happier for LiLo and explains how the Oprah effect could be just the thing his troubled daughter needs to keep her nose clean.

He also discusses whether or not he'll make an appearance on the show ... check it out.


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8 part do***entary means she has to shoot 8 different times. That means show up on time, not all wacked out and sober 8 times. That means she has to show up and not bring the diva attitude she thinks she's entitled to 8 more times.

It isn't going to happen.

I say she'll do one part and then it'll be back to showing up late, wasted, making everyone's life on set completely miserable or blowing off coming in all together.

Oprah will end up firing her and we'll be again subject to the hopeless and endless crying and begging outside Oprah's office until Oprah bends and gives her a second chance, only to produce a sub-par and God-awful product that will remind us and Hollywood producers to stay the hell away from this mess, that she is done but more importantly will tarnish the already downward spiralling Oprah brand.

Can't wait.

459 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Did he leave his brain-dead girlfriend?

459 days ago


He also discusses whether or not he'll make an appearance on the show ...

That's pretty much all this clown wanted to say.

459 days ago


Deletions are back! Happy Sunday all!!

459 days ago


PS: You can kill the floating nav bar ASAP. It doesn't belong there, it loads poorly, it's distracting, and the only reason the designer convinced you it was needed is because his/her layout has become so convoluted.

459 days ago


Kayne West could take a lesson from Michael's graciousness with you guys.

459 days ago


Dream on, Michael !

459 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

For some reason Lindsay and her douchebag family fail to hold my interest these days. Lindsay is kind of like JWOWW, Tan Mom and Farrah A.
#celebrity ick
#gag reflex

459 days ago


Now we know which side of the Lohan Inc is in charge of this Scam......Micheal is....and whats he doing in Hollywood that's easy ....he's just having a little "business" meetings with a few former victim's of Lindsay to remind them of what they have to lose if the "offers and jobs" dry up..........
As for Own network......I was actually wondering what was offered up to them to get them to go alone with this " deal"........they only deal with desperate people....the past shows that.....the Playboy deal....Hefner;s dying magazine.......for that most photo shopped center fold ever published....then there was the Liz and Dick producer who had pedaled that script around for 5 yrs trying to get it produced...Hell he would have sold it for a quarter and a beer if it would be produced and that's about what he got....the Lifetime network for showing it ...sinking like a rock .....and Canyons...that's a laugh....and now OWN who are scrambling to stay afloat.....
Doesn't take a expert to connect the dots here ...folks.....It all comes back to patterns......and Lohan Inc has one and they work it over and over again.....
Now set back and watch the show....they full production of ''The New and Improved Lindsay Lohan Comeback number 20 " is about to start.... Some one pass the popcorn Please !

459 days ago


OMG, Milo told a 'truth'. Bet that HURT!! When asked if he'd be on the 'docu-LIE', he said 'No'. What is the world coming too . . . ?

459 days ago


He looks el blitzoed! I was trying to find out why Milo is always at the airport, and I came across an old article that said he took nude pics of Kate Major (his baby mama) while she was passed out, and in another incident, threw her over a chair and kicked her in the face!?

But this was the best part, "The only way Michael could get any classier is if he started wearing a top hat and monocle and spoke in a British accent."

I don't think he has a clue what's really going on with Lindsay.

459 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Milo spends all of his time flying back and forth from Florida to LAX just so he can get paped.

459 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Thanks Douche bag daddy, your reaction when the pap ask you how is she doing tells it all. Lying Lindsay is kicking and screaming, all she wants is out. She hasn't changed on bit.

Bwahhaahhahahhaha! Oprah better not pay her upfront. She'll just skip out on the interview

Double bwahahahhahhaha, to Lying Lindsay giving up her circle of friends. You have a better chance of seeing God

459 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Will Douche bag sell pictures of him in front of Cliffside today. Its visiting day and Milo Jr. is in LA too.

459 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Correct me if I am wrong BUT isn't it a parents job to help your child get better??

459 days ago
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