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Michael Lohan

Oprah's Gonna Save LiLo

7/21/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey
is the answer to Lindsay Lohan's prayers  -- at least according to Michael Lohan who tells us that LiLo's BIG deal with the big O is the best thing that could have happened to her.

Our photog spotted papa Lohan at LAX Saturday -- and asked him how he felt about LiLo making nearly $2 million to do a sit down interview and 8-part docu series with O.

Michael says he couldn't be happier for LiLo and explains how the Oprah effect could be just the thing his troubled daughter needs to keep her nose clean.

He also discusses whether or not he'll make an appearance on the show ... check it out.


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There he is again, out there earning enough money to buy himself more mesh shirts.

461 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Bwahahhaahhaahha SEVEN rehabs with a team of professional doctors cant help her and this douche and his ex thinks Orphan can

Hahahahahhahahhahahahhahaha talk about a real knee slapper

461 days ago


This was relatively tame for the Big Mouth Bottom Feeder. I can tell he's not happy about Lindsay going to NYC. Something tells me he's not going to be able to make any money off this deal. Which is great. And even he knows that Lohan will not last long in NYC - even under the eye of the OWN cameras. But his comments will be null and void since we'll be getting the dirt on Lohan's lying, thieving, drunken ways from OWN and not from him. He will be obsolete. Oh - such joy for the American public - an obsolete, irrelevant Michael Lohan who has to rely on his own money for once. I'm sure Oprah has it in the contract that he can not appear on the show. He's not the one she wants - and I'm sure that stings for Milo.

This is how I see this playing out. Oprah is going to lob softball questions, she's not going to do her homework and won't follow up on any and all lies that spew forth for lying Lindsay. And she will go unchallenged as she makes herself out to be a victim in all of this and Lohan will take no responsibility for anything - and Oprah will sympathize with her - yes, it's tough being tabloid fodder, poor thing (though Jennifer Lawrence seems to do just fine). Then when the interview gets so full of BS that it stinks, people will see through it and turn it off. Because intellectually - Lindsay Lohan is boring. She has nothing to say - and anything she does say has to do with drugs and partying and how she wants to win an Oscar and how she's been taken advantage of and how she's a homebody now and how much she wants to work (even though she never shows up to this work and blows every opportunity for work). Boring same ole...

And then the magic will start to happen. She'll have to say "Happy Birthday" to a friend at a club. She'll rationalize going to the club - "Girls my age like to dance! Why shouldn't I go?". And then she'll start ditching the Oprah camera crew, and shirking her responsibilities to the contract. Lohan will then start talking super fast because she'll be on her precious Adderall and then the vodka will be brought over by a friend and she'll get loaded and sleep through an interview for a job and say she had an ear infection and then show up that afternoon at Chanel trying to buy more and more stupid purses and then she'll really start to evade the OWN camera crews and show up at another nightclub for another birthday, etc. etc.

That's when Oprah will get what she paid for, she'll have a camera crew ready and waiting for Lohan to screw up - and believe me, Lohan will screw up. And that's when people will start tuning into OWN. And Oprah will get what she wants - ratings. When you think about it - it's genius. The odds are Lohan will blow it - and Oprah will reap the benefits.

The main thing is though, no amount of mentoring by Oprah is going to cure Lohan of her assholic, entitled behavior - and that's an even bigger turn off for the American public than her addictions. Lindsay Lohan is a lying, thieving, assholic, b!tch and Oprah hopefully will reveal that side of Lohan to the subscribers of OWN (and those of us who watch it on Youtube). And that makes me happy.

461 days ago


Visiting LA and Lindsay and finishing up those last minute details that plague any good sham....You know ...A threat here .....a word dropped there.....a reminder to Lindsay to stay on the plan or else know that kind of visit....He's blitzed out of his mind in that one....LOL......Never figure out why I like to watch snakes squirm around and he's the big one in the Lohan snake pit...........

461 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

@ Maddy
Milo didn't mention going to see her today cause he doesn't know if he will get in. But you can count on fake Photo Op and him saying to the paps she's all good and doing just fine

461 days ago


Priceless!!...DUIna loaded, and in action;

Wait, why is Chris Weidman hanging out with Dina Lohan? …

461 days ago


She should take this $2 million and pay off all of her debts. That will leave her about $1.25. But she won't. She and Dina will snort thru that in, well hopefully it'll last a week but they're going to have to snort slowly.

BTW, what's the status of her past due taxes and did she pay 2012's taxes yet? April 15th has come and gone.

461 days ago


Oprah needs ratings for her crap network and Lindsay needs cash

461 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Oh too funny!!

Was just told Milo, Milo Jr and Cody will watch Lying Lindsays movie The Canyons Pee Wee Herman style in the theater


461 days ago


I just realized Michael did not say Lukens-does that mean he doesn't get paid today? And why is being on Oprah going to save Lindsay-I thought only Lukens could do that. I said Lukens three times-I want to get paid now!!!

461 days ago


OK -so they are filming 8 shows-that is a lot of time in front of the cameras to get just one episode. Will the camera crew be able to keep up with Squeaky or will they do it like the pony express and have too keep handing the job of to new people as Lindsay goes on an Adderall, coke and Vodka fueled rampage?

461 days ago


Once again BobbieFisher=Truthteller! He hits the nail on the head every time. It's like, he can read my mind.

461 days ago

Chief Gall    

I see the delusional mental midgets are at it hard!!!! That nearly $2M pay check is too painful for haters to accept and deal with. There will likely be an exact number soon like the Playboy deal that paid Lindsay around $950K, not 1M. But how could that possibly be? Lindsay Lohan??? She's a lying, no-talent, ugly whore who plans robberies with an accomplice and wrecks trailers and is hated by the entire world. That's the way it really is, according to haters on gossip sites, THEREFORE, it must be true. LOL!!!!!!! And yeah, she's gonna screw up this project and screw Oprah and she's gonna show up each day zonked and she will break the law and end up in the slammer and haters can't wait. It's gonna happen. It's gonna happen. It's gonna happen!!!! And again, the nearly $2M is a BS story that Oprah is perfectly ok with. Let Lindsay Inc. spread a huge lie to the masses. Oprah's ok with that. Haters actually believe such nonsense. Poor things. MAXIMUM LOL!!!!! Thanks for the laugh.
jet ski away>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

461 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Bwahahahaha......fvckin Lohan.....Bwahahahahaha

461 days ago


FU & other Tweeters, time to chime in!!.....the #littlestars are in a tizzy over what to "trend" when Blo is released:


#FreckledFreedom, #LindsayIsBack, Lindsay Lohan Is Back or #LittleStarsAreProudOfLiLo? Lilovers/littleStars, u decide... Tweet me!


@LindsayLohanPH #LindsayIsBack sounds more appopiate. We all have to agree with only one trend.

461 days ago
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