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Michael Lohan

Oprah's Gonna Save LiLo

7/21/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey
is the answer to Lindsay Lohan's prayers  -- at least according to Michael Lohan who tells us that LiLo's BIG deal with the big O is the best thing that could have happened to her.

Our photog spotted papa Lohan at LAX Saturday -- and asked him how he felt about LiLo making nearly $2 million to do a sit down interview and 8-part docu series with O.

Michael says he couldn't be happier for LiLo and explains how the Oprah effect could be just the thing his troubled daughter needs to keep her nose clean.

He also discusses whether or not he'll make an appearance on the show ... check it out.


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Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Lindsay.........I'm the taxman, yeah, I'm the taxman......
and you're working for no one but me....

461 days ago


Yeah. Oprah's going to help save Lilo from her bills
so her parents can leech more off of her.
I believe if her parents werent so ****ed up she wouldnt be either.

461 days ago


where does this jerk get all the money flying to LAX many he have a job?

461 days ago


And just when you thought he fell off the face of the planet.
Why doesn't someone in Florida apply the "STAND YOUR GROUND" rule to this guy?

461 days ago


@Hannah-if you are still out there-I have a question-what would be the legal ramifications if they filmed Lindsay engaging in illegal activities in other words living her life? Will OWN be able to air such footage? Just a thought.

461 days ago


My imagination...or does he look a little wired/out of it? Unusually reluctant to speak much of his usual fake-Preacher-I-love-Jesus-More-than-Coke-and-Booze BS. But either way, he's still a massive bellend and should have been sterilised age 12.

461 days ago


I beg to differ own my opinion of Micheal...thing is Micheal is a Con Artist trained by the mob ....don't count him out as a fool or a idiot ....he is many things but a fool or idiot he is not......!!! No Daddy dearest has his big finger in the pie at all times....and he knows how to deflect and devert any where he wants to..... Dina hasn't got the brains of a nat.......she pickled hers long ago .....all this ire and hate for Micheal is a front and she still rely's on him to keep her ass afloat...or he wouldn't be sneaking flights into and out of NY with out immunity.....or meeting her in LA on the sly.....This is all a big assed front for the Lohan Inc which translates into the WHOLE family......Think about the patterns they have laid down for all to see.....That's why I despies them so much...they are Grifters !!! and Damn good ones to too keep it up this long....but like all grifters they will get caught and they will pay for all their crimes of grifting and just a matter of time....or one of the victims of their blackmail grows balls and turns......LOL.

461 days ago


Wow great find Nikki, notice the stain on her dress, right above her bloated belly, and her old lady arms, that's always attractive to other drunken bar flies.

It's nice that she gets out every once in while instead of staying at home and worrying about Lindsay 24/7.

She deserves a break today, but she better start laying off the McDonalds.

461 days ago


Lohan is insane. She now wants a baby to help her cope with life!

'Lindsay’s approached several male friends and asked them to be sperm donors. She thinks having a baby will keep her on the straight and narrow.'

461 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey Sez, Smitty wants his merkin back

461 days ago


what happened to oprah?

why she offering this?

oprah must be desperate?

461 days ago


i hope oprah dosent do a 8 segment deal with kris jenner in the future or im really not gonna like oprah anymore.

461 days ago


I am going to try real hard not to get censored today...I hereby promise not to say "Fat Mike, put the jumbo box of HO-HO's from the clearance aisle down, your brain cells have od'd on sugar"....As far as this ORCA shyt, here are my thoughts. Orca wants Crackie to succeed because her whole persona is based on helping people. She's a billionaire because the soccer mom set tunes in daily and eats up this "feel good" BS she peddles. All she ever does, though, is throw money at a problem by employing others to do the real work for her. So ORCA will hire some professional babysitters to ensure her latest makeover project stays sober for the duration of these fairy tale docu-series episodes. Also, Orca will call in a few favors from A-list producers to get Crackie in a A-List movie. Count on it. But does everyone see the problem with this??? First, while Orca might succeed in keeping Crackie sober during her docu-series due to her hired minders, WTF happens when their employment ends? Exactly. Crackie will relapse...but a least she will have a few dollars left(hopefully) that she won't have to resort to "dating" rich old men right away. And secondly, ORCA pulling strings to get her in a A-List movie-something Crackie hasn't done in about 8 years- will prove her downfalling. She can't act and has never honed her craft as an adult actress while she's been shyting away the last 8 yrs of her small window of opportunity. Every one of her movies for the past 8 yrs have been ridiculed but most critics have used her lack of sobriety for her dismal performances. Now sober, Crackie's true lack of talent will be showcased for all the world to see. This will be a HUGE disaster-bigger than say Hurricane Susie-for ORCA. But while it will fail, it will certainly be entertaining. A little over a week, h8turds, and the fun begins. CHEERS!!!!

461 days ago


Next Friday July 26th 2013 Mick Jagger turns 70 years old and he still has a great ass and is in better health than Squeaky is at 27 years old. Just thought I'd mention it.

461 days ago


Okay, the demographic that would be watching this type of show would probably not even be able to afford the channel. You know, the section of the country that LL was going to move to get away from NY and L.A. The chubby section of the country from the deep south up to the midwest. So good luck with that.

461 days ago
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