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George Zimmerman

Crash Victims Were WHITE

7/22/2013 2:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The family that George Zimmerman rescued from an overturned SUV in Florida last week is white ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

According to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, the two adults who were pulled out of their overturned SUV on July 17 were described as a white male and a white female.

The report states that the SUV was traveling toward an off-ramp on State Road 417 when the driver lost control ... causing the vehicle to "go off road and roll over."

As we previously reported, two men responded to the accident and helped pull the family to safety -- one of the rescuers was George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Officials say there were 4 passengers inside the SUV at the time of the wreck -- 2 parents and 2 children.

TMZ has also obtained the 911 calls placed by witnesses moments after the crash, detailing the accident. Take a listen.



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He's got the body of Mr. Potato Head but has a "hero" complex. So I take it the neighborhood watch patrol has expanded it's jurisdiction? Rescuing folks on the highway now, George? Do us all a favor and take your wannabe hero self back inside before you racially profile another "bad guy" and somebody ends up dead again.

456 days ago


Ps. I'm not saying this story is total BS, but it does have a certain stench to it. I won't be shocked if someone tried to leak this story to make Zimmerman somehow look better.

456 days ago


So, I guess TMZ is insinuating that if the family would have been black then Zimmerman wouldn't have stopped. How could Zimmerman have seen/knew what race the family was when the SUV was turned upside down and he chose to help the family out? He could not have known what color/race/creed the family was. Give it a rest, TMZ....Geeshhhh...

456 days ago


Dam it...... :(

456 days ago


What the hell TMZ?! What does it matter?!? Super Racist.

456 days ago

Los Pepes    

A thief punk ass thug always in trouble
Cant these fools find a better example to use as a martyr?

456 days ago


I just read on another prominent gossip and, "news" site that the victims were purple? Maybe TMZ has it wrong for once?

456 days ago


??? Why is this a story? Trying to stoke the race issue while we should be healing TMZ? SHAME on you for being so clearly exploitative. You should remove this and hang your head for weeks.

456 days ago


Give Zimmerman the medal of honor. He's a true patriot and American hero who was destroyed by the media for being an upstanding citizen.

456 days ago

Mike L    

Big ****ing deal!!! This was never about race to anyone except the press. You guys like to make stories where there is none, just to rile people up!

456 days ago


Shame on you TMZ...for exploiting the race issue here with such a pointless and lame headline. You expand the spread of hate from the ignorant when you do that. Way to go guys. Not like it matters to you, but at least for my show's prep, I'll go to Radar Online from now on.

456 days ago

BB not bb    

Just in case some Americans still don't get it, God is going to show them again. George is a good man and an asset to our nation.

456 days ago


Wasn't he suppose to be busy hiding in a hole darker than Sadam's because he fears for his life? What's he doing out and about allegedly swooping in saving the day?

I don't know about this story.

456 days ago


Who cares what color they were! Maybe this is the universe's way of saying he's not such a monster the media has portrayed him to be and leave him alone!

456 days ago


That makes sense, he roams the streets save the Whites and kills the Blacks.

456 days ago
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