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George Zimmerman


After Car Crash ... Cops Say

7/22/2013 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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George Zimmerman is being hailed a HERO in Florida this morning ... after cops say he helped RESCUE a family of 4 from an overturned vehicle just days after the Trayvon Martin verdict.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ ... around 5:45 pm on Wednesday July 17, Zimmerman noticed an overturned SUV off a highway in Sanford, FL ... and sprang into action.

According to the SCSO, Zimmerman and another man approached the car and helped all 4 of the passengers -- 2 parents and 2 children -- get out of the wrecked car.

Cops say ... "Zimmerman was not a witness to the crash and left after making contact with the deputy.  There were no reports of injuries to the vehicle occupants."

FYI -- Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin on the evening of July 13th.

The identity of the family has not been released.

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No Avatar


This guy needs to keep his azz in is car seat and stop running out of his car. good grief .. is he trying to score moocho brownie points now in society or legally? last time he SPRUNG out of his seat it ended in death and he is still springing out of his seat.
one day he going to spring out of his car seat and maybe get what he deserves for not keeping his ass in his car.

his day is coming soon enough..

422 days ago


Yeah? Well he shot an unarmed teenager in the heart and watched him die.

422 days ago


He's a good guy who sadly was caught up in a very unfortunate situation (as was Travon)

I'm glad he was able to help the family in the car crash. This seems to be the type of guy he is. He wants to help make things better and protect his home, family and communtiy.

422 days ago


****, those people in car must have been rocking out to Spider Rico from Philly and lost control!

422 days ago


I love how all the freaks accuse this guy of being a murder even after it was proven that Trayvon punched him in the face first.. I would have shot his a$$ dead if he or Anyone punched me and attacked me like that thug did.. So would 99% of you unless your just a f$cking idiot but your too retarded to admit it.

422 days ago


Still a murderer.

422 days ago


Well if he had left Trayvon Martin alone, Trayvon would be here to save lives as well. Zimmerman is a punk azz biotch. COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

422 days ago


Call him a racist, a murderer, or coward but he did something that some other average joe people wouldn't have been willing to do. Not everyone is evil to the core and some of the good guys can surprise you with how twisted they are too.

422 days ago


First of all, why should we believe anything coming from the mouths of the Sanford Police. Second, I'm surprise they didn't look suspicious. They must have been white. Third, this azzhole probably shot out the tires and staged this accident because those punks always get away. Finally, if he was anywhere toward me, I would have shot him dead out of fear for my own life and claim self defense and "stand your ground."

422 days ago


Ugh...all that picture makes me want to do is punch him in that FAT fucckin mug he calls a face. He looks like a blob of pudding. Such a waste of a human.

422 days ago


travon would have just been smoking another blunt that day

422 days ago


You can't simmer the Zimmer.

422 days ago

Edna Marshall    

yeh whateva fake, actors actress,and smoke hmm he made enough money, to put that to scirpt. Sounds like someone trying to redeem his self to me.

422 days ago


surprised he didn't miss judge them....

422 days ago


And on the way home he coaxed my cat Fluffy out of a tree. Doesn't change the fact that he killed someone though.

422 days ago
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