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Miley Cyrus

Of Course I'm Singing About Ecstasy, You Idiots

7/22/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Here's a shocker ... Miley Cyrus just admitted she actually IS singing about ecstasy in her new song "We Can't Stop" -- claiming she and the song's producer originally lied about the song's real lyrics in order to get radio play.

You'll recall, the song caught a lot of flack for its overt drug references -- including a line that sounds like "dancing with molly" (aka MDMA).

The song's producer insisted the line was actually "dancing with Miley" -- but the singer is now saying it was all a lie.

Miley told the Daily Mail, "If you're aged ten [the lyric is] Miley. If you know what I'm talking about then you know. I just wanted it to be played on the radio and they've already had to edit it so much."

And if that wasn't clear enough, she added, "I don't think people have a hard time understanding that I've grown up. You can Google me and you know what I'm up to -- you know what the lyric is saying."

And now here's the really hot music video.


No Avatar


Well, DUHH!!

461 days ago


Loved it.

Not JUST cuz it's a great song/vid -

And it is.

Also cuz it's Miley's response to the hating/haters.

i.e. Her/their refusal -

To hate back.

Good for Miley Cyrus -

"Molly" has LITTLE to do with the song IMO.

461 days ago


It sounds to me like she says Dancing With Miley and I'm 42. Then again, I guess one would have to be a druggie to get the reference. Mommy and Daddy raised a nice piece of white trash.

461 days ago

Ballsdeep Salamjampour    

I heard dat she did Purple Drank/Lean with Trayvon and twerked for him and he was all up in her booty.

461 days ago


Don't GET all of the hating on Miley.

Just don't get it.

Don't understand what she DID.

What Miley's CRIMES against y'all are.

461 days ago


Trying so hard to be relevant. Sad really. Letting her vagina hang out in London reach a new level of trash.

461 days ago


These artists live in a PR bubble and have no idea what the Hell is going on. She floundered around with her squeaky clean image. Give it a couple of years and nobody will care.

461 days ago


No, my dear, you are very, very far from "grown up". If all you can sing about and seemingly praise, are drugs, you may never ever get to grow up.

461 days ago


Someone wrote "Miley's just trying to be relevant."

Dude, Miley IS relevant!

Paps are attached to her at the hips -

Go to You Tube, see those miserable guys -

Chase, chase, chase.

One pap, dude?

KNOCKED her Mother aside and for Miley footage!

All I think is wow, what an amazing young girl.

She WORKED for this - no one GAVE her anything!

What, if we can't be a Pop Princess we batter them?

461 days ago


I don't get it, I like to read about the starts but every time i read about drugs and how they praised it is really upsetting. Do they know how many people die so they can get a pill, or snort of coke? That's why i don't care when one of the start dies of overdose....many people before have die innocently so they can get their high...

461 days ago


so she is still pandering to 10yr old age group, to make money, but wants to prove she is adult by displaying disgusting behavior

461 days ago


In which planet does growing up equals using drugs? Its the opposite actually lol she's sad.

461 days ago


News flash - you haven't grown up Miley which is evident by the decisions you're making. Your brain is still forming. Don't screw it up

461 days ago


Flaunting your approval of drug use now that you're an adult doesn't show your growth, only that you're a stupid girl trying so hard to appear to be about a certain lifestyle to appeal to an older crowd. Miley is very transparent, just a wannabe. Take away all her money and people wouldn't surround themselves with this self entitled child. There is nothing unique about her that will keep the public intrigued as the years come. I don't understand why these young women celebrities have no desire to show some integrity. Why do most of them now take on an image of a worn out prostitute? At least try to pass off as a high class escort. ;D

461 days ago


LOL at the disappointed white folk

461 days ago
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