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Amanda Bynes


On 5150 Hold

7/23/2013 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

8:35 AM PT
-- TMZ just spoke to the woman whose driveway Amanda built the fire on, and she tells us, she had no idea what was going on until cops knocked on her front door. She says cops asked her, "Do you know anyone by the name of Amanda Bynes, or why she would have some vendetta against you?" She said no ... not surprising because the woman is elderly.

Cops then described to her that there was a young lady in her driveway, who had lit a fire and was carrying a "little red gas tank." The homeowner says cops told her Amanda had burned part of her clothing.

Amanda Bynes
is currently hospitalized on a 5150 hold ... after starting a small fire in the driveway of some random person's house Monday night, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us, the fire department responded to the home in Thousand Oaks, CA around 9pm -- near where Amanda was just accused of trespassing -- after someone noticed the small blaze in the driveway. The sheriff's department was subsequently called when Amanda was found standing near the campfire.

When sheriff's deputies arrived, they questioned Amanda about what she was doing, and why she was doing it -- and based on her answers, they determined she needed to be hospitalized on a 5150 hold. Translation: her answers were really wacky.

A 5150 hold is an involuntary hospitalization for mental evaluation. Amanda can only be held for 72 hours though.

Britney Spears was famously taken in on a 5150 in 2008 during her pre-conservatorship period.

And just to give you an idea of what Amanda looked like yesterday, these photos were taken at Bloomingdales in Santa Monica just hours before the hospitalization ... around 5pm.

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Caller Describes


Amanda Bynes
didn't just build a fire in a driveway Monday night ... she put a flaming cloth on top of a gas tank ... effectively creating a makeshift explosive -- this according to an eyewitness 911 call.

The caller describes it as a small fire -- a flaming cloth sitting on top of a gas tank in a residential driveway. He says the reason he called 911 is because of the gas tank ... i.e. the obvious possibility of a massive explosion.

The caller says he couldn't tell if the gas tank was full or not.

Thankfully, the gas tank did NOT explode -- but as we reported, the fire department rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire ... and sheriff's deputies placed Bynes on a 5150 psychiatric hold.


Accused of Trespassing

Cops Called to Old Folks Home


Cops confronted Amanda Bynes outside a retirement community after she got into an argument with a cab driver Sunday night ... TMZ has learned.

According to the cab driver ... Amanda was trying to get into an old folks home in Thousand Oaks -- outside L.A. -- when management at the place turned her away because they felt she was drunk and accused her of trespassing.

However, the retirement community was nice enough to call a taxi for Amanda -- but when she got into the cab she said ... "Get me the f**k out of here ... I don't have any money." Naturally, the driver kicked her out at that point.

We're told Amanda walked back toward the retirement community ... and that's when cops were called.

There's no record of Amanda getting arrested ... so, we're guessing she might have only been ticketed, possibly for trespassing.

Amanda grew up in Thousand Oaks -- and owns a house in nearby Calabasas.

The cab driver tells TMZ ... he was told Amanda was at the retirement village to visit a relative.

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No Avatar


Drugs do that to you.

427 days ago


OK...was it a fire set in a driveway OR was it a campfire? What kind of asinine reporting is that?

427 days ago


chick needs exorcism possessed

427 days ago

mike adams    

Lock the sick bitch up & throw a way the key!

427 days ago


chick is possessed by demons she needs exorcism.

427 days ago


Where is this poor girls family?

427 days ago


oh oh hot dog!

427 days ago


Bipolar disorder,drugs or both. She's been screwing up too much for one person lately.

427 days ago

John Earl    

SOMEONE.......PLEASE , get this young woman some help ! ! !

427 days ago


Why oh why is TMZ so fascinated with this first class burnout?

427 days ago


Her Twitter comments as of late were strange, but I didn't think anything of it. Check it out.

427 days ago


As Mr. Macky always said..."mmm...drugs are baaad...mmmm..k". What a waste. She should have at least gone into porn. At least she can make some decent cash, while she f'ks up her life.

427 days ago


you people do not get it........... I'd be shocked if it was drugs.......

I think unfortunately she might have mental problems.... she really needs help.......

427 days ago

Madeleine Perkins    

She's on drugs.

427 days ago


It is a crime that it had to get this bad before something was done for Amanda. I still feel her parents should have stepped in regardless of her age..she is still their child. I hope it is not too late for her.

427 days ago
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