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Anthony Weiner

Some Sexting Happened

AFTER My Resignation

7/23/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

NYC mayoral candidate and self-admitted Internet perv Anthony Weiner says he continued to engage in SEXTING other dirty sex stuff AFTER he resigned from office.

Weiner said the most recent sexting incident took place last summer.

Weiner says the sexting "is entirely behind me now" ... and he will not drop out of the race for NYC mayor.

Weiner's wife Huma Abedin -- who looked SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE during the event -- also addressed the media ... and said she decided to stay married to Weiner because she felt it was the best decision for the family.

"I have forgiven him, I believe in him and as I have said from the beginning we are moving forward," Huma said.

During the media conference, a creepy guy behind a cubicle kept popping up behind Weiner like a whac-a-mole. At one point, the guy waved ... it was pretty hilarious.

0723_CREEPY_GUY_weinerWeiner initially called for the news conference to address the latest allegations -- first reported by involving lewd photos and chat messages he sent to a 22-year-old girl on the Internet in 2012.

Weiner resigned from Congress in 2011.

Weiner has already released a statement admitting the chats were real ... but didn't say whether the Internet affair actually occurred in the wake of his infamous 2011 sexting scandal, as the 22-year-old woman is claiming.

Weiner said, “I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have."



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BB not bb    

Now I am going to go out on a limb a little here. Since Houma grew up in Saudi Arabia, she most likely underwent female genital mutilation. This involves the sewing up of the vulva and the cutting off of the ****oris. This makes sex very painful and unenjoyable for women.

So my guess is that she is not interested in much sex with him, or that she isn't able to feel attracted to him. Muslims basically keep women like dogs. Jews, on the other hand, have a lot of respect for women.

Weiner probably doesn't even know what to do with a woman like this. Jewish men lose like a third of their penis through cir***cision, but I think God makes it up to them somehow in their devotion to their marriage.

I think Weiner just wants to feel desirable and is going out of his mind trying to get there.

418 days ago

BB not bb    

I hate those creepy guys though. They always seem to be popping up somewhere.

418 days ago

BB not bb

If Tony had some balls to go with his baloney, he could use this as a campaign song.

418 days ago


Huma, needs to be told by a loving friend that she deserves better than this. She has more value as a human being than this man gives her credit for. Seek help and take steps to gain your freedom and your self respect back. It's a hard road but there is alot of support out there.

418 days ago

BB not bb    

Weiner: I am trying to find out, and I think I have taken steps to do so. If you’ll forgive me, I know we’re now in the weeds of a particular issue. If you can take a step back — not literally — you can step as close as you like. Let’s remember what happened here. A congressman named Weiner who has a rather edgy, perhaps aggressive Twitter feed. Where he was spending the whole day poking at Clarence Thomas, gets a Twitter picture of fill in the blank.

This was a prank, intended to derail me or distract me, whatever it is. It is not a federal case. Now maybe it will turn out — forgive me — that this is the point of al Qaeda’s sword [laughter] and that this is the effort, this is where it’s going to begin. And I’ve asked internet security to take a look at my private Internet feed — my private Twitter feed that has 45,000 followers, more than Michele Bachmann, I want to point that out. I finally passed he

So here it sounds like he is saying that he didn't send the picture to the women, someone took it off his twitter feed and sent it to him to derail him. He called it the point of Al Quada's sword. So why is he changing his tune now and apologizing if he didn't do it?

Has the Muslim Brotherhood finally succeeded in making him bow before their spear? This is very scary. He does not appear to be a man in charge of his own life. He seems to be in submission to the Muslims.

418 days ago

BB not bb    

Who do these Muslims think they are that they can come here and pick on our little Weiner? And not only that, who the hell is that creepy guy looking over the wall? I think he is CIA as in Al CIAda making sure he says what they tell him to say.

They probably threatened him in every way if he didn't agree to work for their agenda. This is a bizarre story to begin with. Why would a congressman send pictures to random women of his penis. This does sound like something someone would do for black mail or to get him to fee intimidated.

I don't like that creepy man behind the wall. I think he thinks he is going to pull the mayor's strings.

418 days ago

BB not bb    

AMERICANS WAKE UP. The Muslims are intimidating our congressmen and mayoral candidates. Even Obama bowed before the Saudi King in an act of submission. They are running Weiner around like a little puppet.

There is a Nazi/CIA/Al Quada coalition that is trying to gain control of the world and turn it into a war zone for the NWO.

What are they doing to Weiner?

418 days ago

BB not bb    

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), wrote Abedin and the State Department last month demanding details by June 27 on a part-time job that Abedin held while serving as a top aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Abedin was working as a consultant to the Teneo company from June 2012 to Februray 2013.

Grassley asked if Teneo, a “global strategic consulting firm,” paid Abedbin to glean “political intelligence” for clients from the federal government.

Abedin has not responded to or acknowledged the letter, Grassley’s office said Friday.

She has no legal obligation to respond.

Please comprehend this. She is working for a global spy agency while being the top aide for our secretary of state.

Gee do you see a conflict of interest here? Hilary is one of the most intelligent and powerful women in the world today, and who is her top aide but Weiner's wife?

I am sure Huma is right on par with Hilary. She has an agenda of her own though. The first loyalty of every Muslim is always to Islam.

418 days ago


I'm not sure who is more pathetic! They are both big-time losers and I can't believe New Yorker's would that pig in office!

418 days ago


I can't imagine 1 stupid person who would actually vote for him. Go away weiner nobody likes you. You are a clown. And his wife is a total fool for standing by him, girl you are one big joker

418 days ago


Why is it that these politicians can do stupid **** and think it's ok? Clinton with his skank ho, this country should have values but it doesn't. Politicians & celebrities think they are the exception to the rules, BULL****!!! You know damn well if anyone else did this and they would be called on the carpet but not celebrities nor politicians...they get a slap on the hand. Makes me sick to see how this country is going, Pathetic!

418 days ago

BB not bb

The gays seem to enjoy Weiner. No I am serious.

This video is so filthy that i had to stop watching it. Wiener presided over the NYC gay parade, along with the likes of Chuck Schumer and other congressmen.

They are saying, well of course then he would be confused about what is sexually appropriate and what is not. A penis shot seems like nothing compared to this.

I am having a heart attack now. He needs to stop cavorting with these people and turn back to the Torah law. He was leading the Sodom and Gomorrah parade.

I am not kidding. This is a sight beyond the pale.

418 days ago

BB not bb    

That video I last posted almost killed me. I had to turn it off at the prancing men, which was not even halfway through it. I kept thinking it couldn't get any worse.

I almost feel like bursting into tears now. My stomach hurts and I had lightheartedness and shortness of breath. I am having chest pains also.

If this is what these congressmen are considering normal behavior and are pushing for more of this to be inflicted on the rest of America, there is the problem right there.

How do you think the Nazis subdued the Germans from a Christian and respectable nation to a bunch of murdering savages? They introduced burlesque shows and other trashy entertainment to corrupt their morals.

Now if you even dare to look at this video, you will see that these people are just gone, bonkers, they have no sense and no compunction left.

418 days ago


His wife is so freakin sad. He will never stop doing what he is's apparent.

418 days ago

BB not bb    

It has been over half an hour since I have seen that video I last posted and I am still physically ill. It is almost like trauma induced mind control. Maybe some people just dissociate and accept it.

It is going to be very hard for Christians to stand in the last days. VERY HARD.

Oh and if you thinks the Muslims are going to be cool with gay pride, I highly doubt it. They cut off people's heads for that.

418 days ago
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