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Henry Cavill

Is ZimmerMan a SuperMan

After Car Rescue??

7/23/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


If anyone knows about what it takes to be a superhero it's Henry Cavill -- Superman himself -- so when he arrived to LAX yesterday, we had to ask about the new life-saver in town ... George Zimmerman.

We asked Henry if it's possible for a guy to be considered a "hero" even after millions of people branded him a villain for life -- but ya gotta listen to the way our photog poses the question, it's incredible.

As we previously reported, cops say GZ helped rescue a family of 4 from an overturned car after the driver lost control on a Florida highway last week ... just days after he was acquitted in the Trayvon Martin case.

There's more ... our photog also asked Henry about the recently announced Superman vs. Batman movie ... and who he thinks would win in a fight between the two.

Check it out.


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No matter how you spin it, this POS still KILLED another person and no matter how many situations he tries to play Captain idiot in he is still & WILL always be a COWARD who will get his eventually!!! #Disgusting

460 days ago


And to think this if he was not acquitted that family of 4 may have died. In an odd way if people dis him for getting off then they aprove of familys dying

460 days ago

Dom The Mover    

Do I have to check it out, because its usually so so so Lame

460 days ago


As a non american his opinion really doesn't count

460 days ago


Rob---Did you ever have your head slammed against cement?GZ still has a change in the future.of getting a blood clot or blindness,,it does not always happen right away.The only fishy thing going on is Trayvon NEVER USED HIS CELL PHONE to call for help,Someone.who was 17 years old and as his mother said was scared .Trayvon was supposed to be in school,not "VISITING DAD"my opinion---The reason he was not in school is the same reason he is dead,How many apts could he have went to for help,He was NOT SCARED,AND WAS LOOKING FOR A FIGHT.,What advice did Rachel HIS FRIEND GIVE HIM.That is fishy,She told him the man could be a rapist,never checking on him or herself callling 911.That is fishy NOT banging on doors and calling for help,bang your own head and see if your not dizzy.and if it was me .I Would be yelling at the top of my lungs 'SOMEONE IS CHASING ME,Lot of people around

460 days ago


I see all the Zimmerman Apologists don't like the response from Henry Cavill - That guy is a Smart one ..Maybe, he knows a Teenager was Murdered here ..Hey , not all white people think alike ...

460 days ago


@BEVERLY - Hey , You are leaving out the Part , where Trayvon forced Zimmerman out of his car , grabbed him by the collar , and then commanded him to give Chase ..LMAO - Morons will be Morons ..

460 days ago


How this guy could have been hired to play Superman when Zimmerman is available is beyond me. And what about Captain America? Chris Evans over Zimmerman? Puhleaze.

460 days ago


I think GZ's publicist set up the car wreck and brought in his client. There is no way this situation happened on its own.

460 days ago


Ya know, this guy is just trying to get through the airport and he's got this half-wit following him around asking imbecilic questions. It's called harrassment TMZ. It should be illegal!!!!

460 days ago


Justin----Wheather,GZ got out of the car or not,to observe,Trayvon had options,which would have saved his life, Because GZ NOTIFIED POLICE,to his location.if Trayvon used his cell phone and called in,the police would have informed both, LIFE SAVED.I feel Trayvon was a train headed for a crash,You do not handle suspensions from school as if thery were nothing.WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR MA AND DAD TO ADMIT ,there child was troubled.I used to tell my mom I was going for ice cream,but I WENT TO THE BOYFRIENDS. skittles and ice tea,was Trayvon excuse,why is it considered fact.THIS MORON of a girlfriend even scares him more by telling Trayvon the guy could be a rapist,getting him more upset and NOT HELPING THE PROBLEM,Trayvon had plenty of opttions

460 days ago


I personally would have let them all burn up, G.Z. and all. Then I would have recorded it & yelled "World Star" and then posted it on WSHH. How you like me now!

460 days ago


I have the biggest laugh of the morning.Trayvon's Father is speakiing in Washington on "race relations"This is a man who son had problerms,suspended from School more than once,will NOT ADMIT his son had problems and he plans to tell others how to live PLEASE.A picture with him kissing his son does not work for me.,There has been NO RESPONSE from the School Trayvon attended as to if either parent was working to help Trayvon keep away from the road he was heading down.A boy of 17 SHOULD have enough use CELL PHONE IF he felt he was in danger.

459 days ago


Stupid, stupid reporter,, time for you all to get some new blood and at least make sure they are stupid... the interview with Henry Cavill was uncalled for and stupid. did i stress how stupid it was??????

459 days ago


Just wanted to drop by and say to the people who maintain this site: you guys are such ****s and I can't wait until you go bankrupt and don't have a job or a hosting server. I seriously hope everyone on your staff starves and that none of you people experience any kind of happiness in your lifetime. Like ever. If every one of you became depressed and suicidal once you realized what terrible ****heads you are, that would give this world that much more meaning and justice. I mean that, with all my heart. **** you and go kill yourselves. You deserve nothing but a lifetime of sorrow and misery. Seriously, **** this stupid site and the *******s who run it. For the poor people who have the misfortune of reading it, I beg you to do better. Find material that has depth and is worthy of your time. These people are vermin. They do not value life. I can't even believe you had the audacity to ask Henry Cavill a question like that. Good thing he's too classy for your bull****. He has a good head on his shoulders, but I would have had no restrain and probably spit in your face.

459 days ago
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