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Steve Nash's Ex

Victory In Child Support War

But The Real Battle Roars On ...

7/23/2013 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Nash's ex-wife is one step closer to getting a huge bump in child support thanks to a court ruling in Arizona, but she's still hundreds of miles from her ultimate goal, TMZ has learned. 

An Arizona judge has issued a ruling laying the groundwork for Alejandra Nash to get a significant increase in child support.

It's definitely a victory of sorts ... but as Alejandra has stated in the past, her main goal is to move the kids to Los Angeles, so the war ain't exactly over.

As we previously reported, Alejandra says she wants to be in L.A. so the kids can be closer to their father, who plays for the Lakers -- but Nash says she's full of crap.

Steve believes she wants to be in Cali because the Golden State has child support laws that are much more favorable to Alejandra (and would allow her to get more $$$ from Steve than she would get in AZ). Plus, Steve claims she's a materialistic social climber who wants to be in L.A. to be in the Hollywood scene.

And don't forget Steve slammed L.A as a crappy place to raise children.

Bottom line -- the AZ child support ruling may be a victory for Alejandra on one level, but until her mail is sent to an L.A. address, this thing is far from over.

Stay tuned ...

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No Avatar


Get a job. Gold digger

464 days ago

Joe Cano    

"Steve claims she's a materialistic social climber "

Yes, she's a woman, we know. Enjoy your alimony payments, stupid.

464 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

Hope he wins!!!

464 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

How do you write this whole story and never actually state what the ruling was?

464 days ago


I don't understand how all this hatred can be directed at her. HE'S the one that is trying to keep his kids AWAY from where he lives. What kind of father does that just to not have to pay as much child support! You'd think he'd do anything to be closer to his kids. Sad.

464 days ago


"Materialistic social climber" or not, she's still the mother of his children - two of whom are old enough to read this crap. There are dads out there who would sell a kidney to protect their kids or starve themselves to feed their kids, and this guy will trash his ex in the media and try to block his kids from moving closer to him just to save his millions. Grow up loser. Nobody forced you to marry her and nobody forced you to have 3 children with her.

464 days ago


Just the fact that this obvious control freak a$$hole wants to control and decide where his x should live, makes me want her to win. I hope that the judge could see that this is actually a form of domestic violence. At least the control aspect of it. She wants the kids to be closer to him, bottom line. I hope she moves the kids right near him. Who cares if she wants to be in the la scene who doesn't , there's so much more to do here. Arizona is boooring. If legally he should give her and the kids more money, than he should be made to. By the way, his x is gorgeous.

464 days ago


I too have to side with Steve Nash 100% on everything he alleges. I decided years ago to raise my children in Phoenix instead of the L.A. area, even though I could have earned considerably more working in L.A.

464 days ago


I live in Phoenix AZ and can't get any child support at all!!!! They said I am physically capable of working 40 hrs a week at minimum wage which is $1325 a month, they don't go on how much I can prove I make which is about $800 a month before taxes...I can't find full time work because no one wants to give me insurance. And even if I did the child care would be $60...0 a month which I can't afford. He makes $1300 a month and lives with someone and pays zero rent, zero utilities, zero for a vehicle, zero for a cell phone. He spends all his money on Pot and Jim Beam. He also totally defaulted on the case too...Now this is unfair and she needs to just shut her mouth and be glad that she is getting anything at all in child support from this state!!!

464 days ago


**That was supposed to say my monthly childcare would be $60...0 a month if I could get hired for a full time job!**

464 days ago


Future husbands, GET A PRE- NUP!!!

464 days ago


This is a classic case of how looks can be deceiving. Nash looks like a nice guy, but in reality is a total douchebag and a sh*thole of a father. If he gets to live here, his ex and kids should certainly have the same right. Who could blame her for wanting to get the hell out of Arizona? Unspeakably horrible weather, duststorms, and of course their assinine redneck laws. California is beautiful, has great schools, lots to do culturally, ranches, beaches and comfortable weather.

464 days ago


Men always fight for 50/50 joint physical custody and u wont be in this mess. I should know i have my kids 50 percent of the time and dont pay a dime to my ex.

464 days ago


Girl is ugly. He could have done better considering that he is rich.

464 days ago

my opinion    

That dumb bitch receives thousands of dollars of money supposedly for da kids...why would she want more...she should shut up .and appreciate what she is receiving..And be an independent woman stop muching off her ex nd get a job....2kidds dont cost 55,000 ..i have two kidds nd single..**** i know kidds dont cost much....

464 days ago
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