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Celine Dion

Bigger Than Michael

So Claims AEG

7/25/2013 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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It's Billie Jean vs. Titanic, and AEG claims the ship wins hands down.  Translation -- AEG is trying to convince the Michael Jackson jury that Celine Dion is bigger than MJ.

AEG exec John Meglin is on the stand in the wrongful death case, scoffing at the Jackson family's claim that Michael would have earned $1.5 billion had he lived.

Meglin told the jury it's his opinion Celine is a bigger star and therefore more bankable than MJ ever would have been.  Yet according to reports, Celine is worth a measly $400 mil. 

Fun facts:  Jackson ranks #3 in most albums sold worldwide -- more than a billion (behind the Beatles and Elvis) . Celine ranks #9 at 200 million albums.

As for Grammys, MJ also has her beat with 13 Grammys to her 5.

So we gotta ask ...


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I'm from Canada. Please keep her in the USA !!! Please - Please don't let her come back here

463 days ago


MJ is said to be worth 1.5 BILLION not million!

463 days ago


She only had one huge finacial set back in her life when her husband gambled all her money away and she had o go work vegas for years to gain it back.

MJ had many many many many lawsuits and fincial set backs over his career and is worth waaaaaaay more than her..

thats a crock of poo

463 days ago


I don't know about bigger, but she's definitely more respected and taken seriously.

463 days ago


Michael WOULD have earned $1.5 billion .......Celine is worth a measly $400 mil. OMG, "would have earned" and "worth" are two entirely different things. TMZ needs to go back to school and graduate this time around.

463 days ago


I don't know about that!

463 days ago


Celine Dion is definitely more dependable......MJ could barely walk, let alone moonwalk!!!!

463 days ago


The translation is Celine is a professional who gets out there and earns on a consistent basis, It comes down to strong work ethic vs MJ's weak to non existent work ethic.

463 days ago


The Jackson family are their own worst enemies. Suing for millions of dollars, saying MJ "would have" earned billions, but then turning around and expressing how they knew and were concerned about the state of MJ's health.

So which is it? He was on track to earn billions? Or his health was so precarious you were worried about him?

I propose it was a mix of those two: They were worried about MJ being able to earn money they could siphon off before he collapsed and died, or, as it turns out, killed himself with drugs.

463 days ago


Céline has a strong performance and touring history. She has performed consistently and reliably for years and always draws huge numbers. MJ hadn't had a top-earning tour since the 1987-1989 Bad Tour and he was notoriously unreliable as a business partner from the mid-'90s onward. I can understand how a concert executive would determine that a star with a solid performance record and high ticket sales is bigger than one with few recent performances, let alone tours or residencies. It's not that MJ wasn't more famous (he was and is) but that he hadn't made good on his earning potential as a live artist for many years. That's how I interpreted his opinion on the two artists.

463 days ago


This is BS: Michael Jackson, for all of his failures and fragility, was definitely the bigger star. He was ICONIC. Celine Dion is amazing with an amazing voice, but she's not iconic. (Sorry Celine Dion fans.)

463 days ago


CD is definitely a bigger deal than MJ. he was a drug addict and probably a pedophile. anyone with half a brain knew he was a mess . CD has her act together and a LOT less skeletons in the proverbial closet.
She is certainly a lot more respectable

463 days ago

Pudding Tang    

FYI: In most cases,grammys are awards for banality and mediocrity.

463 days ago


I love Celine but I think AEG was taking some heavy meds when they came out with this statement!

463 days ago


MJ was a drug addicted fool and his leechy family should get NOTHING!

463 days ago
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