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Celine Dion

Bigger Than Michael

So Claims AEG

7/25/2013 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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It's Billie Jean vs. Titanic, and AEG claims the ship wins hands down.  Translation -- AEG is trying to convince the Michael Jackson jury that Celine Dion is bigger than MJ.

AEG exec John Meglin is on the stand in the wrongful death case, scoffing at the Jackson family's claim that Michael would have earned $1.5 billion had he lived.

Meglin told the jury it's his opinion Celine is a bigger star and therefore more bankable than MJ ever would have been.  Yet according to reports, Celine is worth a measly $400 mil. 

Fun facts:  Jackson ranks #3 in most albums sold worldwide -- more than a billion (behind the Beatles and Elvis) . Celine ranks #9 at 200 million albums.

As for Grammys, MJ also has her beat with 13 Grammys to her 5.

So we gotta ask ...


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So AEG claims that Celine is bigger than Michael really? If that's true why did they want Michael for the tour and not Celine?

418 days ago


I love Michael Jackson he is the greatest performer I've ever seen hoping his mom and kids win!!

418 days ago


I love love love Celine Dion. She has an amazing voice.

418 days ago


What would you rather listen to: Thriller or Titanic? I think the answer is obvious.

418 days ago


I love Michael Jackson, his genius legacy is amazing and continues to inspire countless generations. Much love to his mother and children.

418 days ago


Without the Beatles Catalog, the dead idiot wouldn't have been able to pay for a mansion for Jermaine's inbred sons & their mother Alejandra.
Jacko put his abusive mother above his own kids.
Jacko had no home because he was a pedophile.
Without AEG, Jacko wouldn't have lived in a rental home.
Jacko failed to get a $93 million home from AEG.

Jacko couldn't write for other singers because he couldn't read music.
He drugged himself to death in order to make money in concerts, after spending money for little light skinned boys and lawyers and buying plastic surgeries to turn himself into an old white woman.

According to him,
He was going to be killed for the Sony Catalog that
he stole from the Beatles.
Sony endorsed racism against him "The Black Hero".

Jacko endorsed child neglect & pedophilia.
If he had his way, he would've had the pedophile Elvis' grandchildren.

418 days ago


MJ obviously was the bigger star. AEG is on a hell load of drugs to say **** like this. Most people such as singers, rappers, actors and even us normal people looked up to MJ despite his drug problems and past allegations. For example if MJ and CD walked into the same room who would you go upto? Me MJ I have more respect for him and what he has dealt with even though in the end it killed him. CD is a good singer but this way of comparing 2 stars is like comparing God to Jesus (not trying to offend any religious people her), obviously one is bigger than the other and has done questionable things in their past and given people hope to fulfill their dreams and the other is a follower of him who looks up to him but will not surpass the others legacy.
This is just my opinon/view in this matter


Ps. The Jackson family shouldn't get jack **** unless its his kids that are to get it.

418 days ago

Cry Baby    

MJ's fan base is a bunch of old hags who party by themselves on a Friday Night with gold panties. MJ is dead and could never have another tour. If you are looking for a bigger star, look no more, Bieber is the Prince and the future King. And then the one direction, and then the wanted. These are all bigger than MJ right now, and that is the reality.

Let's party without the sickening memory of the pedo king tonight! By that, I mean you rabid old hags are not invited.

418 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

OK, in the past 15 years, if you were a concert promoter, who did you make money off of and who did you lose money on?

418 days ago


Stay Away From My Kids: Debbie Rowe Threatens Man Who Claims To Be Paris Jackson’s Real Father

Posted on Jul 26, 2013 @ 15:44PM | By Alexis Tereszcuk - Entertainment Editor

Debbie Rowe has recently reunited with her daughter Paris Jackson and is supporting her during her troubled times and while she usually stays out of the spotlight she has taken a stand against the man who says he is the real father of Michael Jackson’s daughter, beating down his claims.

Former child star Mark Lester revealed in a recent interview that he believes he is the father of Paris and Prince Jackson and that his close friend Michael never wanted Debbie to have a relationship with the children.

Lester started a vicious Twitter war with Debbie this week, writing to her: “Hi Debbie I think we need to talk for the good of Paris. We have strong family ties here it can only be for the best x.”

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Testifies In Videotaped Deposition

According to Debbie’s account was protected but she eventually opened her Tweets to the public to show what her responses were to Lester’s claims.

“Why don’t you go to hell,” was Debbie’s first response, and when Lester wrote “Why so aggressive? I come in peace,” and Debbie amped up her response and wrote to him: “BTW surprised your family speaks to you after all the crap you spew.”

The mother of Michael’s two older children made it clear to Lester that she wants nothing to do with him, writing: “Good for you stay away from me and my kids.

PHOTOS: Shocking Evidence Found In Michael Jackson’s Bedroom

As previously reported, Debbie is considering moving to Los Angeles temporarily to be closer to her daughter during her treatment.

418 days ago


Michael Jackson's mother says he was not responsible for his death
Michael Jackson's mother
In this June 29, 2013 file photo, Prince Jackson, left, and Katherine Jackson arrive at the world premiere of "Michael Jackson ONE" at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. (David Becker / Invision)


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Anthony McCartney, The Associated Press
Published Monday, July 22, 2013 4:54PM EDT
Last Updated Monday, July 22, 2013 5:01PM EDT
LOS ANGELES -- Michael Jackson's mother testified Monday that she does not believe her son had any responsibility for his own death.
Katherine Jackson was responding to a question from attorney Marvin Putnam, who represents AEG Live LLC, the promoter of her son's ill-fated "This Is It" concerts.
Katherine Jackson, 83, is suing AEG Live, claiming it failed to properly investigate Dr. Conrad Murray, who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving the singer an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.
Michael Jackson could have earned more than $1B on comeback tour: expert
Michael Jackson's mother tearfully describes son's death
Putnam told jurors during opening statements in the negligence lawsuit in April that the case centred on personal responsibility -- specifically Michael Jackson's decision to ask Murray to administer propofol as a sleep aid while he prepared for his shows.
AEG Live denies it hired the doctor or bears any responsibility for Michael Jackson's death.
Katherine Jackson said she believes AEG Live hired Murray, not her son. She said she never heard of the cardiologist until her son died, and indicated that she felt Murray bore responsibility for her son's death.
"Even though he asked for it, he could have said no," Katherine Jackson said of Murray.
She said she asked prosecutors to drop a $100 million restitution claim against Murray because he has several children.
"His money should go to the children," she said.
Putnam also asked Katherine Jackson about her son's payments to her over the years. She said he directly paid many of the expenses on her home and would occasionally give her cash as a gift.
Katherine Jackson said she didn't keep track of the payments and appeared to grow annoyed at the questions.
"What does this have to do with the death of my son," she asked Putnam.
The attorney also asked about Katherine Jackson about conversations she had with her son about prescription drug use.
She said she asked him about it when he lived in Las Vegas and he denied he was abusing prescription medications.
"I'm a mother, quite naturally he denied it," she said. "He wouldn't want me to think that."
She said she was aware her son took medications for pain in his back and scalp after he sustained injuries over his career. She said she never saw signs that her son was abusing medications, including when she and several of her children went to the singer's Neverland Ranch for an intervention.
Her son was fine but upset that they thought he had a problem.
Katherine Jackson began her testimony on Friday. She tearfully described learning about his death and told jurors that he had been her primary means of financial support throughout his life.
"Michael took care of me, my every need, my every want," she said Friday. "He gave me everything."
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MJ's money was dirty money he made from scamming the world that he was goodie two shoes, talented, and charitable with a kind heart. What a load of ****, using the name of "love" stealing little boys virginity and rabid fans pocket. MJ was, is and will be the greatest fraud the world has come to see. Katherine inadvertently is proving my point by blatantly and fraudulently suing AEG, denying personal responsibilities.

418 days ago


Blogger banned from Michael Jackson trial over photo
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson died in 2009 as he prepared for a long residency
Continue reading the main story
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Jackson was set to make $1bn
Jackson 'frightened me' says Ortega
Jackson son testifies in court
A blogger has had his camera phone confiscated after being accused of taking a picture of jurors in the Michael Jackson trial.

Baliffs also banned him from the building after he took the photo in the courthouse hallway.

William Wagener, a regular spectator at the trial, has been ordered to return to court on Thursday to hear if the ban will be permanent.

Jackson's family are seeking damages from AEG Live over the singer's death.

His mother, Katherine, is demanding $40 billion (£26bn), claiming the company did not investigate Conrad Murray, the doctor hired to be Jackson's physician, and ignored warning signs about his health.

Security around the trial, which has been running since April, has been tight, with the judge giving regular reminders about no photographs being taken that might impede the process.

Mr Wagener claims he mistakenly took the photo inside the courthouse and that any ban on him entering the courtroom would impede his covering the trial.

He previously attended the entire Michael Jackson child abuse trial in 2005 and has accused prosecutors of not telling the truth and the world's media of lying about what went on in the courtroom.

He has since launched an appeal to raise $10 million (£6.54m) to make a do***entary about the trial, which eventually saw Jackson acquitted of child abuse allegations.

So far Mr Wagener has raised $10,000 (£6,540


Look at this rabid fan and his rabid followers, all got scamed. a &10 millions do***entary??? OMG, a Hollywood production, or National geography do***entary could hardly have that kind of budget!!

Does any rabid fan have an integrity or respect to the jury??? snapping photos??? how could he excuse himself???

418 days ago


His doctor said in 2002, Katherine saw the implant inside Jacko's belly to control his Demerol addiction.

In 2003, MJ refused to mention the implant in his belly during a face injection by Arnold Klein.
He stopped breathing due to sleep apnea.

She testified that she knew nothing about drug abuse, even though she & her kids had a drug intervention in 2002. She admitted that she didn't willingly want to ask him anything about his drug use.
Fanatics still deny that he had near death times because of his obsession with drug injections.
The look on his face proved he was a drug liar criminal. Death didn't require drug addiction because he went years without injections.
There was no "sleep problems" from 2006 through 2008.

418 days ago

Read My Lips    

MJ was a bigger liar, bigger drug abuser, bigger manipulator, bigger loser, and he was the biggest, let me repeat (and read my lips carefully), the biggest child sex abuser!!!!

418 days ago


AP/ July 26, 2013, 11:36 AM
Nurse details anesthetic treatments for Michael Jackson
In a March 5, 2009 photo, Michael Jackson announces that he is set to play ten live concerts at the London O2 Arena.
In a March 5, 2009 photo, Michael Jackson announces that he is set to play ten live concerts at the London O2 Arena. / JOEL RYAN/AP
/ Shares/ Tweets/Stumble/EmailMore +
LOS ANGELES Michael Jackson had a high tolerance for certain drugs and wasn't always forthcoming with his medical history, a nurse anesthetist who treated the singer testified Thursday.

Witness David Fournier told jurors he had worked with Jackson for a decade until the relationship ended in 2003, when Fournier refused to participate in a medical procedure.

Jackson was acting "goofy" and was slow to respond to standard questions before a scheduled cosmetic surgery that was canceled after Fournier refused to administer an anesthetic, he said.

Michael Jackson: 1958-2009
The incident came a few months after Fournier said he had to help Jackson breath while undergoing another procedure and later determined that Jackson had not disclosed a new medical condition.

"He wasn't honest with me," Fournier said without detailing the change in Jackson.

At the time, Jackson had an implant in his abdomen to block the effects of Demerol and other opiate drugs.

Fournier testified that he had given the singer a relatively large dose of a powerful anesthetic and needed to know how Jackson was going to react.

A judge ruled that Fournier couldn't testify about the implant because he learned about it from Jackson's dermatologist, and it was a hearsay statement.

Jurors, however, had heard about the device through videotaped testimony of another Jackson doctor on Wednesday.

Fournier testified as a defense witness in a negligence case filed by Jackson's mother against AEG Live LLC, the promoter of Jackson's comeback shows.

Katherine Jackson claims the concert promoter failed to properly investigate the doctor who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson an overdose of the anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid in 2009.

AEG denies it is liable for Jackson's death. Its lawyers have said Jackson hid his prescription drug use from nearly everyone.

Fournier said his incomplete medical records show he administered propofol to Jackson at least 14 times between 2000 and 2003. He estimated he gave the singer the drug numerous other times over the years for a variety of cosmetic and dental procedures.

He noted in his records that Jackson had a high tolerance for certain drugs, which Fournier said could be attributed to a variety of factors, including genetics.

Fournier said it was not common to administer an anesthetic during cosmetic procedures, but the ones done on Jackson were complex and involved dozens of injections.

Fournier also said he never had any indication that the singer was using propofol as a treatment for insomnia.

Jackson's physician Conrad Murray had been giving the singer nightly doses of propofol as Jackson prepared for his ill-fated "This Is It" shows.


I knew he wouldn't live passed the summer back in March 2009, he looked like a corpse with that black outfit.

418 days ago
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