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Amanda Bynes

10 Hours of Sanity...

1 Hour of Crazy

7/25/2013 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Bynes has been true to form in the hospital where she's being held on a psychiatric hold -- she's completely lucid for long stretches, and then goes off the handle crazy. 

Sources with knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ... doctors have already determined Amanda is suffering from a severe mental illness "with schizophrenic tendencies."  We're told she's aware "there's a good Amanda and a bad Amanda."  When she talks about the bad Amanda she almost mimics an exorcism, pulling at her body as if to remove the demon, and even biting herself.

We're told yesterday Amanda was lucid for 10 hours -- she was kind, quiet and nice.  During that 10 hour period the staff questioned her about the fire she started Monday and her personality changed radically.  She got frustrated and "shut down."  But she still remained "normal."

After 10 hours of normal, out of nowhere, her eyes widened, she started to grill the staff about her dog (the one she soaked in gasoline).  The staff then told her the dog was safe with her parents, and Amanda went nuts, saying "They'll kill it, just like they tried to kill me."  This went on for an hour.

Amanda then got incoherent and so out of control she had to be physically restrained.

And, we're told, Amanda was extensively drug-tested, and everything came up negative, except for marijuana.

And there's this.  Initially Amanda was placed with another female patient, but she started berating and insulting her to the point they removed Bynes and put her in a room by herself.


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I am glad she is getting help. She needs someone that's going to make sure she takes her medications.

455 days ago


Heartbreaking. She has gone through so much. I read she had these tendencies since she was young and living at home and wonder why her parents didn't have her checked out then.

455 days ago


No surprises here. And who is giving you this info?

455 days ago


What happened to doctor and hospital confidentiality?
I hope her family sues...

455 days ago

Tony H.    

So sad, but ultimately good news because she is finally getting care that she's clearly needed for a long, long time. Hey worked for Brittney Spears no reason Amanda can't have a great life after this too. Let's hope so.

455 days ago


How do you guys find this stuff out. I would think that this should be confidential and held to HIPPA laws. But love the update none the less! Just always curious and wonder if it is even true what you report especially when it comes to confidential stuff.

455 days ago


"Initially Amanda was placed with another female patient, but she started berating and insulting her to the point they removed Bynes and put her in a room by herself."

This is horrible writing/reporting. The point of the sentence is unclear and it leaves me wondering who insulted/berated who? Was Amanda the aggressor or the victim? The answer really is vague, and this is the LAST SENTENCE IN THE ARTICLE?? Where are the editors over there? Bueller....? ...Ah.. yes, the single-man party.

455 days ago


How do you guys find this stuff out? I would think that this would fall under HIPPA laws and confidentiality. Makes me wonder how much is true and how much is exaggerated. Just curious and thanks for all the updates none the less :)

455 days ago


Awe that poor psycho :(

455 days ago


OK, this is getting a little intrusive now, even for TMZ standards.

The girl obviously needs some serious help, and luckily they were able to intervene before she hurt herself or someone else. But, she's in the hospital now, I think its time people respect her privacy now and let her get the help she needs.

This isn't Lohan, this is not all self induced, this girl is sick and needs help. Time to let her be.

455 days ago


I hope all of this is BS because if not someone at that hospital needs to lose their job, stat!

455 days ago


I feel like she is manic or bi-polar or in need of lithium....Unlike Lindsay who I don't think is mentally ill at all - just parties too much, etc. I hope Amanda can get herself together. It is sad to watch. I always wonder why family or friends don't step in. She always seems to be alone when she gets into trouble.

455 days ago


Mental illness is a terrible thing. I hope Amanda gets the help she needs.

455 days ago


Mental illness is a sad thing. It could hit any one of us. I hope she gets the help she needs. I hope people don't make fun of her. It's not her fault.

455 days ago



455 days ago
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